How to Fish a Sliding Sinker

How to Fish a Sliding Sinker (Carolina Rig)

The sliding sinker rig is also sometimes called the Carolina rig. This is one of the most popular and common fishing rigs among anglers. It is useful, versatile, and can be altered depending on each situation.  Sliding Sinker Rig A sliding sinker is easy to use and will work best if it drags or hops … Read more

When to Use Sinkers when Fishing

When to Use Sinkers when Fishing?

Fishing sinkers are used to increase the rate of sink, anchoring ability, and casting distance. The smallest fishing sinkers, which can be around 1 gram, are used in shallow waters or fly fishing applications, while other sinkers may have several pounds, and they are used for deep-sea fishing. They are weights usually made by lead, … Read more

How to Tie a Drop Shot The Ultimate Guide for Beginners 1

How to Tie a Drop Shot: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Nothing beats the excitement of feeling a fish take the bait, but it helps when you’re properly prepared with the right technique! The drop shot fishing rig is an effective and versatile technique that can help you improve your success rate. Together we’ll learn all the tips and tricks needed to master the craft of … Read more

how to catch catfish

Catfish Fishing 101: Best Bait, Lures & How to Catch

One of the largest freshwater predators is the catfish. These fish are fierce fighters and a thrill to catch. Nothing is more exciting than getting a bite, setting the hook, then seeing a blue cat roll on the top of the water as you reel in your catch. The look in a kid’s eye when … Read more

fishing with bobber

How to Fish with a Bobber

Many an angler were taught to fish by mom and dad, an uncle, or a grandparent. It’s an enduring family tradition that always changes but somehow always stays the same. The excitement of hooking a fish and the peace that can be found out on the water are hard to substitute, yet the sport is … Read more

how to fish with clams

How to Fish with Clams as Bait

Clams are an ideal bait for many types of fish. Clams are known for their use as bait for striped bass. However, plenty of other fish will also bite a clam on a hook, such as a fluke, flounder, sea robin, bluefish, sea trout, blackfish, sea bass, porgy, whiting, rockfish, surf perch, and many types … Read more

keeping peanut bunker alive

How to Keep Peanut Bunker Alive

A peanut bunker may sound like a shelter for snack foods, but it’s actually a fish. In this article, we’ll cover some basics of the animal, discover where they live, what they’re used for, and how to keep them. If you’re looking to use peanut bunker as bait, you’ll want to pay special attention to … Read more

best tackle box for surf fishing

Best Tackle Box for Surf Fishing

To make your fishing adventure memorable, you need to organize everything accurately. The quality of your fishing experience depends not only on the fishing reel and rod but also on the tackle box that you select. Whether you are going for saltwater fishing or engaging in recreational offshore fishing, you need the best tackle box … Read more

best conventional reels for bottom fishing

The 5 Best Conventional Reels for Bottom Fishing (Fluke, Flounder, Catfish and More)

As an angler, choosing the best conventional reels for bottom fishing can significantly enhance your success in catching larger fish species. These versatile reels are engineered to provide superior line capacity and strength, making them ideal for battling bottom feeders like sea bass, fluke, flounder, catfish, or other sizable gamefish. In our guide, we’ll get … Read more