Complete Guide to Fishing in Brigantine, NJ

If you’re looking for a fantastic fishing destination on the east coast with access to plenty of unique species of fish and a relaxing environment, then Brigantine, NJ is a great spot for you. Many coastal cities in New Jersey have access to some great fishing and Brigantine is ranked high among that list. Some reviews of Brigantine call it the “best fishing spot in south New Jersey” and we couldn’t agree more.

Before you get started on your fishing vacation in Brigantine, it’s important to come prepared with some necessary knowledge. If you want to make the most out of your time in Brigantine, it could come in handy to know the best spots, what fish you might encounter, and where to get your gear. We’ve compiled all of this information into this complete guide to fishing in Brigantine, NJ in order to make your trip that much simpler.

What Fish Species Will You Encounter in Brigantine, NJ?

If you’re looking to fish for some striped bass, then you’re in luck. Brigantine, NJ – and most coastal cities in New Jersey – have a thriving striped bass population almost year-round. If stripers aren’t your game fish of choice, then there are plenty more options available to keep you interested in Brigantine, NJ. As the waters around Brigantine can remain relatively cool year-round, you’re likely to encounter a shift in species as the weather changes.

Colder temperatures will bring fish from the north down into the Brigantine regions whereas warmer temperatures bring southern fish up. Brigantine is at the perfect tepid zone for most fish. Because of that, you’re likely to encounter species like kingfish, bluefish, weakfish, or summer flounder. They’ll come at different times of the year.

Along with those, you also might find some winter flounder, tautog, black sea bass. Out in the open ocean, found via charter expeditions, you’ll encounter sharks, tuna, or blue crabs. Brigantine, NJ is nearer to the south of New Jersey and thus you’re encountering many crab populations found in Maryland waters. Cod and ling are a special treat that some anglers might encounter in Brigantine, though you may have to travel north to find decent population numbers.

The Best Season to Plan Your Trip

The best part about fishing in Brigantine is that there is never a bad time to do it. Summer brings about fish typically found in southern coastal states whereas winter brings northern fish to your shores. Planning your fishing trip completely depends on the type of fish you’re looking to catch while out on an expedition.


Tautog and summer flounder are two of the most popular summer catches in Brigantine, NJ. The striped bass has transitioned to cooler waters for a couple of months and won’t be caught quite as much as other species of fish. Offshore fishing is booming with plenty of sharks, tuna, and blue crabs ready to be swept up. Bluefish, weakfish, and black sea bass will also be common finds in these temperatures.


As the cool air begins to return, most summer fish will start to head south. This is when fishing for stripers is the best. The perfect temperature has returned for them and there’s very little in terms of game fish to stand in their way of getting your bait. Any anglers who are fishing for stripers should do so in the fall as this is their peak.


Now that the waters are colder, the stripers have decided to move south, away from Brigantine. However, with their departure comes the arrival of the winter flounder. Some bluefish and weakfish are still present, but winter flounder are your most likely catch. You also might see some cod or ling from the north, but again, they’ll be more common in areas further up the coast.


The cool air of winter is being replaced by the warmth of spring and many fish are beginning to migrate back to Brigantine. Winter flounders head out and the stripers come back, almost as active as they were in the fall. Bluefish and weakfish remain active and some summer fish can be spotted in small amounts. If the fall doesn’t work for you but you still want to fish for some striped bass, then the spring is your next best bet.

Best Fishing Spots in Brigantine, NJ

One plus of Brigantine, NJ is the extended access to plenty of fishing spots across the straight. There are plenty of jetties that host some fantastic fishing options and many beaches that are specifically for fishing. Near the Brigantine Inlet, there are some 4-wheel drive beaches that are great for surf fishing. To the south at the Absecon Inlet, there’s some great jetties for catching stripers or fluke.

Nearer the north part of Brigantine is where you’ll find the most striped bass. They tend to prefer hanging out near the 4-wheel drive beaches and are common catches by anglers in these parts. Around July, these stripers turn to flukes, kingfish, and bluefish which will populate these waters. There’s also a deep slough running along the shore for several blocks where some rather large fish have been reported.

Plenty of bridges and piers dot Brigantine that boast some impressive activity for the fish. If you’re looking to gather your daily limit in no time at all, then Brigantine is the place to be.

Boats, Bait, and Tackle

If you’re looking to rent a boat for a charter, there are plenty of marinas throughout Brigantine that can help with that task. The following are three of the most popular.

  • Brigantine Fishing Charters – 434 W Shore Drive
  • Babu Sport Fishing Charters – 441 Carson Ave
  • North Point Marina – 1225 E Shore Drive

Renting bait and tackle is possible as well. Here are three of the best bait and tackle shops in Brigantine, NJ.

  • Riptide Bait and Tackle – 1201 W Brigantine Ave
  • One Stop Bait and Tackle – 416 Atlantic Ave
  • Ship Shop – 118 N Dorset Ave

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