Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Chum Charlie

Growing up on the south shore of Long Island, Chum Charlie has always had a passion for fishing. His favorite fish to catch is a striped bass and his favorite bait to use is bunker. Off the water, he enjoys blogging and sharing his favorite fishing tips & tricks that he has learned over the years.

Do All Fish Have a Backbone?

Most figure that all fish have backbones…or at least have bones to support and shape their bodies but the answer is not...

How Fast Do Fish Grow?

How fast fish grow will depend on their species. Some species grow faster than others. There are...

How to Catch a Northern Pike

One of the largest freshwater game fish around, Northern Pike are rough, cannibalistic, territorial fish with sought-after flaky flesh. Anglers relish pike...

The Benefits of Fishing During a Full Moon

Any changes to the rhythm of the earth have an effect on the feeding habits of fish. Both the sun and the...

Best Bucktail Jigs for Fluke, Flounder, Stripers & More

The bucktail jig has seen a great surge in popularity for saltwater anglers. Not only is the lure easy to use but...

What Fish Tastes Like Lobster?

Lobster is a delicacy we all crave time and time again. Whether it is in the form of a lobster roll or...

How to Catch a Halibut

When you think of halibut, you think of the delicate, temperamental white fillet, baked in olive oil and served with brussels sprouts...

Do Fishing Scents and Attractants Actually Work?

Do fishing scent and attractants actually work? Ask several fishermen and you would have different answers because some like to use them...

Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Mexico

To the north, Mexico is bordered by the United States and to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean and the...

Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Belize

Belize is located on the northeastern coast of Central America and is considered a Caribbean country. It is bordered on the east...