How to Get a Fishing License in Pennsylvania

How to Get a Fishing License in Pennsylvania

Wait! Before you cast that line, do you have a valid Pennsylvania fishing license? If not, to avoid a fine, you must apply for one before enjoying a day with the family by the water. With 85,000 stretches of streams, rivers, and ponds in the state of Pennsylvania, there are a variety of fish species, and beautiful sites to see while fishing.

With the convenience of purchasing your license online, there is no excuse not to obtain one before heading out on a fishing trip. There are an assortment of options for fishing licenses and permits. They have options from a day pass to a 10-year license. There are permits for different counties, lakes, and regulated species of fish. Here’s all you need to know concerning a fishing license in Pennsylvania. 

Why Do I Need a Fishing License? 

There was a time in America where you didn’t need to obtain a fishing license; People had the freedom to hunt and fish on their own accord. There was no hassle of having a valid license to show an officer or regulation on individual fish. People were free to enjoy their fishing hobby. 

Laws and regulations significantly changed when the population started to increase in the early 1900s, due to growing families. With population growth, the migration overseas was also expanding the masses of people in the United States. Due to this population boom, a lot of different species of wildlife were in danger of being instinct. They needed to be protected, but citizens had the right to fish. They had the right to enjoy their favorite fad. That’s where regulated permits and licenses came into play. 

In Pennsylvania, fishing is a big pass time; with the beautiful rivers, creeks, and ponds, tourists from all over come to fish in the vast amount of waters this state has to offer. They make it stress-free to attain licenses for any qualifying individual. The counties and parks have competitions, events, kid-friendly fishing days as well as kid-friendly locations. Here’s what you need to know before you reel in your first fish. 

Fishing in Pennsylvania- Who Needs a Fishing License?

A fishing license is required by any qualifying individuals at the age of 16 and over. This license is also used for anglers who catch any species of fish and to take fish bait, species of amphibians and reptiles from any body of water. Residents and nonresident anglers who qualify must purchase and carry a valid Pennsylvania fishing license.

There are separate permits to acquire before setting out to fish specific species or specific locations, an example being Lake Erie. Certain parts of the lake require a particular permit to fish. What you will need to apply for a fishing license as a resident of Pennsylvania is proof that you are a resident. You can use a valid P.A driver’s license, a P.A.I.D card, a previous year’s tax return showing proof of payment, a past year’s local income tax return, or a current P.A voter registration card. Any of those can be used to acquire a fishing license. These licenses are required to be visible on each person’s available for any wildlife officers.

Fishing in Pennsylvania – Who Doesn’t Need a Fishing License? 

Some definite individuals don’t need a license to fish. Anyone under the age of 16 doesn’t need a license. Also, anyone who catches on their land doesn’t need a license to fish. This only qualifies for their spouse and children. The family has to reside on the owned property; temporary residents or tenants don’t qualify. They have to be the landowner. Qualifying active military can use their military I.D instead of a fishing license. Lastly, any out of active state military returning to Pennsylvania on official leave are exempt in terms of license requirements. 

Charter Boats and Fishing Licenses

In Pennsylvania, it is required to have each qualifying attendee of a charter boat to have a visible fishing license. If you are planning to take a trip to Pennsylvania, you should purchase a single day or multiple day licenses before attending a tour. 

Fishing Licenses for Veterans and Those in the Military

With both active military personnel and veterans, there are different benefits of purchasing a fishing license. Qualifying active military does not need a fishing license; their Military I.D should be shown to any wildlife officers if asked. Disabled veterans are eligible for discounts on their licenses. Any resident veteran who has blindness or is certified as 100% disabled is available for a DVL (Disabled Veterans License.) If a veteran has lost a limb due to war or is 60% disabled can get a reduced fee for a resident fishing license. Any out of state stationed active military do not need a fishing license if they are returning for official leave. 

Fishing Licenses for the Disabled

There are unique benefits for any individuals who have disabilities. For qualifying, disabled individuals do not need a fishing license. If the person is blind or has physical or mental challenges, and has trouble baiting, or casting. The attendant who is helping the disabled individual also doesn’t need a fishing license. 

The Fishing License Application Process for Pennsylvania

The most convenient way to purchase a fishing license in the state of Pennsylvania is to go to the Gone Fishing PA website. On the site, there is a selection of licenses that meet everyone’s needs. There is a natural process to select the license needed, enroll, and purchase. If you don’t feel comfortable purchasing online, there is an abundance of agents to purchase from, as well as county treasurer’s officers and fish and boat commissions offices. 

Tennessee Fishing License Fees

Because of the variety of licenses, there is a range of prices. It depends on your needs; if you’re going to be in Pennsylvania for the weekend, there are day passes, but if this is an activity that you are serious about, there are also varieties of yearly licenses to obtain. They make it so anyone can fish, which is great for their high tourist rate. 

Final Thought

Pennsylvania has an abundance of licenses in variations of prizes for anyone who wants to spend the day surrounded by nature. They make it hassle-free for all to enjoy; even if you’re an avid fisher or a beginner, they make it possible for all. Because of the abundance of information at the touch of a finger on Gone Fishing P. A’s website, there is no excuse not to have a valid fishing license. Be aware at any time, Pennsylvania fishing regulation and laws are subject to change. 

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