Top 9 Best Crankbaits for Bass Fishing

Top 9 Best Crankbaits for Bass Fishing

Fishing is an entertaining activity that we can do with folks or friends. It is an outlet from the stresses of work and life. Aside from a boat, a fishing pole & a license to fish, there are other significant things required for your fishing experience to be a success. If you desire your next fishing trip to be a memorable bass fishing quest, it is necessary that you have the most active bass fishing lures. Moreover, you need to recognize where to discover them. But first, you need to read about the different bass lures accessible on the market today.

Bass are generally active strikers throughout early morning and evening & they love to have worms. If you have the top bass fishing lures in your gearbox, then be prepared to fill up your stringer. Remember that bass lures come in different colors and lengths. In shallow water fishing, it is good to select the spinner baits, mainly throughout the spring season, at which time the fish are shallow as of warmer water. Spinner baits are also well-known at capturing bass in larger sizes. They come in various colors, sizes, and blade structure. These Kinds of fishing lures are similarly useful in slow or fast water, murky or clear water, or whatever depth you select to fish in.

Jigs are one of the most reliable bass fishing lures an angler can have, and they account for many of the significant fish caught each year. Jigs are simple and easy to use and are quite economical compared to other bass lures. They can be used in deep or shallow water, horizontally or vertically, and in each season. A versatile bass lure, they come in all sizes and shapes.

One more efficient bass lure is the Crankbait. These lures mainly come in 3 styles – shallow, medium, and deep diving. Medium & deep diving crankbaits are usually the most helpful bass lures as they tend to function efficiently in many conditions.

One helpful way of finding the most useful fishing lures is through the Internet. Most trustworthy fishing stores have websites where you can look for a huge number of fishing lures. You can view the videos of these lures when underwater for you to have an improved sight of how they work. The primary thing is that an excellent fishing lure appears very realistic underwater. This is more significant than the actual price of the lure. Do not select a bass lure only because it is costly. Factors like the type of water body, the season of the year, & weather conditions also have a part in deciding what type of bass lure you will require.

One more expensive way of finding bass lures is by taking a recommendation from professional anglers. They are sure to have wide-ranging experience about bass fishing. Ask peoples who have already used the bass lures you are concerned in and will offer you a pure opinion.

Explore a fishing store that makes the top quality bass fishing lures, one that makes technically advanced fishing products, which are intended until perfected to undergo harsh conditions. Find tricks made with the premium materials and produced using the strictest of condition.

Crankbaits for Bass Fishing have a plastic lip that causes them to dive undersea into depths of just below the surface to 20 feet or even deeper. In the summer, you desire a deep-diving crankbait when fishing from offshore construction, and you desire to crank as quickly as you can and fish deeper. In winter, you would desire to use a flat-sided crankbait as it generates a tight wobbling action. Other crankbaits don’t work as well in colder weather. When you change your crankbait from time to time, you will continuously find a bass willing to bite.

The Lipless Crankbait is easy to fish through grass, stumps & open water. This bait’s tight wobble makes it ideal for cool water, that’s why they say spring & fall are the top time to use a lipless crankbait. They imitate bluegill and crawfish depending on what color you are choosing. The Lipless Crankbait is an outstanding tool to cover water and target schooling fish. These baits are one of the most flexible tools a fisher can use.

All in all, these baits will help you bring in a huge bass. You need to have a little patience and trust that the fish are biting that day. Who says you can’t have all these special baits in your gearbox? You will be ready for whatever lure is needed during that day.

What are Crankbaits?

Crankbaits are fishing lures that are intended to simulate different kinds of baitfish and have a flexible lip or bill on the front that allows the lure to run at an itemized depth. When determining how to fish using a crankbait, you should familiarize yourself with the three basic kinds of crankbaits.

  • Shallow-running crankbaits. These crankbaits have rectangular synthetic bills and work at depths of about 5-feet or less.
  • Medium-running crankbaits. Run at depths of 8- to 12-feet & have rounded counterfeit bills.
  • Deep-diving crankbaits. Crankbaits that have large, round plastic bills & run at bases of 12-feet or more.

Since numerous waterways have various depths and varied types of structure, it’s an excellent idea to keep a variety of crankbaits in your tackle box that runs at different depth ranges.

What are the most excellent crankbaits for bass? Essentially what is a crankbait anyways? These are both truly good questions that I can confidently answer for you. First, off the most excellent way to describe a crankbait is this, a lure that resembles baitfish used to catch larger fish. The best crankbaits for bass are characterized by several features; color, sound, & depth.


