Complete Guide to Fishing in Wildwood, NJ

New Jersey lies in the perfect in between for fishing. You have access to the lower and warmer regions that host tons of tropical fish typically found around Florida and when it gets colder, northern species will migrate down for warmer waters. No season is a bad season when fishing in New Jersey, especially Wildwood. This beach side town offers an incredible amount of fishing variety for any angler looking to try their luck in the water.

No matter the type of fishing you specialize at – be it inshore, offshore, fly-fishing, or simple backyard pond fishing – there are ample opportunities for you to bring home your limit. Wildwood, NJ is one of the best fishing locations on the east coast, only matched by neighbors like Ocean City, NJ or Cape May. It’s time to pack your bags and head to Wildwood for the weekend and bring back a haul that will keep you satisfied for weeks to come.

Making the most of your time fishing in Wildwood, NJ requires a bit of prior knowledge before you set out on the first charter boat you see. You’ll need to know what fish you might encounter, where to go, and when is the best chance to catch some fish. We’ve compiled this complete guide of fishing in Wildwood, New Jersey to help you make the most out of your fishing adventure.

What Fish Might You Encounter in Wildwood, NJ?

When choosing your spot for fishing, it’s important to guarantee that there will be plenty of species available at the given time you’re planning on fishing. If the location only hosts a few species of game fish at a time, then perhaps it’s more beneficial to fish elsewhere. Luckily, Wildwood has plenty of game fish present the whole year round so you won’t run out of choices when planning your next fishing trip there.

Some of the most popular fish you’ll find there are Blackfish, Cod, or Striped Bass. These fish are popular amongst locals and tourists alike and will net you quite the haul when they’re in season. You will also find Fluke, Bluefish, Tuna, and Sharks to be quite the common catch when fishing in the right locations and using the best bait.

Also popular are the Flounder, Drum, Ling, and Weakfish. The time at which you can catch each species will vary based on the season. Chances are you’ll find plenty of striped bass all year long as they tend to be present for every month besides the colder months. If you’re looking for a location with variety, then Wildwood, NJ is a great place to be.

Every Fishing Season is in at Wildwood, NJ

No matter when you plan your fishing trip to Wildwood, you’re likely to encounter more than enough fish. Local charter boats will advertise the best species to fish for and will accommodate guests accordingly, though it might be smart to come prepared with your own gear. When you’re planning your fishing trip, you should consider when you’re going as this will decide what fish will be available to you.


The colder months is the best time to catch fish migrating down from northern waters. If you’re local to the area and want to have access to fish typically found in New England then the colder months in Wildwood will be quite bountiful for you. Blackfish, Ling, and Cod will all be in season as the waters turn colder and the northern fish come down to Wildwood.


As spring approaches and warmth returns to the waters, the northern fish depart and more tepid species will return to Wildwood. With these rising temperatures comes the presence of White Flounder, Striped Bass, and Drum. Spring is when these fish are in season so be prepared to catch many of them.


The summer months are some of the most profitable for Wildwood, NJ anglers as the local fish ecosystem begins to boom. Once the waters are warm again, you’re likely to encounter Fluke, Bluefish, Striped Bass, Weakfish, and Drum. You can take a charter boat for an offshore adventure where you’ll find plenty of sharks or Tuna to haul in.


As fall approaches and the waters begin to get cold again, most of the species of fish will migrate south to avoid the chill. The last species to go is the Striped Bass. They love this temperature and the Wildwood area as they then become the focus of many anglers. They get plenty of food in the area and tend to take advantage of the empty waters until they become too cold for them.

Best Fishing Spots in Wildwood, NJ

One of the best features of Wildwood, NJ for anglers is the presence of many different fishing locations. If ocean fishing isn’t your style, then you can turn around and begin fishing in the bay. There are plenty of piers and bridges that will keep anglers occupied for days at a time.


This is the most popular and common form of fishing in Wildwood and where you’ll encounter most of the fish. Fishing in the surf is quite popular in Wildwood and many anglers find quite a bit of success with surf fishing here. During high tide, any beach in Wildwood becomes the perfect fishing spot.


There are plenty of charter boats that will take you on a day trip out over the open ocean for some incredible shark and tuna fishing. They’ll know the best spots to take you for your fishing adventure and will provide you with any help you need to make the most out of your time in Wildwood.


As they are a beach town, Wildwood, NJ hosts plenty of long piers that provide you the right amount of depth and structure to attract different species of shore fish. Fishing on the local piers and bridges has proven to be quite beneficial to many anglers.

Wildwood, NJ is one of the best fishing locations on the east coast thanks to its access to many different species, year-round game fish, many different fishing spots, and overall welcome for anglers looking for a large haul. Plan your trip to Wildwood today and start fishing!

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