Fish Species and Characteristics

do fish drink water

Do Fish Drink Water? A Complete Guide

Did you know that around 3.5 trillion fish inhabit the oceans with more than 18,000 species? With so many exotic species circling the ocean bed, you’ve probably wondered about fish and their habits. Perhaps you’ve even asked the question, do fish drink water? Water, an essential component of our lives, is as important for fish … Read more

peacock bass

How Long Do Bass Live: Detailed Guide For Beginner Anglers

Bass fishing is quite popular and practiced in many countries worldwide. Beginners and experienced anglers like to catch bass because they are effortless to catch with a variety of baits. Plus, you can find them in various places, and they make a delicious meal! Do you know everything about bass, such as various types of … Read more

types of shrimp

7 Types of Shrimp: Which One Tastes the Best?

Some common types of shrimp include white shrimp, pink shrimp, brown shrimp and rock shrimp. The spot shrimp is one of the most delicious, juicy, and rich shrimp types, and is often considered the tastiest of them all. Shrimp is one of the most highly eaten and savored seafood worldwide. These crustaceans with curved, puny … Read more

What is Baccala Fish

What is Baccala Fish?

Sea-food is one of the most famous cuisines in the world. The primary ingredient used in the dishes consist of raw or cooked types of fish, shellfish, seaweed, or other sea creatures like crab, lobster, and many more. One popular type of fish these days is the ‘Baccala’ fish. So, what is baccala fish, and … Read more

Are Fishing Spiders Poisonous

Are Fishing Spiders Poisonous? [Complete Guide]

Fishing spiders are a specific species of spiders that live near bodies of water. The spiders can stretch out as long as 70 millimeters, making them very large and intimidating looking. Many people fear fishing spiders for this reason. After all, they are kind of scary looking.  With that being said, fishing spiders are harmless. … Read more

What is a Palomino Trout

What is a Palomino Trout?

If you’ve ever been out fishing and come across what seems like a floating banana, there’s a chance that you’ve just encountered a palomino trout. Otherwise known as the “banana trout” or the “lightning trout,” this crossbreed of trout is one that many anglers will spend an entire day hunting once they’ve seen it. This … Read more

What is a Goliath Tigerfish

What is a Goliath Tigerfish?

If you ever see a set of jagged, terrifying teeth coming your way, it might be smart to start swimming in the other direction. As far as living up to your name goes, the Goliath tigerfish certainly has a lot of work to do. Unfortunately for us, it does well with this task. This species … Read more

What is a Tiger Muskie

What is a Tiger Muskie? [Parent Fish & Where to Find]

If you’re looking for the fish that will almost certainly avoid your line and will drive you insane, then the tiger muskie is the perfect creature for you. It’s extremely rare that you’ll even find a tiger muskie, let along receive a follow from one. In terms of catching one, you’re going to have to … Read more

How Does a Scallop Swim

How Does a Scallop Swim?

Most of us are probably familiar with the seafood dish, scallops. This is just the end point of a long journey that the bivalve species of the same name embarks on. The meat of the scallop – the part we eat – is actually just part of a whole mollusk that resembles any other bivalve … Read more

Do Salmon Swim Upstream or Downstream

Do Salmon Swim Upstream or Downstream?

One of the most interesting parts of nature is migration. If you really think about it, it’s incredible how animals know where to go every time they migrate, by simply sensing where their destination is. Humans, though we have evolved to such an advanced point, would struggle to return to that innate sense of direction … Read more

How Fast Does a Tuna Swim

How Fast Does a Tuna Swim?

Tuna are the jewels of the sea. Their incredible size makes them one of the most sought after fish to catch. Whether just for the thrill of knowing you can pull this 10-foot creature in, or the need to put food on the table, many anglers love the thrill of catching a tuna. However, before … Read more

What is a Goblin Shark

What is a Goblin Shark?

While the goblin shark certainly isn’t the most stunning fish, it sure does have its allure with its wavy flaps and eel-like body. A Goblin Shark is a type of shark named after a goblin in Japanese Folklore due to the stark resemblance between the species and that mythical creature. Though the goblin shark isn’t … Read more

what is a baby fish called

What is a Baby Fish Called? (Solved!)

A baby fish is commonly called a fry. The term “fry” refers to the early developmental stage of fish after they hatch from their eggs. As the fry grow and develop further, they may be referred to using different terms based on their specific stage of development or the species they belong to. The general … Read more

How Many Fish Live in the Ocean

How Many Fish Live in the Ocean?

The Census of Marine Life was established to identify and document information and discoveries pertaining to marine life. But to this date, there is no exact figure representing how many fish live in the ocean. Some estimations run over 3,500,000,000,000. However, since fish are always moving, hiding, reproducing, and declining in numbers, there is no … Read more

What Fish Are Low in Mercury

What Fish are Low in Mercury?

Those who need a low-mercury fish diet may choose from the following options: anchovies, clams, crabs, Herring, mackerel, oysters, salmon, scallops, sardines, shrimps, tilapias, squids, and trout. More choices are available and you can safely eat up to three food servings weekly of these low-mercury assortments. However, keep each portion at 12 ounces at most. … Read more

Is Octopus Ink Poisonous

Is Octopus Ink Poisonous?

The octopus ink is used in cooking, primarily in Japan and the Mediterranean. It is used both as a food coloring ingredient and for flavorings, such as in pasta and sauces. But isn’t the octopus ink poisonous? Well, some studies have shown that it is toxic to some cells, including tumor cells, but the research … Read more

whale shark

The 10 Biggest Sharks in the World

Sharks are one of the world’s most misunderstood creatures in the animal kingdom, equally revered and feared. Their predatory skills are an evolutionary marvel, but so much about these creatures with vast traveling distances remain undiscovered. Some sharks can be the size of trout and relatively harmless, but some species of shark can be enormous, … Read more

What Types of Fish are in Finding Nemo

What Types of Fish are in Finding Nemo?

Fish watchers will love the many types of fish that the movie, Finding Nemo, gives life to. It features the following species: clownfish, regal blue tang, Moorish idol, great white shark, spotted eagle ray, and the great barracuda among over 50 fish species that appear in the 2003 animated film by Pixar Studios. Finding Nemo … Read more

What Type of Fish is Flounder From The Little Mermaid

What Type of Fish is “Flounder” From The Little Mermaid?

When Walt Disney Animation Studios aired the animated feature film, The Little Mermaid in 1989, most viewers were immediately captivated by its characters and vibrancy of the film. One such character that stood out was Flounder, Ariel’s best friend who never left her side through every adventure. But was Flounder truly a flounder fish like … Read more