Fishing Tips & Advice

Can You Eat a Crappie Fish?

Crappie fish are a readily found fish across the United States. The species heavily populates freshwater lakes and rivers from the Eastern Seaboard and Southwest along the rest of the country. In these rivers, crappies tend to hide among cover to protect themselves from predators, and a way in which they can leap out and … Read more

Can You Eat a Goldfish?

Ah, why do you want to know? If there’s were a contest for inefficient food source out there, goldfish would probably win without a lot of effort: it’s small, scaly, hard to clean, even harder to debone, and likely won’t taste very good, since most pet stores don’t feed their goldfish with the thought that … Read more

Can You Eat Sardines?

Sardines are probably one of the most popular fishes around – at least when it comes to canning. You’ll see cans of sardines piled up like hockey pucks on supermarket shelves almost as often as tuna, the ultimate canned fish king. But while tuna is almost universally acknowledged to be a safe choice for consumption … Read more

Can You Eat a Swordfish?

Swordfish (also known as broadbills), are large predatory fish that are made distinct by their huge, long, and flat-pointed bills. They are generally at the top of their food chain, a carnivorous creature feeding on smaller fish like barracudas. Despite common mythology, they likely do not use their large facial swords for undersea combat or … Read more

Can You Eat a Tilapia?

Tilapia is a hardy white fish, being incredibly disease resistant and adaptable to a large variety of different weather conditions. The name Tilapia actually covers nearly a hundred different subspecies of white freshwater fish with similar characteristics. Because of its hardy and flexible adaptability, the tilapia is an incredibly popular fish to farm for food. … Read more

Can You Eat an Octopus?

The octopus is one of the most fascinating creatures to exist on the planet and below its waves. These eight armed, triple heart invertebrates are known for their extreme dexterity and flexibility, intelligence allowing them to recognize human faces and predict world cup scores and have even been observed using tools! Many people wonder if … Read more

How to Smoke Fish in an Oven

To smoke fish in your oven, there are a couple of techniques that a home cook can utilize to impart that wonderful smokey flavor on their meal. To turn your oven into a temporary meat smoker, liquid smoke or a smoker bag can be used as an alternative to purchasing that longed-for outdoor smokehouse.  Smoking … Read more

How to Use a Powerbait for Catching Trout

Trout are famous worldwide for their impeccable taste and easy to catch nature. While catching trout is one of the more accessible streams of fishing, there can be times when the trout gets tight-lipped. In this case and all others, powerbait proves its superiority as one of the most effective baits for trout. Powerbaits are … Read more

How to Rig a Slip Float

Casting a rig with a set float over 4 feet away from the bait seems like an awkward situation that calls for a lot of help. If that distance is well over the range of 7 feet, then the task is nearly impossible. This is where slip floats come to save the day. Slip floats, … Read more

Galveston Pier Fishing: Complete Guide

Serious anglers dream of fishing at the Galveston Pier, and if you’re one of them, we’ve got the complete guide for you on everything you need to know about Galveston pier fishing. From the hot spots for making big catches at Galveston pier to tips and tricks to use when angling, our guide gives you … Read more

Fly Fishing: What is a Tippet & How to Use

Fishing fanatics are known to have enjoyed the fly fishing technique for years. Many anglers use this method as a basis to develop new fishing skills while also expanding their area of expertise.  Fly fishing is an angling method that makes use of a lightweight artificial lure to catch fine specimens of fish. This type … Read more

Best Weather & Temperature for Crappie Fishing

Crappie are known for being always on the move, with their springtime migrations sometimes being described as frantic. As crappie anglers follow these particular fish through their spawning cycle, they may become frustrated with erratic spring temperatures and the resulting shifting migration. Although a successful catch depends heavily on being in the right place at … Read more

Are Fishing Spiders Poisonous? [Complete Guide]

Fishing spiders are a specific species of spiders that live near bodies of water. The spiders can stretch out as long as 70 millimeters, making them very large and intimidating looking. Many people fear fishing spiders for this reason. After all, they are kind of scary looking.  With that being said, fishing spiders are harmless. … Read more

Complete Guide to Fishing in Central Park, NYC

Many people don’t know that they can go fishing in NYC’s Central Park. However, catching fish over here isn’t like your regular fishing activity. The Central Park management has imposed a strict “catch and release” policy for all those who catch any sort of fish from the park’s waters. Anyone obeying the Central Park policies … Read more

Trout Fishing Rig & Line Setup: Complete Guide

Fishing for trout can be a memorable and exciting experience to enjoy with friends and family, but bear in mind that this sport isn’t all fun and games.  There are several things that you need to keep in mind in order to be able to catch a big one during your next fishing trip, with … Read more

Can You Cook Frozen Fish?

You can definitely cook frozen fish. In fact, doing so might make your meal safer, tastier and fresher. This is due to the fact that fish is usually frozen using a technique called shock freezing, which increases shelf-life and preserves the product in its prime shape.  Even if you cook frozen fish that you froze … Read more

Can You Eat a Sailfish? (Surprising Answer!)

You sure can eat a sailfish, but should you? Sailfish are most often caught for sport and not for food. In the United States, federal regulation is catch and release only. This rule makes eating one a little tricky unless you have a special permit. Outside of the states, it is still commonplace to eat … Read more

How to Fish a Sliding Sinker (Carolina Rig)

The sliding sinker rig is also sometimes called the Carolina rig. This is one of the most popular and common fishing rigs among anglers. It is useful, versatile, and can be altered depending on each situation.  Sliding Sinker Rig A sliding sinker is easy to use and will work best if it drags or hops … Read more

How to Fish a Helicopter Rig

A helicopter rig can be used in a range of fishing situations and is used to fish a range of species all over the world. However, it is most often used in Europe and the United Kingdom for carp angling. This rig is best suited for bottom-fishing when the bottom comprises of weed or silt.  … Read more