can you eat starfish

Can You Eat a Starfish?

Yes, you can eat starfish and you will find them being served on a stick in China’s food markets. However, not everyone eats them because their taste is not appealing to some.  It has been said that they taste like a sea urchin. Some say they taste like ocean water. Others say they smell like … Read more


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can you eat sea urchin

Can You Eat a Sea Urchin?

Sea Urchins are the ocean’s edible pincushions that are good to eat. It is buttery on the inside but spiny on the outside. The texture of Sea Urchin is somewhere between Jell-O and egg yolk. For those that have never tried them, their taste is unique. They have an umami-salty sweetness because they are full … Read more

do all fish have a brain

Do All Fish Have a Brain?

This is a question that seems to have an obvious answer, which is yes, fish do have a brain. One example would be to look at aquarium fish and how, when you walk into the room they swim to the top of the tank and appear to be looking at you. This is because they … Read more

do all fish have a backbone

Do All Fish Have a Backbone? (Solved!)

Most figure that all fish have backbones…or at least have bones to support and shape their bodies but the answer is not as obvious as you might think. Fish are vertebrates, which in simple terms mean that they have a spine or a backbone. So this means that all fish have a backbone, right? If … Read more

how to catch wolffish

How to Catch a Wolffish

The wolffish is distinguishable by its ability to produce natural antifreeze to keep their blood fluidly moving in their cold habitat. They are also known for their unique appearance, the large size of their eggs and both the female and male in brood. The body of the wolffish is sub-cylindrical and long and compressed in … Read more