Friday, December 4, 2020
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Growing up on the south shore of Long Island, Chum Charlie has always had a passion for fishing. His favorite fish to catch is a striped bass and his favorite bait to use is bunker. Off the water, he enjoys blogging and sharing his favorite fishing tips & tricks that he has learned over the years.

Are Fishing Spiders Poisonous? [Complete Guide]

Fishing spiders are a specific species of spiders that live near bodies of water. The spiders can stretch out as long as...

Complete Guide to Fishing in Central Park, NYC

Many people don't know that they can go fishing in NYC's Central Park. However, catching fish over here isn't like your regular...

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You can definitely cook frozen fish. In fact, doing so might make your meal safer, tastier and fresher. This is due to...

Can You Eat a Sailfish?

You sure can eat a sailfish, but should you? Sailfish are most often caught for sport and not for food. In the...

How to Fish a Sliding Sinker (Carolina Rig)

The sliding sinker rig is also sometimes called the Carolina rig. This is one of the most popular and common fishing rigs...

How to Fish a Helicopter Rig

A helicopter rig can be used in a range of fishing situations and is used to fish a range of species all...

How Long Should My Fishing Rod Be?

Choosing the right fishing rod is important and you should have the right length rod for your personal needs and goals. There...

Ghost Crabs: Can You Eat & How to Catch

Ghost crabs are found in tropical and subtropical shores all across the world, making their home amongst sandy shores. Catching ghost crabs...

Can You Cook Fish in an Air Fryer?

If you are looking for a way to cook your fish just right, then you have come to the right place.