What color is right? There are three colors that are the most preferred choice when fishing for bass. They are silver, white, & black. Research has on bass have shown us that using vivid colors on bright days & dark colors on dark days will work the best in addition to a glossy silver lure that will work in most conditions. Together one of these lures is going to land you a bass.


Some crankbaits have a jangle in them which aid bass find them. These help in low visibility water, such as mud-covered or murky water. Also, all crankbaits emit a vibration from moving through the water. This vibration is excellent & helps bass find your lure easier.


All crankbaits are intended to run at specific depths in the water. These depths range from running right under the exterior, to going as far as 20 feet deep & more. Get three lures that run at diverse depths. Have different ones in different colors that run low, medium, & deep. These will assist with locating and grasping those basses.

For an additional bonus to help really attract bass is to try using a scent spray on your lure. Berkley makes the best spray called Berkley Gulf Alive scent spray. Do you recognize which scent bass go after the most? If you estimate night crawler, then you are right. Bass loves the smell of nightcrawler worms followed by garlic & salt, and shad. Give any one of these scents a try & see if that helps land you a good bass. Keep in mind with scents; you have to reapply them frequently. By the way, bass hates the smell of deet, which is usually found in bug spray. Be sure to clean your hands to get rid of the smell of deet.

Find the Top 9 Best Crankbaits for Bass Fishing

If you are confused about which Crankbaits are best for you, then read out reviews about our top 9 favorite crankbaits for bass fishing, which will help you choose the best one for your needs.

Throughout the winter, bass becomes sluggish & don’t want to exert a lot of power when they need to eat. They are frequently not in the mood to feed as the water temperature drops.

Getting bass to respond to a lure is the key to triggering them to hit in cold conditions. Crankbaits are a great mechanism to get that lethargic bass to react and strike a lure. They are large shad imitators and frequently irritate bass enough for fish to hit them.

Regardless of the kind of fishing lures you decide, a few key factors like body materials, rattles, color patterns, weights, & lips can have a bang on your angling success.

Shallow Diving Crankbaits

Shallow diving crankbaits perform well in around zero to four feet of water. The lips on these items are small and generate very little resistance against the stream when getting back.

This is what keeps them working shallow while still giving them a vibrate action—the line connected to the nose on shallow divers, which also keeps them working shallow.

Shallow water is the most well-liked depth for bass anglers to aim for. Anglers use shallow water crankbaits to cover water & catch fish. Shallow water cranks are amusing to fish, they work fine, and massive fish eat them. Bass and pike anglers will be attracted most in this kit.

The crankbait’s shape dictates how you must present the bait to pre-spawn bass. As wide wobbling crankbaits top imitate crawfish, you must crank your plug down to the bottom to prevent it off the rocks. Retrieving a thin-sided crankbait at quick speeds triggers strikes from the bass on clear-water lakes when the water heat rises into the low 50s.  

Berkley Juke

There’s no right or wrong technique to angle the Juke. Berkley’s new crankbait can be cranked, jerk, or even trolled. It’s a multi-purpose lure that will draw out strikes in several conditions. The Juke is configured for extended casts & has a flat profile that flashes & rolls when getting back. There are 3-, 4- and 5-inch form of the Juke that covers the whole thing from panfish to inshore saltwater type. It’s accessible in a slew of natural & high-visibility patterns so you can match the hatch or stand out in stain water.

Intended with the input of hard bait professional, David Fritts, the Berkley Juke Jerk bait offers an adaptable and energetic action that captures the subtlest and most tempting movements of baitfish. It is a combination of handmade wood lure with the toughness of plastic, it features a coffin formed bill that improves its darting stroke, while reducing forward movement.

The Juke Hard Bait is extremely versatile bait that creates ultra-unique actions when cranked, twitched & trolled. In addition, it features a smooth baitfish profile for utmost flash and roll. The Berkley® Juke Hard Bait is intended for long-distance cast capability.

Strike King Red Eye Shad Bait

This is a well-liked lipless crankbait that replicates the profile & action of several types of scavenges fish bass prey upon. The Strike King Red Eye Shad is one signify lipless crankbait. Intended by Strike Kings National Pro-Staff, the Red Eye Shad has unbelievable action and features high-class, comprehensive finishes, best hooks, 3D eyes & free-floating rattles to provide you the top action and sound of any lipless crankbait on the marketplace. Throughout free fall, the bait will flap side to side in a similar way to a failing baitfish.

This item from Strike King was made by their expert employees & is a comprehensive fish catching parcel at a cost that is tough to beat. Strike King is providing this lure in their specialist squad paint scheme beside with 3D red eyes & top VMC funnel cut deadly hooks. The Red eye shad is a half-ounce bait & features free-floating rattles to provide you matchless stroke & sound. The Staff has also found grand achievement while letting the Red Eye Shad free fall. 


