best inflatable floating dock

5 Best Inflatable Floating Docks

If you are looking for ways to have more fun this summer and optimize your water experiences, look no farther than an inflatable floating dock. These docks are transportable, low maintenance, and provide hours of fun. Through hours of research, we have come up with the top five floating docks on the market. We know … Read more

best underwater fishing camera

Top 5 Best Underwater Fishing Cameras

Underwater fishing is, indeed, a great hobby. It requires some specific kind of skill and knowledge for the job. If you are into fishing, then you are supposed to resort to using technology in your favor to catch as many fish as possible.  There are some specific tools that you should use to help get … Read more

best saltwater tackle bag

Top 8 Best Tackle Bags for Saltwater Fishing

What are the things you need for the best fishing experience? A great fishing rod, fantastic reels, lures, and baits. That’s all? Are you forgetting something? How will you organize your gear and equipment? Yes, this is where you need the best tackle bags. When you are out there in the ocean or focusing on … Read more

best garmin fish finder

Top 4 Best Garmin Fish Finders [2023 Buying Guide]

Do you love fishing but you didn’t enjoy it because of the lack of equipment? Nowadays, technology is also changing as the world grows. Many people love to go fishing in their spare time. There are even some who have decided to make it their profession. To offer a quality fishing experience, there is a modern-day … Read more

best trolling motor canoe kayak

Top 5 Best Trolling Motors for Canoes & Kayaks

Kayak fishing has become very popular in recent times. More and more anglers are switching over to kayaks and canoes for their definitive advantages over boats. But unfortunately, you need to paddle a lot, which in turn can tire you out. If you are paddling for the entire day, it will make your day even … Read more

Humminbird 998c SI Fishfinder Reviews

Humminbird 998c SI Fishfinder Reviews

Are you looking for a fishfinder tool that helps you detect fishes with accuracy in deep and shallow waters, any time during the day? If yes, the Humminbird 998C SI Fishfinder is the right choice for you. This is a technologically advanced tool, which comes with unique but easy to use features. In this article, … Read more

best tackle box for surf fishing

Best Tackle Box for Surf Fishing

To make your fishing adventure memorable, you need to organize everything accurately. The quality of your fishing experience depends not only on the fishing reel and rod but also on the tackle box that you select. Whether you are going for saltwater fishing or engaging in recreational offshore fishing, you need the best tackle box … Read more

Blue claw crab

Top 7 Best Crab Traps and Pots [2023 Buying Guide]

What are the most popular dishes from the sea? Crab definitely a seafood that will be topping the list. They are not only popular but also very delicious. Having said that, let me also tell you that catching them can be a daunting task. Crabs are sturdy, tough, and can potentially bite. So, the best … Read more

Minnow in hand

Best Minnow Traps [2023 Buying Guide]

To catch minnows and other smaller types of fish, you need an efficient fish or minnow trap. With the help of a minnow trap, you can catch as many fish as you want in shallow waters. Some of the minnow traps are designed to be used in both fast current as well as calm areas … Read more

Ice Fishing

Best Navionics App for Ice Fishing

While fishing is a fun activity, ice fishing can have your adrenaline reach its peak boiling point, and the fun part is when you try to race the fish to the surface. For those who have never tried ice fishing, it might seem like a complex mind-numbing process until you see the handful of tools … Read more

electric fillet knife e1587505499695

Top 12 Best Electric Fillet Knives [2023 Buying Guide]

If you wish to spend more time fishing rather than cleaning and filleting, then you must turn to your new companion – the Electric Fillet Knives. Save time and energy with these electric knives as they are faster, better, and smoother than the traditional hand knives.  With these knives, filleting becomes much more comfortable and … Read more

fishing net carp e1587080421822

10 Best Fishing Nets [2023 Buying Guide]

When it comes to fishing, you need the best fishing net for the job. Without a durable fishing net, it is quite difficult to catch fishes. You need to get a fishing net depending on the size of the fish species you are targeting. Some nets are made for catching small fishes, while others are … Read more

fishing reels 1674749 480 e1586748288725

Top 5 Best Fishing Rod Holders and Racks [2023 Buying Guide]

Fishermen spend a great deal of money on their tackle to ensure that they have the best tools to catch fish. Given the expense, it is ideal to maximize the useful life of each piece of gear. The key to maximizing the longevity of your fishing rods and reels is to store them properly. A … Read more

fish fillet knife e1586320877144

The 5 Best Fish Fillet Knives [2023 Buying Guide]

Concluding a successful fishing trip could present the opportunity to prepare fish to be cooked. It is important to take care of your fish after it is taken from the water and transported to the kitchen. When starting to fillet a fish, I suggest using a cleaning knife to help cut through bones & skin … Read more