How to Get a Fishing License in Louisiana

How to Get a Fishing License in Louisiana

No matter what type of fishing you are planning on doing in Louisiana, you will need a license. The good news is that getting a fishing license in Louisiana is very straightforward, all you need to do is purchase it online. The tricky part is that there are different types of fishing licenses, so you will need to know which one to get before going ahead and making your purchase. Here is everything you need to know about getting a fishing license in Louisiana. 

Why Do I Need a Fishing License?

Many years ago, there were no requirements to have a fishing license in America. But things have drastically changed since then. Things were different during that time because the number of people living in North America was not that high. Because there were not a lot of people living in the country, there were excess wildlife sources. But as the human population increased, the wildlife population decreased. 

Once it became apparent that if people continued to hunt and fish the way they were certain animals would become extinct, some states started demanding that visitors from others states who wanted to fish would require a license. Holding a license protects the fish because certain restrictions have been put into place regarding the number of fish that fisherman can catch. Whoever purchases a license is made aware of this and the consequences attached to catching fish above that limit. 

It is expensive to maintain fish, the state of Louisiana is required to ensure their rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds are in the right conditions to ensure that fish are kept safe. The money from the fishing licenses go towards these costs. The funds are also used for habitat programs and help to fund the removal of debris and trash that pollute waterways. In some areas, there is the need to construct fish ladders to enable baitfish easy access to the river. 

When people know how to fish, it preserves the life of fish; therefore, funds are also allocated to educational programs to help new anglers improve their skills. 

Fishing License Louisiana – Who Needs Them?

Anyone over the age of 16 will need a recreational fishing license to fish in Louisiana, whether you are a resident or not. No matter how you intend on fishing, you will need a license. There are two types of licenses, and you will need to get either one of them. There are two fishing areas in the state, freshwater and saltwater fishing areas. If you are fishing in the northern region, you will need a Basic Fishing License. If you are fishing in the southern region, you will need a Saltwater Fishing License as well as a Basic Fishing License. 

Fishing License Louisiana – Who Doesn’t Need One?

Anyone under the age of 16 does not require a license to fish in the state of Louisiana. Also those who have lived in Louisiana for over six months and were born before June 01, 1940 will not require a license. However, it is important that you carry a birth certificate or a driver’s license while fishing to prove your age, because if you don’t have one, you will end up getting fined. It is also important to mention that when elderly people are fishing using legal fishing gear, they will need to carry the right gear license. 

Charter Boats and Fishing Licenses

The majority of saltwater charters and freshwater guides will need you to purchase a license before you travel. However, you won’t need a license if you are live in the state of Louisiana and you are going to fish on a licensed charter operator on a skiff. Those who don’t live in the state of Louisiana will need to purchase a three-day Skiff Charter License. 

Fishing Licenses For Veterans and Those in the Military

Veterans are required to pay $5 for a Louisiana fishing license. When you go to purchase your license, you will need some form of identification to prove that you are a Louisiana resident. This could be a driving license, a birth certificate, passport, or identity card. You will also need your military identification card. Those who are serving in the military will need to purchase a Louisiana fishing license. 

Fishing Licenses For the Disabled

The disabled can either get a free or a reduced-price Louisiana fishing license. However, this depends on the extent of a person’s disability. When the disabled person fills out an application form, they will need to provide proof of their disability as well as a driving license or another form of identification card. It is also important to mention that there are several types of disabled licenses available and it is important that you get the right one. 

The Fishing License Application Process

The most convenient way to purchase your fishing license is to buy it online. You will find everything you need on the Louisiana Department of Wildlife Fisheries website. You can also make your way to one of their local offices and purchase a license from there, all office addresses are found on the website mentioned above. 

It is also important to mention that you can only purchase a lifetime, disability, student, and military licenses in person or through the post. Again, you can find out all the information you need to know on the website mentioned above. 

Louisiana Fishing License Fees

There are a range of factors that will determine how much it will cost to purchase a Louisiana fishing license. You will find a detailed price list on the Louisiana Department of Wildlife Website. 

Final Thought

It is essential that you abide by the Louisiana fishing license laws to avoid getting a fine. Everything you need to know is clearly stated on their website; so before you embark on that exciting fishing trip, make sure you are fully aware of the laws that are in place. Even if you think you know them, check beforehand because fishing regulations in the state of Louisiana are subject to change at any time. 

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