Best Fishing Piers in Michigan

Best Fishing Piers in Michigan

The fishing industry is booming in Michigan, all thanks to Lake Michigan. It is one of the Great Lakes and the only one that is completely in the United States. Be sure to have a fishing license with you when you travel to a pier. A few great places to travel to are Ludington Pier, the Grand Haven Pier, Holland Pier, and the Detroit Pier.

Where are the Best Fishing Piers in Michigan?

While many piers and docking areas dot the Michigan shoreline, there are, of course, some piers that are far better than others. They host a higher number of fish in their section of the lake, or they’re not as crowded as other piers, so you are more likely to catch a fish.

The Pier at Ludington

If you want to visit a pier that hosts fishing activities and a lot of recreational activities like drinking and hiking, then Ludington is the place for you. There is even a gorgeous Lighthouse located on the outpost surrounded by rocks. It looks like a classic lighthouse that everybody pictures when they see it in their mind’s eye. But we must warn you that if it is a windy day, be careful while on the pier. The high winds can cause strong waves, and these waves can slam down onto the pier floor. They are known to knock people over and even injure others if they are not paying attention.

Detroit Pier

Directly adjacent to a major city, the Detroit Beer has so much to do that you will not be able to do much fishing if you become distracted. The pier even hosts fly fishing and bait fishing, and certain weekends were people allowed to fish for free. This area has recently been restored as it was one of the most polluted rivers in the Great Lakes region. But after much cleanup and decontamination, wildlife has returned to the area and in the water.

Grand Haven Pier

Located on the southeast side of the Great Lakes of Michigan, the Grand Haven Pier, is placed within the Grand Haven State Park. It is also not that far from Grand Rapids. This pier also has a lighthouse that comes to life at night. Grand Haven has been a popular fishing spot for a long time, and many veteran fishers gather in the area.

Holland Pier

Now, many places on this list have lighthouses, but the Holland Pier has a lighthouse known as The Big Red. And many people love to take pictures of it. When you are finished fishing on the Holland Pier, a lot of the Dutch themed attractions, the architecture and theme are extremely creative, and you might find something that really catches your eye.

Why Should Fish in Michigan?

There’s nothing worse than being landlocked and living hundreds of miles away from the ocean. You don’t get to feel the cold spray of the ocean water on your face, hot temperatures surround you, and there’s no way for you to use your boat and sail across fish-filled waters. However, Michigan does not have this problem. They may not border the ocean, but they have something that maybe even better. Michigan has the Great Lakes.

Because of the Great Lakes, the fishing industry in Michigan is booming, and it supports many people who live on both the American and Canadian sides. 

Lake Michigan is home to hundreds of freshwater fish, crustaceans, creatures, and a large number of land-dwelling wildlife in the area around the lake. Lake Michigan hosts an entire ecosystem built around its wonderful freshwater lake whose depths will amaze you.

What to Know about Fishing from Piers in Michigan

If you are fishing from a pier and are invited to get on a motorized boat, do not board the boat. The current governor, Gretchen Whitmer, signed an order that outlawed motorized boats on lakes and in the Great Lakes. 

Fishing License

Another thing you must know if you are fishing from a pier is that you need your fishing license. It may be obvious that a fishing license is required to fish, but some states in the United States allow people to fish from piers without registering for a fishing license.

Fishing License Costs

The cost for a fishing license if you are a resident of Michigan is $26 a year. If you are not from Michigan, you can purchase an annual fishing license for $76 a year. But if you only wish to fish for 24 hours, it will only cost $10. The cost of a 24-hour fishing license is for both residents and non-residents. If you are taking your child under the age of 17, they do not need a fishing license. But they must respect all of the local rules as well as the state regulations.

What Kind of Fish are in Michigan?

Lake Michigan is home to many species of freshwater fish. Because there are so many different types of fish gathering in a single lake, it is important to know what type of fish are in the area. You can always find information on the kind of fish that live close to the pier. In Lake Michigan, there are many types of salmon and trout. There is also:

  • Bass
  • catfish
  • carp
  • smelt
  • sunfish
  • whitefish
  • Walleye
  • Perch
  • White bass
  • Pike
  • Rainbow trout
  • Crappie
  • Sturgeon
  • Chinook salmon

There is certainly a large amount of fish within Lake Michigan that draws fishers from around the world to catch fish all their own.


Because of Lake Michigan, there are a lot of fishing opportunities in Michigan. To fish in the state of Michigan and on any of its piers, you need to have a fishing license. There are a few different types of fishing licenses available, so if you are a resident or non-resident, you can find something that works for you. Motorized boats are not allowed on Lake Michigan or other large lakes. Some piers are better than others because there are fewer people or more fish in the area. There are fish to catch in Lake Michigan and many other crustaceans and sea creatures as well.

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