Can You Catch Fish in Shallow Water?

Can You Catch Fish in Shallow Water?

Yes, you can catch fish in shallow water along with crabs, shellfish, and shrimp. You can catch tarpon, barracuda, snook, bonefish, and pompano in shallow waters. Shallow waters are rich in fish and other marine life. Shallow water fishing is ideal for those that enjoy fly fishing, using light tackle, and kayak fishermen. When fishing in shallow water certain methods work better than others along with the right bait, lures, and tackle.

Tips for Fishing in Shallow Water

When you fish in shallow water, it will require an entirely different set of techniques. This includes the lures you use and how you cast. Learning these different techniques will help you have a good or bad day fishing.

  • The first thing that you need to do is select your bait based on how clear the water is. When the water is clear, you should use something translucent like a see-through blue. If the water is murky and muddy, the bait you use should be something like a black plastic worm.
  • When you are ready to cast, do it sidearm or underhand. To reduce the splash pull back slightly as the lure hits the water. If you do a powerful cast, it will make a big splash and disrupt the water. This could cause any fish there to spook and swim away. To ensure you do not make a big splash with your lure, use a lightweight one.
  • Do pinch casting to improve your accuracy when you cast. Make sure that you are giving your lure about three to four feet of slack, holding it in one hand. Point your rod straight out to where you want the lure to go. Add some tension to the rod so you are keeping the line taut. To help reduce the splash, toss the lure out into the water and then repeat the pullback motion.
  • Be sure that you are maneuvering your boat slowly because the fish that inhabit the shallow water love to be near fallen branches and vegetation. Do not power through areas like this because it will destroy the area and fish living there. Leave the electronics off on the boat, drifting whenever it is possible. Doing this will help not to spook any fish that are under the boat or around you.
  • If you are fishing for bass, try using a wacky rig, which is a skilled technique that uses a soft plastic lure. Using this will help you have more of a chance to catch finicky fish. It does lower your chances of catching larger fish because the size of the bait is very small. This technique is good to use to catch bass of all sizes. Both sides of this rig flutter so it is creating more natural action.

Fly Fishing in Shallow Water

Shallow water is ideal for fly fishing. When you catch bonefish, you will hear the sound of a coil that is similar to the sound of a dentist’s drill. Within seconds, a tarpon will twist the reel cord. Fly fishing requires skill, excellent fishing tackle, accuracy, reliable fasteners, and strong knots. When you are fly fishing in shallow water, you need to be alert, paying attention, and ready for that bite on the end of your line. The cast must be accurate and while you can catch fish with a cast of five to ten meters, the more precise and longer the cast, the more success you will have in catching fish.

When you are fly fishing for tarpon, you should have a short, fast rod that is specifically designed for fishing for tarpon. The most common type is Class 11-12. The fly on the hook for smaller fish should be 1/10 and for larger fish, it should be a 4/0. 

Boating in Shallow Water

fishing in shallow waters

When fishing in shallow water, many prefer to do it using a boat. Some of the best boats to use for shallow water fishing are bass boats, aluminum fishing boats, jet boats, bay boats, and flatboats. Make sure that before you buy your boat that you ask how much water it needs to float, which can range from six inches to several feet. If you are using your boat to fish in shallow waters you have never fished in, make sure that you take it slow if you are not sure of the depth of the water so you do not run aground. 

Fishing for Bass in Shallow Water

When you are fishing for bass in shallow water during the summer, look for weedy cover as that is where they like to stay. The vegetation will give them food, shelter, and it is high in dissolved oxygen because of the aquatic plants there. If there are a lot of weedy areas, look for irregularities like grass that feathers out to a point, indentations and pockets along the outer edge where a channel or ditch goes through the weedy area, or two types of vegetation close together. This is where you will generally find bass. The best time of the day to fish for bass is in the middle of the day when the insects they like to eat are more active.


One important thing to remember is that the fish that inhabit shallow water spook very easily so treat their habitat with a delicate touch. You will get better results if you do with more fish caught. For each type of fish that you find in the shallow waters they have a season. The important components for sea fishing in shallow waters are the phases of the moon, water temperature, and state of the current. If you have a particular fish or fishes that you want to catch, you will need to know tips for that particular fish. The best bait to use is either shrimp or crab.

Although most use a boat to fish in the shallow waters, you can still fish from the banks. Most of the fish in shallow waters from the banks are fly fishing. So yes, you can catch a variety of fish in shallow waters.

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