Best Fishing Piers in South Carolina

Best Fishing Piers in South Carolina

Fishing in South Carolina is a real treat for any beginner or veteran fisher. As long as you have your saltwater and or freshwater fishing license, you’ll be ready to fish anywhere in the state. Some of the best piers to fish from are the Santee State Park, Odd Pitt Street Bridge, Darwin H Wright Park, the Charles C Fishing Pier, and the Folly Beach fishing pier.

Best Fishing Piers in South Carolina

Santee State Park

Located in Santee Cooper County, this state park is ideal if you are low-mobility and require safe and even ground to walk. This park is handicapped accessible so all people can join the park and it’s many fishing activities. Santee Park is connected to Lake Marion, which is known for its striped bass. But along with the bass, there is a sufficient amount of catfish in the water. If you want to take a fishing vacation to this location, you can rent one of the cabins that sit directly above the lake.

Odd Pitt Street Bridge

Located a while away from Charleston, the Pitt Street Bridge is found near Mount Pleasant Pier. It is one of the oldest wooden piers and has brought many people most happiness and fish as fishers catch fish off the side of the pier. As part of the ocean, finding fish in the water depends on if it is high or low tide, so be sure to time your visit appropriately.

Darwin H. Wright Park

Another major fishing area or you can find a lot of bass, the fishing pier provides both a plethora of fish to choose from as well as a great view. But you must know that if you are visiting during the wintertime, there are no restrooms. They are closed, but the restrooms will return in the spring. Although many wonderful activities occur in this area, be sure not to drink alcoholic beverages on the pier or in the harbor below. Please drink only at restaurants and bars.

Charles C. Haig, Jr. Fishing Pier

Not built for beginning fishermen in mind, this pier is part of a waterway. This means that it extends farther into the ocean than a pier usually does. Those who are prepared will be able to access fish that swim in deeper waters. If you visit this pier, you will want to take as many fishing gear and supplies as possible. This area is known for its flounder and sea trout as well as redfish.

Folly Beach Fishing Pier

If you visit this pier, be ready to walk because the Folly Beach fishing pier is one of the longest piers in the U.S.. If you accidentally forget something at home, there is a tackle shop directly on the pier. Also, this pier is a licensed public fishing pier, so you do not need to have a fishing license from South Carolina to fish. All one needs to pay is the $5 pier fee. Tarpon, Blue Fish, Pompano, and Spanish mackerel are just some of the fish that you can catch here year-round.

What Kind of Fish are in South Carolina?

South Carolina is a state that is filled with all kinds of different fish. They have lakes and rivers where you can fish for freshwater fish, but the state also borders the Atlantic Ocean, so you have the entire state’s coastline to fish in.

Here are a few of the freshwater fish available in South Carolina:

  • American eel
  • brown trout
  • bluegill
  • hybrid bass
  • largemouth bass
  • white crappie
  • yellow perch
  • Redfin pickerel

Here are a few of these saltwater fish that you can expect to find in South Carolina:

Fishing Rules and Regulations in South Carolina

In South Carolina, two types of fishing licenses exist. There is a fishing license for saltwater fishing, and there’s one for freshwater fishing. If you purchase a saltwater fishing license, you are also entitled to fish for oysters, shrimp, crabs, and clams. However, you did not need to have a saltwater fishing license if you are fishing from a public fishing pier that is licensed.

If you would like to fish in freshwater resources, then you need a freshwater license. However, you did not need to have a freshwater license if you are fishing from a privately owned pond, and the owner of the land has permitted you.

Freshwater License

There are a few options for purchasing a fishing license. You can buy a 3-year fishing license in freshwater for $30 or a simple annual fishing license for only $10 you can also get a 14-day freshwater fishing license for only $5.

Saltwater License

Although they are in different categories, the saltwater fishing license is the same price as the freshwater. And there are multiple different options for licenses if you are using different types of bait or tags.


If a non-resident wishes to vacation in South Carolina and fish, they can purchase a 14-day freshwater or saltwater fishing license for $11.

Under 16

If the person fishing is 16 years older or younger, they do not need to have a fishing license.

Best Time to Fish in South Carolina

Without a doubt, August through November is the best time to fish. It is the fall season, and many fish are migrating south for the winter so that they will be traveling down the coast. You will see fish that you haven’t seen before. Also, many fish from north near the New England states head to Florida and must pass through South Carolina waters to migrate. Shrimp are more active, and they prey more on smaller creatures.


There are many wonderful piers in South Carolina, and here are just five great piers that you can visit. Be sure to purchase a license if you have not already. But if you are only visiting the Folly Beach fishing pier, then you do not need to. South Carolina has a variety of both freshwater and saltwater fish. The best time to fish is in the fall from August to November.

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