Best Fishing Shows on Television

Best Fishing Shows on Television

Many who watch fishing shows are avid anglers and enjoy watching them to see the different fish that can be caught and get tips on how to catch the big one. Some prefer the documentary-style fishing shows. There are so many fishing shows on television it is hard to decide what to watch and when asking what the best fishing show on television is, you will get a variety of answers.

Bill Dance Outdoors

This fishing show has been on for over forty years and is one of the longest-running fishing shows in America. It is a show that focuses on the technical aspect of fishing. It deals especially with largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing. If you are into bass fishing, this is the show you need to watch.

Bill Dance Outdoors will help you brush up on your fishing techniques and every episode features a different outing. Often they will also include the techniques and equipment so you can put to use what you learn with the right equipment. This is the show for you if you are looking to learn from a pro.

Deadliest Catch

This is one of the most popular shows about fishing on the planet. It is not about equipment or techniques but more of a documentary-style. The show follows the dangerous lives of the commercial fishermen fishing the Bering Sea in Alaska. Although the show focuses on commercial King crab fishing, it does give the viewers an insight into what it is like living on the boat and fishing for a living. It also details their life as a commercial fisherman and what their day is like, how it is to fish for King crabs in bad and good weather, etc. Fishing for King Crab means rougher waters, longer trips, and bigger boats. Sometimes these men work days on end with very little rest to catch the King Crab. They are doing this to earn money to live from season to season. It has been on television since 2005.

River Monsters

This fishing show offers traditional fishing programming with some extreme twists. It is a documentary-style show hosted by Jeremy Wade, who is an angler and biologist. On his show, he searches around the globe for the most fearsome predators that are found in freshwater. Watching his show you may not find a lot of techniques that you can use but it is a very interesting and informative fishing show. Some of these fish that he is hunting or fishing for can kill you. It is thrilling to watch how he handles these deadly fishes. This is another show that has been on television for several seasons.

Fishing University

This America’s “How to” fishing show. The hosts are Ray Braizer and Charlie Ingram and they bring their sixty-plus years of experience to the show. It is a very informative program and is a staple of the genre of fishing-shows. On this show, they bring a mixture of boat fishing tournaments and informative techniques. This is the show to watch if you want to learn from the best.

Madfin Shark Series

This is the only televised catch-and-release shark fishing competition you will find on television at this time. There are two teams with each team fishing in two different locations. They are pitted against each other to see who can land the most sharks. This is a must-watch television show if you have any interest in shark fishing.

Jack Link’s Major League Fishing

This is the premier bass tournament show where they put twenty-four of the best professional anglers against each other. It features surprise locations, real-time leaderboards, and no-limit competition. If you want to watch the best anglers at the sport they do best, this is the show to watch. All of the anglers are bass fishing in high-pressure situations.

Wicked Tuna National Geographic

On this show, it showcases a group of fearless Tuna fishermen from Massachusetts. They battle the odds at sea to catch one of the hardest fighting fish in the sea, which is the Bluefin Tuna. There are many obstacles that they face on the show which could come from themselves or nature. They are chasing fish that can swim over 40 mph and reach a weight of 900 kg. Using just a rod and reel, you can watch these fishermen as they fight to hook and land this big sport fish.

The Bluefin Tuna populations are dwindling so that makes the fishing season for this fish shorter. These men are trying to get as many as they can to bring in money and to feed their family. This is a show that has been on television for several seasons so it is one that you should watch. It can teach you what a commercial fisherman has to go through just to survive from one season to another.

Fishing With Ladin: Fly Fishing

If you want to know about fly fishing, this is the show for you to watch. On the show, Steve Ronholt and Ladin Langermen travel around North America and show their audiences the ins and outs of fly fishing. Together these two men have been fishing for over 40 years. Fly fishing is an angling technique that some anglers are not familiar about. This is the show if you want to learn.


There are so many great fishing shows on television that it is hard to pick out the best ones. It all depends on what you are interested in and what you consider is the best. Several of these shows listed as best fishing television shows on television are done in a documentary-style and let you into their lives as they show you what it is like to be a commercial fisherman or one that goes out and looks for the most fearsome predator of freshwater fishing. It gives you a chance to experience it from the comfort of your living room without having to live it. There are also competitions and informative shows of techniques and places to fish. Is one of these shows on your list for the best fishing show on television?

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