Awesome Fishing Boats for Under $20,000

Awesome Fishing Boats for Under $20,000

What to Look for in a Boat

Purchasing a boat is a big investment so you want to make sure that you are getting everything that you want. The most important thing you need to do before you go boat shopping is to analyze just what you want to do with the boat; fishing, cruising around the water, water skiing, etc. You want to get a boat that will be able to do what is required of them. Other things to consider are:

  • How many people you want to have on your boat
  • Your budget
  • Where you will dock it when not in use 
  • Do you need a trailer to transport it?

Awesome Fishing Boats for Under $20,000

These are a smaller size boat so most of them will start at a lower price. Some of the higher-priced ones will have built-in fishing features like storage options for your fishing rods and tackle. Some will feature live wells that will keep fish alive before weighing them and releasing the ones that are too small. 

Tracker Grizzly 1860 CC

This fishing boat can seat up to seven passengers and measure 19 feet 2 inches. The average package weight is 2,049 pounds so it can be easily towed. The dry weight is 1,020 pounds. The company offers a factory warranty that will protect your boat from unexpected damage. It is a wood-free construction and is 100% aluminum. It has a 19-gallon fuel tank and it also comes with a trailer. The only drawback with it being aluminum is that it does not do well on choppy water. The boat has a spacious cockpit and large casting decks.

Starting Price: $16,895

Stratos VLO 176

This is a bass boat and can only seat three passengers with a length of 17 feet 6 inches It is a boat that was made with fishing in mind with just yourself and a couple of friends. It would not make a good family boat for a day cruising on the lake. This bass boat offers fishing pedestal chairs, trolling motor, fishing rod holders, and a fish box pump. It also comes with a fish finder and the hull is fiberglass. It comes with a matching trailer.

Other feature includes:

  • Fuel gauge
  • Speedometer and tachometer
  • Trim indicator
  • Water temperature gauge
  • Fishfinder
  • Depth indicator

All of these great features will make your fishing more productive and much easier.

Price: $16,895

Ranger MPV 1760

This is also a bass boat that showcases its fishing options. This bass boat has a little more seating room as it can seat up to five passengers and measures 17 feet 6 inches. Since this bass boat was designed more for fishing, it has a pedestal chair and fishing rod holders. It also has an outboard motor and will go over the water at high speeds. There are no features on this boat that would make it ideal for overnight boating or long trips, just a day on the water fishing.

Starting Price: $13,695

Bass Tracker Classic XL

For the price, this is an awesome deal. You get all the standard equipment plus a limited lifetime warranty that is transferable if you sell your boat, three-year warranty on the Diamond Coat powder coating, five-year warranty on the electrical components, and a trailer to haul your boat on. This freshwater fishing boat has a baked-on Diamond Coat. It is powered by a 40 hp Mercury outboard motor.

There is plenty of storage for your fishing rods, has an aerated live well, and two pedestal fishing seats. There is also a 12-volt trolling motor and a fish finder.

Price: $10,995

Dragonfly Marsh Hen Micro Skiff

This is the ideal boat for saltwater fishing that will get you up close and personal with fish in the shallow water. It is a 15-foot flats boat that has a 9.9 hp outboard engine with spray rails, and rounded chines that will give you a quiet entry. The surface of the skiff has a built-in nonskid surface and storage in the front. They come in a variety of colors. The price includes a trailer, boat, and motor.

Price: $13,000

Crestliner TC 18

This is a bass boat that any bass fisherman would be proud to own. It is sold as a crappie and bass boat and offers two live wells; a 22 gallon in the stern and an 18 gallon in the bow. The boat offers a large raised casting deck and is 18 feet 3 inches with an aluminum hull. It comes with a Mercury engine with 40hp but you can get up to 115hp, which is the maximum horsepower you can get. You even get a trailer and it has a dry weight of 1,126 pounds.

Price: $16,277

Lowe Stinger 178

This awesome boat has dual live wells in the bow and stern which each are 24 gallons, lots of fishing rod storage, and large raised casting decks. It has the standard electric trolling motor, fishfinder, and it also comes with a trailer. It is a length of 17 feet 8 inches with a dry weight of 1,199 pounds. The boat has an aluminum hull with a standard horsepower of 50hp.

Price: $19,138

Ranger Tournament RT178

This is the “Cadillac of freshwater” fishing boat. With this boat, you get a fish finder, a live well, and lots of storage for your fish rods and gear. You also have onboard a dual battery charger, an electric trolling motor and comes with a trailer. It is 17 feet 8 inches with an aluminum hull and has a dry weight of 1,075 pounds. The standard horsepower is 20.

Price: $16,595


  • Fishing boats can also be used to spend lazy days on the water, used for water skiing, and more.
  • When looking for a fishing boat, shop around to find the one that suits your needs and your budget. 
  • Buying a fishing boat with enough room for the family is a great way to spend the weekends.

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