Best Tasting Fish to Catch in Florida

Best Tasting Fish to Catch in Florida

Florida has some of the best fishing in the world and there are so many delicious and best-tasting fish that you can catch. There are so many that there would be a very long list. What the best-tasting fish to catch in Florida is a matter of personal preference. Let’s list some and see if yours made the list.

Best Tasting Fish to Catch in Florida


There are more than 400 species of grouper in the sea. The ones that are most popular in Florida are the gag, red grouper, and black grouper. This is a fish with a mild flavor that is somewhere in between halibut and sea bass. It has a light, sweet taste with large chunk flakes. Here in Florida, they like to have their grouper deep-fried into bite-size pieces or in a sandwich made with blackened grouper. You can also serve these fish grilled, baked, or broiled.


Snapper also comes in many varieties with the most common ones including:

  • Yellowtail: You can find these snappers most any time of the year. They have a light flaky texture with a pinkish flesh. Be sure to check out our other article to learn How to Catch a Yellowtail Snapper.
  • Red: This fish will have pinkish to bright red tones. It is a good-tasting thin white fish. The most popular way of cooking this fish is to roast it whole or grilling it.
  • Lane: This fish has a delicate flavor and flesh but does not have a strong taste. It is best cooked fried so it does not lose its delicate flavor.
  • Vermillion: They have a sweet, mild flavor that just practically melts in your mouth and does not taste too oily. 
  • Mangrove: This fish you will mainly find in the winter and it is not as popular eating as the yellowtail. Some though feel this is one of the best tasting snappers. It has a light white flaky texture.

The snapper is a bit more delicate than grouper and has a sweeter, profound flavor when you grill it. This is the most popular way to serve most varieties of snapper. Some even bake the snapper whole in the oven.


They are slightly oily with a meaty texture. You can grill the trout’s thick steaks but the best way to fix them is to smoke them


These fish have light flavored flaky flesh and good moisture content. You can get them deep-fried, battered, or baked.


This fish has dense white meat that is perfect for grilling with a light flavor.


  • Blackfin: When you catch a blackfin tuna, make sure you never wash it with freshwater and keep it on ice. Trim out the dark red mean and cut it into sashimi or steaks.
  • Yellowfin: When cooking this tuna, make sure that you never overcook it. Most will eat it raw or lightly sear it.


The fish has a mild flavor with firm meat. You can cook it in a variety of ways like poaching, grilling, or baking.


They have a meaty texture and are the best cut into steaks and pan-fried or grilled

Mahi Mahi

This fish is also known as dolphin fish and is a mild fish that tastes like grouper. It has a gentle flavor and a strong texture. It is a very versatile fish and can be cooked and served in many ways. You can have it blackened, grilled, in a sandwich, in a fish taco, baked, and more.

Be sure to check out our article, How to Catch a Mahi Mahi.

Triple Tail

The fish does have an intense flavor but still tastes mild. It is light and dense at the same time, along with being flaky and firm. The best way to cook it is to pan sear with minimum additives.


It is a delicate white fish that is thin and will cook quickly. It will enhance any flavor you introduce with the fish such as basil, tomatoes, and lemon. 


This is a fish that is used in the Mediterranean diet. It is a very boney and oily fish.

  • Spanish: This is best roasted, fried, or grilled whole using the Mediterranean inspired spices, sauces, and herbs.
  • King: You can either roast, grill, or smoke them whole


When this fish is cooked, the flesh is a very tender, sweet fish with small flakes. Season it simple and do not overcook the fish. It takes best when it is sautéed or broiled with salt and pepper in olive oil or butter.


These are a really good tasting fish and you can broil, grill, or bake them. You can use a rub or marinade but go light on the seasoning. The reason is that it has a delicate flavor and texture. It does fall apart easier than most other fish when it is cooked. If you like the taste of grouper or snapper, then this is the fish for you.


This is a very oily fish but has great skin and firm flesh so it makes it a popular fish to smoke. When smoked, you can put it on salads, use it as an appetizer, or for a light dinner. If you do not want to smoke it, it can also be baked whole or grilled. You can also fillet it.


This is a good fish to sauté, broil, or grill the fillets by using a simple marinade of citrus juices and oil.


  • When you book your trip to Florida, you will have many choices of what fish you want to try and how you want it cooked. You will never run out of fish to try.
  • The best-tasting fish in Florida are the grouper, snapper, hogfish, and tuna.
  • If you enjoy fishing, arrange a charter where you can catch your own dinner. Most of the charters will have someone that can clean and fillet your fish so you can take it back and cook it on your own grill. Nothing tastes better than eating what you have caught.
  • Florida has some of the best-tasting fish that you can have grilled, baked, fried, smoked, and poached.

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