When bass expert or fisherman talk regarding appealing crankbaits, you can be certain that the Norman DD22 Crankbait will be included in this conversation. These crankbaits have been around for an extended time and are confirmed fish catchers. Going up to 18+ feet on an extended cast, the This Crankbaits feature an exactly angled bill that creates a naturalized approach, enabling them to survive & over obstructions effortlessly. If hang-ups do occur, the Norman DD22 Crankbait drift backward when paused, which works to free it from likely snags.

Ideal for targeting profound ledges & brush piles, the Norman DD22 Crankbait is made with a butyrate body and a boisterous jangle system that works to create a different acoustic profile. Head and arms over added crankbaits in terms of detail, the Norman DD22 Crankbait emphasizes profound shiny finishes and a wide variety of colors. This crankbait comes in excess of colors but is truly simplistic in its intended. It’s a lure that when it first hit the market, everybody had to have one. The mark of a true powerful lure is its capability to make other manufacturers want to duplicate your success but continue to be tempt that anglers go-to for that application.

Bomber Model A Fishing Lure

The word “legendary” tend to get thrown about rather droopily in the fishing field, but in regards to the Bomber Model A Crankbait legendary look only fitting. This model has been attach among enthusiastic anglers for years & continues to get the work done with its rigid wiggle and quick-floating action. A workhorse in the domain, the Bomber Model A Crankbait can endure severe penalty from huge bass & keep performing. The Bomber Model A Crankbait is recognized for its accurate functioning reliability and comes straight out of the lot set for competition action.  The purpose of go-to bait, this model is on that stays tied up for years to come.

With the Gold Bomber bait, you can use any variety of retrieval systems from a slow-rolling style to a more aggressive jerk and pause. As a fairly versatile fishing bait, you’ll also find that it is highly productive as a trolling lure or fixture lure giving you options all and every time you pick the lure.


What was there not to love about BILL LEWIS RAT-L-TRAP? The name, the form, and even the sound when you shake it in your closed fist all were very appealing. Not to talk about that plastic square case that it came in so you can get an excellent look at the bait.

The bait was a break from the standard of lipped minnow & round formed baits. Its outline was more like that of a normal shad, and its subtle little wiggle & rattle blend was something fresh to the bass.

It spurs a novel category of crankbaits called lipless crankbaits. It was a sudden sensation on the contest trail and still catches fish for a huge number of anglers. It produced all sorts of applications from cutting it out of the lawn, yo-yoing it deeply, to burning it over flats. It’s evenly excellent around the rock as it as around grass.

Lipless crankbaits like the BILL LEWIS RAT-L-TRAPare must-have bass fishing tricks for any fisherman. The ideal combination of wave, noise, and acceleration, these baits are Jack in shallow water. You can call and retrieve these immediately, allowing you to reach tons of water, and cutting them through submersed grass gives off a fleeing baitfish look no actively supporting bass can resist.

Band-It 200 Series Medium Diving Crankbait

This Band-It 200 Series Crankbaits is an average diving Crankbaits that includes lead weights built into the body. It’s frivolous bait that can work in between 4 & 8 feet.

It can be an excellent bait to use to cover water in hunt of bass, mainly during spring & fall when bass could be between shallow & deeper water. This 2-inch extended lure comes in various colors and features two treble hooks.

This is a 2-inch medium diving Crankbaits. The 200 Series dives to about 8 feet deep on 10-lb monofilament line. This is one of the top over-all crankbaits for numerous species that you can have in your package and is efficient on huge slab crappie, in addition to walleye & bass. It is an excellent “search bait” for the use in spring and fall. It can work very well in the spring and fall sessions. By using it, you can catch huge bass effortlessly. It is Accessible in an extensive range of colors.

Bandit Crankbaits are several of the most well-liked crankbaits among knowledgeable anglers for a motive – and it’s not just because they are one of the most reasonable crankbaits on the marketplace. Highlighting a solid shad-shape, with a broad wobble and noisy interior rattles make this lure more appealing, the Bandit Crankbaits have all of the fish interest features accessible in a crankbait. You can enjoy fishing as per your condition and needs by using this bait as it comes with different colors and modes.

Every lure is made with state-of-the-art molding, top-grade plastics & multi-coat gloss paint. Exact construction is why Bandit Crankbaits run true right out of the box with no tweaks essential. Super tight as well, you can bound it off of each rock, stump, or branch you see, and it will still look fine and spin like it’s supposed to. You can use this bait with the depth you desire, a shade scheme for where you’re fishing – & grab some fish. It provides you ease and simplicity when it comes to catch the giant bass.

