Complete Guide to Fishing in Brigantine, NJ

Complete Guide to Fishing in Brigantine, NJ

Brigantine, New Jersey, is a good fishing spot and popular among anglers. Located on an island off the coast of Atlantic City, Brigantine offers a variety of fishing opportunities for both recreational and sport fishing enthusiasts.

Many coastal cities in New Jersey have access to some great fishing, and Brigantine is ranked high on the list. Some reviews of Brigantine call it the “best fishing spot in south New Jersey,” and we couldn’t agree more.

We’ve compiled a complete guide to fishing in Brigantine, NJ, to simplify your trip.

What Are the Types of Fish You Can Catch in Brigantine?

If you’re looking to fish for some striped bass, then you’re in luck. Brigantine, NJ – and most coastal cities in New Jersey – have a thriving striped bass population almost year-round.

Colder temperatures will bring fish from the north down into the Brigantine regions, whereas warmer temperatures will bring southern fish up. Brigantine is in the perfect tepid zone for most fish. Because of that, you’re likely to encounter species like kingfish, bluefish, weakfish, or summer flounder. They’ll come at different times of the year.

Along with those, you also might find some winter flounder, tautog, and black sea bass. Out in the open ocean, you’ll encounter sharks (sandbar sharks, brown sharks, and smooth dogfish), tuna, or blue crabs.

Where Can You Fish in Brigantine?

Brigantine offers several productive fishing spots that attract anglers. Here are some of the best fishing spots in Brigantine:

1. North Brigantine Beach

The beaches of North Brigantine are popular among surf anglers. Anglers often target species like striped bass, bluefish, flounder, kingfish, weakfish, and sharks from the shoreline.

Look for areas with structure, such as jetties or sandbars, as they can attract fish.

Brigantine Beach
Brigantine Beach

2. South Brigantine Beach

The beaches of South Brigantine also provide great fishing opportunities. Like North Brigantine, anglers can target various species from the surf, including striped bass, bluefish, flounder, kingfish, weakfish, and sharks.

3. Brigantine Inlet and Jetty

The Brigantine Inlet, where the back bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, is a productive area for fishing. The jetty that extends into the ocean is a popular spot for anglers targeting striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, and tautog.

Absecon Inlet is a popular fishing spot located near Brigantine, New Jersey. It is the inlet that connects the back bays to the Atlantic Ocean. The jetties at Absecon Inlet provide prime fishing locations.

4. Bridge Fishing

The Brigantine Bridge, also known as the “Causeway,” offers a chance to catch various fish species. Anglers often target striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, and tautog from the bridge.

The deeper waters around the bridge attract fish, especially during tide changes.

5. Back Bays and Marshes

Brigantine’s back bays and marsh areas provide opportunities for fishing in calmer waters. These areas are known for species like striped bass, bluefish, weakfish, flounder, and tautog.

Great Bay is a large estuary located near Brigantine and a great fishing spot. The channels within Great Bay can be particularly productive, especially during tidal changes when fish move to feed on baitfish and other prey.

There are several access points to fish Great Bay, including boat ramps and marinas in the Brigantine area. Some popular locations include the Atlantic City Marina, Lundgren’s Marina, and Absecon Bay Sportsman Center. These access points provide opportunities for boating and fishing throughout the bay.

Absecon Inlet
Absecon Inlet

6. Boating and Offshore Fishing

Brigantine’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean offers opportunities for boating and fishing trips. Anglers can venture out to target larger gamefish like tuna, marlin, mahi-mahi, and sharks.

Charter boats and experienced anglers can guide you to productive offshore fishing grounds.

What Are the Best Places to Surf Fish in Brigantine?

  1. North Brigantine Beach
  2. Jetty at Brigantine Inlet
  3. South Brigantine Beach
  4. 14th Street South Jetty
  5. Brigantine Bridge Causeway

Where Can I Rent a Boat and Fishing Equipment in Brigantine?

If you’re looking to rent a boat for a charter, plenty of marinas throughout Brigantine can help with that task. The following are three of the most popular.

Renting bait and tackle is possible as well. Here are three of the best bait and tackle shops in Brigantine, NJ.

What Is the Best Season to Fish in Brigantine?

The best part about fishing in Brigantine is that there is never a bad time to do it. Summer brings about fish typically found in southern coastal states, whereas winter brings northern fish to Brigantine’s shores.


Tautog and summer flounder (fluke) are two of the most popular summer catches in Brigantine, NJ. The striped bass has transitioned to cooler waters for a couple of months and won’t be caught as much as other fish species.

Offshore fishing is booming, with plenty of sharks, tuna, and blue crabs ready to be swept up. Bluefish, weakfish, sheepshead, and black sea bass will also be common finds in these temperatures.


As the cool air returns, most summer fish will head south. This is when fishing for stripers is the best. 


Winter marks the arrival of the winter flounder. Some bluefish and weakfish are still present, but winter flounder are your most likely catch.

You also might see some cod or ling from the north, but they’ll be more common in areas further up the coast.


The cool air of winter is being replaced by the warmth of spring, and many fish are beginning to migrate back to Brigantine. Winter flounders head out, and the stripers come back, almost as active as they were in the fall.

Bluefish and weakfish remain active and some summer fish can be spotted in small amounts.

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