Do Glow in the Dark Fishing Lures Work?

Do Glow in the Dark Fishing Lures Work?

If you are passionate about fishing, then you must be aware of the successes associated with night fishing. Thus, glow in dark lures are not something new. On the one hand, some anglers say that they have been successful in hooking big fish with the use of glow lures, while many still consider this to be another gimmick. To find out the reality, let us look into these lures and find out whether they are effective or not!

Glow in the dark lures works for certain species of fish. These glow lures can easily lure fish that typically feed on bioluminescent prey. Hence, they can be very effective for saltwater fishing. You may not experience the same benefits for freshwater fishing. Even during day time, you can use these lures for fishing in bodies of water that do not get sufficient sunlight.

Why Are Glow in the Dark Lures Effective?

It is a well-known fact that bioluminescent preys are more common in saltwater areas. At the same time, fish like squid and salmon feed on this type of prey, and thus, glow lures would help you hook on either one of these species.

But, that does not mean you can just hook any glowing lure and expect a bounty catch! Your glowing lure must look natural and subtle, while also imitating the characters of a prey. If it is something too flashy or dull, then a fish will not recognize the prey and as a result, ignore the lure. Salmon, bass, trout, squid, and rockfish are some of the best-known fish which respond positively towards a glow lure.

Even some walleye anglers have had some success using the glow in the dark lures during the day time. They say that these lures successfully attract these types of fish and can certainly yield a large catch.

Best Time to Use Glow in the Dark Lures

Of course, the most obvious time to use these lures would be during the night. Many anglers prefer nighttime fishing and contribute their success to their use of glow in the dark lures.

But the usage of these lures does not end here. Even during the daytime, many anglers use them for jigging in deep waters where sunlight cannot reach the bottom. Some fish swim as deep as 100 feet below the water surface or more. In these cases, glow lures can be very effective and work best for kokanee jigging.

Even when the sun is bright and shining, the sunlight does not reach deep into all sections and depths of the water. Unfortunately, if you are fishing during a cloudy day, then you may experience a lack of success with regular lures. In both cases, glow in the dark lures can provide that much needed advantage. During the daytime, the UV rays can penetrate more than the regular sunlight. These UV rays allow for these lures to glow in the dark. 

Glow in the Dark Lures for Ice Fishing

One area where these lures create a profound impact and have shown its worth is for ice fishing. Only a bit of light passes through the snow, but you do not want a complete snow covering, which could potentially ruin everything. In these situations, glow in the dark lures can come to your rescue; you can now fish in both shallow and deep waters during any time of the day.

It is imperative that you bring some of these lures along, especially if you are fishing in these conditions. Glow jigs, coupled with your bait, gives you the perfect opportunity for you to continue catching big fish.

Are Glow in the Dark Lures Legal?

No rules and regulations forbid the use of glow lures. Some states prohibit the use of electric lures with attached lights but nothing about glow in the dark lures. To be sure, always confirm the rules and regulations in the areas that you plan to fish.

But, sometimes, when certain actions or equipment gives anglers a huge advantage over others, then it is prohibited. That is surely not the case with glow in the dark lures. These lures surely give some advantage to the anglers but nothing like a silver bullet.

How to Create Your Own Glow in the Dark FIshing Lure

If you are tight on budget and want to make your own glowing lures, then continue reading! Who knows, you might even discover your winning strategy while preparing your unique glow lure. 

All that you need to do is find some neon glow paints and start painting your lures. Just make sure that the paint is waterproof and long-lasting. As you fish with the lure, scratches occur over time, and the paint can come off which may require some touch-ups and maintenance for these cases.

Remember to add the subtle details; we suggest trying the eyes and the tails. This would give a sense of direction to the glowing prey. Glowing lures in the color green tend to be the most popular ones; they have shown proven success in the past. Paint carefully in order to make the lure look as realistic as possible to attract the attention of a fish.


It is worth exploring new tactics while fishing. In some cases, you might end up with a big catch, while on other days you might return empty-handed. 

Undoubtedly, glow lures have helped anglers when fishing at night. Still, these lures are not mandatory and they don’t always guarantee more fish. Having these lures available at your disposable provides an extra technique that you can try when the fish just aren’t biting.

If you enjoy saltwater fishing, then this lure should be added to your tackle box. You can try different colors and combinations to find the best lure that works for the areas that you fish. This item involves a bit of trial and error, as there is no scientific experiment to prove its usefulness or absurdity.

Try out these lures in both saltwater and ice fishing conditions and see for yourself whether glow in the dark lures are effective or not!

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