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Best Bowfishing Bow Reviews 2020 – Buyer’s Guide


What does the Best Bowfishing Bow consist of? First of all, if you haven’t been involved in this sport before you might want to look at a complete package or kit that gives you the bow and all the accessories you’re going to need to be comfortable and successful. You should also pay attention to such factors as bow length, brace height, and peak draw. You’ll need to combine these and other elements with cost when shopping and making your choice.

While personal needs vary, you might start looking at axle-to-axle length in the 31-inch to 32-inch range. It’s also important to have adjustable draw length, with a range from about 17 inches to just above 30 inches. You should also pay attention to draw weight, with an adjustable range from the high-20s to 40 pounds.

Some of the more powerful equipment will have peak draw weight up to 50 pounds. If you choose a bow with weights in triple digits (100 pounds and up) you’re probably going to be hunting some waterborne monsters. You should also look for a bow with an actual carrying weight of about 2.5 pounds to just above 3 pounds.

 1. Cajun Fish Stick with Reel & Line

For those who haven’t taken part in this pastime, you probably won’t do better than the Cajun Fish Stick kit. It gives you all the equipment you need to get you to the water, with a good chance of fishing success. It’s lightweight, at under 3 pounds, so it’s great for smaller individuals and younger anglers, yet it puts the arrow where it should be with accuracy.

You’ll also find it smaller and easy to carry, but it will also serve the serious bowfishing individual quite well. The reel is front-mounted and comes with 80-pound test line, so you can go after some of the larger fish in your chosen area. It fits the bill at 31-inches long and has an arrow rest that will work well for novice or veteran. You can meet most of your bowfishing needs with the 45-pound draw weight.

2. Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch Bow

When the company started planning this great bowfishing bow, the ultimate goal was to satisfy people who wanted to be able to fish “to the extreme”. With a length just above 32 inches and peak draw of 50 pounds, you’ll be able to go after some of the bigger fish in your selected water. The design also includes a constant-draw module and draw-specific module, with adjustable draw length of 17 inches to 31 inches. Basically, it meets all the requirements of the best bowfishing bow.

You can buy this one as bow-only, or you can purchase the complete package. Arrow rest and finger protection are more than adequately provided for, and you get two fiberglass arrows (piranha tips) as part of the package. With all the performance capability, this bow is still quite manageable at only 3.2 pounds. If you want to jump into this sport somewhere above the “average” level, this is a no-compromise, consistent choice.

3. PSE Discovery Package

Going back to the PSE brand name – If you’re looking for the best value to get started in bowfishing, or to become a better angler, this might be your choice. The package includes comes with two piranha-tipped arrows and a great bow with 31.5 axle-to-axle length. Adjustable draw weight ranges from 27 pounds to 40 pounds, so you’ll get all the power you need to capture tough fish.

Draw length ranges up to 30 inches and brace height is designed for minimum effort during your activity. Package includes AMS reel, safety slide, and of course, the light, 2.7-pound bow. To get the most for your money, this is an outstanding choice.