best saltwater fishing lures

Best Saltwater Fishing Lures (That Actually Work)

When you are fishing offshore or inshore you want to make sure that the saltwater lures you are using are not only the best but that they also work. They may be the best money can buy but if they do not work and help you catch fish, then it was money thrown away. Some … Read more

best bucktail jigs

Best Bucktail Jigs for Fluke, Flounder, Stripers & More

The bucktail jig has seen a great surge in popularity for saltwater anglers. Not only is the lure easy to use but it also produces fantastic results when used for fishing. Bucktail jigs work effectively for many different types of fish. Some of the more popular types of fish that a bucktail jig works for … Read more

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Top 9 Best Crankbaits for Bass Fishing

Fishing is an entertaining activity that we can do with folks or friends. It is an outlet from the stresses of work and life. Aside from a boat, a fishing pole & a license to fish, there are other significant things required for your fishing experience to be a success. If you desire your next … Read more

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What are the different types of Artificial Lures?

The use of artificial lures have become very popular in today’s world of fishing. Besides catching fish, there are many advantages to using this type of bait. Artificial lures can help save money in the long-term on fishing tackle. Buying one lure is a cheaper option then purchasing live bait each time that you decide … Read more