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what do starfish taste like

What Do Starfish Taste Like? Everything You Need to Know

Each type of seafood has a unique flavor that distinguishes it from other types. Most seafood lovers can easily determine what a crab, fish, lobster, or shrimp tastes like. But not many can easily state what starfish taste like. Many people aren’t aware that starfish are edible, and unlike other kinds of seafood, they are … Read more

is starfish edible

Is Starfish Edible? Important Facts to Know

There are many edible fish in the sea, but that doesn’t mean they all are. A starfish, for instance, can be a strange option on a seafood menu. It is uncommon, and that’s why many people ask, is starfish edible? Knowing whether starfish is edible is important for you to determine whether to add it … Read more

how to eat starfish

How to Eat Starfish – The Complete Guide

Did you know that starfish are not fish? They are a group of marine invertebrates belonging to the phylum Echinodermata and are more like sea urchins and sand dollars. These unique, magnificent invertebrates bearing almost alien-like bodies are considered to be a treat amongst many cuisines and can be cooked as well as eaten raw … Read more

Monkfish fillets

Can You Eat a Monkfish?

You can eat monkfish, although you might not want to if you see its face. Despite its off-putting appearance, monkfish boasts a taste that can accommodate most dishes. Combine that with its easy preparation, monkfish is a great staple fish you should try at least once. There are plenty of benefits of eating monkfish, and … Read more


Can You Eat a Ladyfish?

The short answer is yes, you can eat a ladyfish. However, it is not considered a highly prized or sought-after fish for culinary purposes. Is Ladyfish Any Good? Ladyfish is not typically considered a delicious fish. It has a distinct taste and aroma that some people enjoy, while others find it too strong or fishy. Ladyfish … Read more


Can You Eat a Hogfish?

As anyone that’s ever been to a Florida Keys restaurant will attest, the hogfish is one of the most popular local delicacies you’ll come across in the area. You can safely eat a hogfish, and given that the species is regarded for its unique flavor, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the experience. The hogfish is a … Read more


Can You Eat a Lionfish?

The unique Caribbean lionfish carries a venomous toxin that makes hopeful eaters question whether consuming the species is a good idea. The good news is that, yes, you can eat lionfish if it is carefully prepared.  Can You Eat Lionfish and How? There are some basic questions you might have when it comes to eating … Read more

Can You Eat a Chinook Salmon

Can You Eat a Chinook Salmon?

Chinook salmon is the largest among Pacific salmon species. It is also referred to as spring salmon, Quinnat salmon, and, most commonly, king salmon. Chinook salmon ranges between 24 to 36 inches, but an adult specimen can grow up to 58 inches. The weight varies even more drastically – the fish can weigh between 10 … Read more

can you eat a goliath grouper

Can You Eat a Goliath Grouper?

While Goliath grouper may have been consumed in the past, catching or consuming them is considered illegal and unethical. It’s important to respect and adhere to fishing regulations and conservation efforts to protect vulnerable species and maintain healthy marine ecosystems. Goliath grouper, also known as Atlantic goliath grouper, is a giant grouper species of fish. … Read more

what type of salmon is used for sushi

What Type of Salmon is Used for Sushi? (Plus Alternatives)

The three types of salmon most used for sushi are sockeye, coho and Atlantic salmon. The type of salmon commonly used for sushi is known as “sake” or “sake-sugi.” Sake is the name for salmon in Japan. Types of Salmon Used for Sushi When it comes to types of fish for sushi, the preferred salmon … Read more

can you eat a barracuda

Can You Eat a Barracuda?

Barracuda is edible and consumed in various parts of the world. However, before consuming barracuda, there are important considerations to keep in mind, such as potential ciguatera fish poisoning. Proper preparation and cooking methods of the fish can reduce the risk of poisoning. Barracuda is primarily a saltwater fish. It is typically found in tropical … Read more

What Fish is Fried Calamari

What Fish is Fried Calamari?

Fried calamari is essentially fried squid. In fact, the word ‘Calamari’ is actually the Italian word for squid. Fried calamari is a true delicacy for sea-food lovers. Even if you haven’t tried this terrific sea-food dish yet, you must have come across its’ name on the menu of a fine-dining restaurant. This exotic dish looks … Read more

What Type of Tuna is Used for Sushi

What Type of Tuna is Used for Sushi?

Because sushi comes from Japanese cuisine, there’s a lot of terminology and some of it doesn’t translate to English very well. There are a lot of specifics to understand when considering all the different aspects, especially where tuna comes into the picture. It is also important to note there is a hefty, heated debate around … Read more

Can You Eat an Eel

Can You Eat an Eel?

Yes, an eel is perfectly edible. But it’s one of those fishes that need to be properly cleaned and cooked before consumption, since raw eel blood contains compounds that are toxic to mammals, including people. However, this is easily remedied when the eel is filleted and cooked (since the blood drains away in the process … Read more

Can You Eat a Perch Fish

Can You Eat a Perch Fish?

Perch fish exists in many different subspecies, the two most common species in the United States being the Yellow Perch and the Surfperch. The perch genus also exists throughout central and eastern Europe in several different forms, each differing in size, shape and regular diet. So, with this type of fish being so widespread throughout … Read more

Can You Eat a Crappie Fish

Can You Eat a Crappie Fish?

Crappie fish are a readily found fish across the United States. The species heavily populates freshwater lakes and rivers from the Eastern Seaboard and Southwest along the rest of the country. In these rivers, crappies tend to hide among cover to protect themselves from predators, and a way in which they can leap out and … Read more

can you eat a goldfish

Can You Eat a Goldfish?

While it is technically possible to eat a goldfish, it is not a common practice, nor is it recommended. Goldfish are considered an ornamental pet fish. If you are looking for fish to eat, there are numerous other species that are commonly raised and prepared for human consumption, such as trout, salmon, cod, tuna, and … Read more

can you eat sardines

Can You Eat Sardines?

Sardines are probably one of the most popular fishes around – at least when it comes to canning. You’ll see cans of sardines piled up like hockey pucks on supermarket shelves almost as often as tuna, the ultimate canned fish king. But while tuna is almost universally acknowledged to be a safe choice for consumption … Read more

Can You Eat a Swordfish

Can You Eat a Swordfish?

Swordfish (also known as broadbills), are large predatory fish that are made distinct by their huge, long, and flat-pointed bills. They are generally at the top of their food chain, a carnivorous creature feeding on smaller fish like barracudas. Despite common mythology, they likely do not use their large facial swords for undersea combat or … Read more

Can You Eat an Octopus

Can You Eat an Octopus?

The octopus is one of the most fascinating creatures to exist on the planet and below its waves. These eight armed, triple heart invertebrates are known for their extreme dexterity and flexibility, intelligence allowing them to recognize human faces and predict world cup scores and have even been observed using tools! Many people wonder if … Read more