Best Spinning Reels for Under $25

Best Spinning Reels for Under $25

We all want to find great value when purchasing a spinning reel. We often debate spending the extra amount of money to receive more reel features. However, there are plenty of spinning reels on the market that work well for under $25. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to find an affective reel that is dependable, efficient and of course, catches fish. This article will review some of the best spinning reels that you can purchase for under $25. You may be surprised in the great value that you are able to find!

Spinning reels are a light tackle setup that ease your efforts when casting. These reels are a popular choice for beginners since learning is fast and easy. The fact that they are easy to clean and maintain makes them one of the more durable reels on the market.

For these lower cost spinning reels, most are equipped to handle small to medium sized fish. The line size on the reel is also an important factor for effectively handling different sizes of fish. Accurately pairing your reel with your line is of the utmost importance for the assuring that you will have the best success.

Piscifun Flame Light Weight Ultra Smooth Powerful Spinning Fishing Reel

This light weight ultra spinning reel from Piscifun has a slick matte black body design that was built with ultra smoothness for casting. This reel comes in a beautiful red flame-like design at an affordable price. You’re receiving a small, compact reel that is built with great quality.


  • 9+1 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • Great cast, suitable for long distances
  • Triple Drag Washers for reduced line break
  • Crisp reel sound with effective drag
  • Available in the following styles: 2000, 3000, 4000 & 5000

One of the more valuable components for a quality spinning reel at this price is its extremely low physical weight. Piscifun is known for creating these lightweight reels because of their narrow hollow graphite body design as well as their feather-like reel gears. At a weight of only 8.5 ounces, it is the perfect lightweight tackle option to enjoy all your smaller fish trips, such as fishing for bass, catfish or perch.

With such a focus on its weight, you would be happy to know that it is also one of the best pure power reels compared to its other competitors. It has a drag power of up to 19.8 pounds. The reel’s power is supported by its reinforced metal main shaft, improved drive gear and triple drag washers. With all of these features, this reel is powerful enough to handle some pretty large fish. Given this ability, we strongly recommend that you use this reel with either braided or monofilament fishing line.

Sougayilang 13+1BB Light Weight Ultra Smooth Aluminum Spinning Fishing Reel

Sougayilang built an attractive space grey reel that feels great and works terrific given its value. This brand is known to have some of the smoothest ball bearings with great functionality. It is a standout option versus its competitors, at a really fair price.


  • 13+1 Corrosion resistant smooth ball bearings
  • Strong brass gears and thick metal shaft
  • Lightweight hollow frame design
  • High-performance mesh drive gear
  • Attractive color finish

This lightweight reel really stands out as a great option for all different skill levels of fishermen. The color is a great choice no matter who decides to use it. With an ultra-smooth performance, this reel was built to last for a really long time. The large handle on the rod is also an exclusive feature which feels very comfortable when holding for a long period of time. Not only it is important to have a reel that works but you want to enjoy your time using it.

This reel can handle both monofilament and braided line. I would probably recommend braided line given the greater strength that you can use for this reel. I would suggest 20 pound braided line and a 10 pound max monofilament line to avoid the line from unraveling at the spool. The reel does have a higher drag at 28 pounds. You will certainly receive great performance with this reel.

Magreel Lightweight Ultra Smooth Fishing Spinning Reel

Offered at one of the most competitive prices compared to others on the entire reel market, Magreel built a high-quality reel that is suited for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. While the reel is slightly heavier at 13.6 ounces compared to the other reels mentioned above, it is still considerably light and extremely smooth. With similar features and the same reliable strength as other brands, you certainly won’t be disappointed.


  • 9+1 High Quality Ball Bearings
  • Triple Drag Washers
  • Gear Ratio: 5.2:1
  • Powerful and reliable precision zinc alloy gear
  • Smooth and Quiet

If you aren’t looking to invest a ton of money into a spinning reel but still want one that works effectively, then this reel is for you. This is also a great spinning reel for kids. The company really did a terrific job with its design. Not only is it easily adjustable for either right or left handed people but the foam handle is much sturdier than the other plastic reel alternatives. The reel responds well to frequent casting and works best for braided line. With braided line, you will certainly notice less tangles with the spool versus most of its competitors.

The 9 high-quality ball bearings and 1-way bearing provide a smooth spinning experience which helps maximize performance. Given its slightly higher relative weight, its hallow graphite body still provides a reasonable lightweight feel. The CNC aluminum alloy ready spool is braid ready and tied directly to the spool. This helps to avoid from having any slipping. Out of all the reels on this list, it sticks out as having the best line lay.


All is all, when it comes down to a productive fishing trip, you will be glad that you selected one of these reels. In an industry with rising prices as well as equipment that requires frequent maintenance, it is nice to know you can find some unbelievable value in some lower cost spinning reels. These reels can be used in lakes, rivers, ponds, canals, bays and other smaller areas of water. As you gain more comfort with the intricacies that are offered in these reels, the more you will be willing to test or challenge their capabilities.

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