Rapala Original Floater 

Mainly the Rapala Original Floater has started the whole Rapala Corporation, & for lots of folks, it’s where their first option to live bait came into action. The position of the bait was so unbelievable when it first came out that numerous anglers guarded the baits in metal cases to keep them secluded.

The initial Rapala Original Floater was hand made by Lauri Rapala in 1936. It was prepared by cork, wrapped in chocolate bar wrappers that were potted to the bait by melting photo negatives over it. His innovative works were reported to get him 600 pounds of fish on peak days. That status grew & soon, all anglers was asking for Lauri’s carvings.

This bait has passed many tests and research. The point that the bait has been in the test for 75 years is an apparent reason to put it in the Top 10 Bass Fishing Lures. The hand-tuned accuracy and efficiency of this lure truly set the benchmark for all fishing lures after it. It was essentially the bar that other companies seeking to reach in the early days of bait making. 

Now the status that was built by this one bait sells 20 million goods yearly for this corporation, and tens of millions more must possibly thank this one creation for making mock lures more mainstream.

Rapala Original Floaters include balsa wood creation with a natural minnow profile and best black nickel VMC treble hooks. Every lure is hand-tuned & tank-tested to make sure world-famous action straight from the box

Whether worked on top as an external bait, retrieved as a shallow sprinter, weighted with a split shot for standard depth retrieves or bottom walked off a three-way rotation or bottom bouncer, the wounded minnow act of Rapala Original Floaters continues to be tempting to fish all over the place.

Spro Little John Crank Bait

Spro is one well-respected fishing brand, & their Little John Crank Bait is one of the most excellent on the marketplace. The Spro Little John Crank Bait is prepared from supple tungsten, which makes it great for extended casting and also secure to use in lead-free waters. This crankbait works at depths of 3 to 5 feet.

The lip of this crankbait is prepared from mainframe chipboard, to generate more feel & so that it is also tougher. The Spro Little John Crank Bait is fitted with pointed Gamatsaku trebles and is one of the most excellent shallow running crankbaits to select from. It comes in 23 colors.

The designer of top bait required a lure that would let him cover shallow 3-5ft water rapidly and efficiently. Team also required strong yet responsive bait that could be cast extended distances with grand accuracy. The Spro Little John Crankbait works all this & more. It can also full fill all your requirements and work as per your needs.

The Little John comes prepared with a PC chipboard lip. This technique of lip is very durable and sensitive. The noiseless tungsten weight transfer system gives the distance and casting precision for this little profile bait. The lip design of the Little John gives it a tight wobble but adequate action to help in cover deflection. The stretched wobble of the Little John let you cover water promptly and effectively. 

BONUS: Zoom Bait Finesse Worm Bait (Recommended for Bass)

Unlike most badly designed drop shot baits, the Zoom Finesse worm bait has a salt soak feature which guarantees that all fish would hold on to this bait for an extended time. So you can hook up & capture effortlessly while its striking action inside the water and exclusive displacement ensure it attracts lots of fishes to it.

When talking regarding versatile drop shot baits, the Zoom Bait Finesse worm bait is one that fits that report as it can be used in numerous or several fishing applications & one striking feature of the Zoom Bait Finesse worm bait is its use style which guarantees effectual results mainly in situations where fishes don’t bite.

These small Finesse Worms from Zoom are the piece that works well when you’re fishing in clear or constrained water. This is a small version of the well-liked Zoom Trick Worm & can be rigged in a range of ways, counting wacky style on a little hook, on a darter head, split shot or on a shaky or skill jig head. Zoom’s soft, flexible plastic is life-like to the touch & provide the Finesse Worm an appealing feat that drives bass wild. Every Zoom Baits are good enough to work in salt water and also salt soak using Zoom’s proprietary arrangement, causing bass to hold on longer for a greater catch percentage. Zoom carry on to strike the bass fishing globe with its innovative products that have been established to catch fish all over the nation.

How Did We Choose These Products?

After hours of research hard works and comparison, we shortlisted top ten crankbaits to carry out the physical tests. It was tough for us to put them to the test all by ourselves. So we have decided to take help from many experienced volunteers we have collected significant data and reviews about the above-mentioned products.

After using the baits in practical circumstances, we collected the reposts from the volunteers & collated the data with our research. So we listed the top-performing Crankbaits for Bass Fishing. Some models performed so close that it was hard to determine the order altogether.

Then, we contacted other business experts in our locality and sought their outlook. Their cooperation helped us confirm the list completely, making it foolproof. Thus, we came up with the most excellent reviews and buying guides. We hope it will assist the readers in making a well-informed choice when choosing the top model for one’s needs.

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