Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Chum Charlie

Growing up on the south shore of Long Island, Chum Charlie has always had a passion for fishing. His favorite fish to catch is a striped bass and his favorite bait to use is bunker. Off the water, he enjoys blogging and sharing his favorite fishing tips & tricks that he has learned over the years.

Do Boats Scare Fish Away?

Boats are one of the most fundamental aspects required for traveling on water. We all understand the concept of fishing and also...

Best Ice Fishing Reels for Perch [2020 Buying Guide]

Are you planning an ice fishing adventure? Looking for the best ice fishing reels for Perch? Bingo! You are in the right...

How to Fillet a Flounder and Other Flatfish

In this guide, we’ll go over the basics to filleting Flounders or Fluke, and there will be some overlap with filleting other...

Can You Eat a Wahoo?

Wahoo is a fish that is known more commonly to sports fishermen. While this fish is nowhere abundant, they are typically caught...

Best Fishing Reels for Fluke (Summer Flounder)

Fluke, also known as summer flounder, are fun to catch. During the summer, you can find them in large numbers in the...

Best Spinning Reels for Under $125

Quality fishing reels tend to be the optimal choice for the more experienced fishermen. Not only do these reels work more efficiently,...

Can You Eat a Striped Bass?

Yes, you can very well consume this fish. When it comes to the Bass family, there are more than a hundred varieties...

Best Ice Fishing Reels for Crappie [2020 Buying Guide]

The number of fishing reels for Crappie fishing is no less than the number of Crappies around the world! And we are...

Best Ice Fishing Reels for Lake Trout [2020 Buying Guide]

Midwinters are the go-to times for the ice anglers to go ice fishing for Lake Trout. While having sufficient knowledge about the...

Best Ice Fishing Reels for Walleye [2020 Buying Guide]

During summer, when the lakes are unfrozen, and water is clear, fishing is a rather fun and relatively easy task. But, during...