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Best Bait to Use for Catching Crawfish

Best Bait to Use for Catching Crawfish

Crawfish is every angler’s prey when looking for bait for larger fish. Crawfish is an excellent bait for trout, bass and even catfish! But to make big catches, you need to make some Crawfish catches first. You can easily catch Crawfish by merely using the right type of bait. These baits range from other fish … Read more

How to Use a Powerbait for Catching Trout

How to Use a Powerbait for Catching Trout

Trout are famous worldwide for their impeccable taste and easy to catch nature. While catching trout is one of the more accessible streams of fishing, there can be times when the trout gets tight-lipped. In this case and all others, powerbait proves its superiority as one of the most effective baits for trout. Powerbaits are … Read more

Trout Fishing Rig Line Setup

Trout Fishing Rig & Line Setup: Complete Guide

Fishing for trout can be a memorable and exciting experience to enjoy with friends and family, but bear in mind that this sport isn’t all fun and games.  There are several things that you need to keep in mind in order to be able to catch a big one during your next fishing trip, with … Read more

How Long Should My Fishing Rod Be

How Long Should My Fishing Rod Be?

Choosing the right fishing rod is important and you should have the right length rod for your personal needs and goals. There are some helpful tips to ensure you pick the right rod for every fishing situation, so keep reading.  To answer the question, for more accurate casts, use a fishing rod that is less … Read more

Best Baits to Use for Carp Fishing

Best Baits to Use for Carp Fishing

Isn’t it thrilling to pull a 10-pound carp out of the water on your day off? I live for this! Finding the best bait for those choosy carps can be a trick. There are lots of options. Corn, bread, tomatoes, worms, mollusks, tiger nuts, boilies, pastes, doughball, and pop-ups are all viable carp baits. We’re … Read more

How to Sharpen a Fillet Knife

How to Sharpen a Fillet Knife Like a Pro

So you’ve caught the perfect fish and you’re ready to bring it home and serve it up for dinner with a side of green beans and golden potatoes. However, your fillet knife simply isn’t sharp enough to break through the skin on the fish. Sharpening your fillet knife is one of the most important parts … Read more

Can Cast Nets Catch Fish in Deep Water

Can Cast Nets Catch Fish in Deep Water?

While seemingly straightforward in its design, cast nets are sensitive to both technique and location. For example; can a cast net catch fish in deep water? Cast nets aren’t typically used for catching fish in deep water, they’re designed to catch either bait or light lures over larger fish found predominantly in deeper waters. However, … Read more

How to Net a Fish Like a Pro

How to Net a Fish Like a Pro

The last thing any angler wants after snagging that prize-winning fish is to lose him due to poor netting techniques. While netting a fish may seem like a pretty straightforward practice, there is definitely a right and a wrong way to net fish like a pro. Netting a fish the right way often involves a … Read more

How Long Does Bait Last in the Freezer

How Long Does Bait Last in the Freezer?

A well prepared fisherman relies on their freezer to maintain their bait for their next fishing trip. For an active fisherman, bait in the freezer may not last long. However, some anglers decide to leave bait in their freezers for months or years at a time. Does bait last in the freezer that long? Will … Read more

Optimal Speed for Drifting when Fluke Fishing

Optimal Speed for Drifting when Fluke Fishing

Catching Fluke can be a challenge and tricky. Flukes usually lay on the floor of the ocean facing against the current. When fluke fishing, you want to have your boat placed in a spot where both your bait and the tide are moving in unison with each other. Drift speed is an integral part of … Read more

buy fishing license for someone else

Can You Buy a Fishing License for Someone Else?

In most U.S. states, you can buy a fishing license for someone else. Many times in your life, you’ll want to buy a fishing license for a family member or a friend. It could be before a vacation or when someone’s coming to visit you. If you need to learn how to buy a fishing … Read more

can you buy a fishing license at walmart

Can You Buy a Fishing License at Walmart?

Before going fishing you need several things. Along with a fishing rod, bait, and hook, one of the most important things you require for a fishing trip is a fishing license.  Unlike what you may have believed up till now, acquiring a fishing license can be easier than you think. You can easily buy a … Read more

Can a Fishing Rod Be Repaired

Can a Fishing Rod Be Repaired?

For many fishing enthusiasts, seeing one of your beloved fishing rods break is a heart-wrenching experience. From reminiscing every fishing moment you’ve had with it to wishing you’d taken better care of it, breaking a fishing rod is simply a journey every angler must go through. But what if we told you that before you … Read more

shimano fishing reels any good 1

Are Shimano Fishing Reels Any Good?

Shimano is a Japanese multinational manufacturer of cycling components, fishing tackle, and rowing equipment. The company was founded in 1921. When it comes to fishing, Shimano offers a range of fishing reels, rods, fishing lines, fishing lures, as well as various other fishing accessories. They have produced quality reels for the mass market since 1978, … Read more

penn fishing reels any good

Are Penn Fishing Reels Any Good?

Penn is among the oldest brands when it comes to fishing equipment, having produced reels on par with Shimano since the early 1930s. Naturally, they are a good brand with so many years of experience, and the fact that they’re still here proves something. Some old-school anglers consider the older products of Penn to be … Read more

do fishing reels rust

Do Fishing Reels Rust?

Fishing reels rust, regardless if you are fishing in freshwater or saltwater, however, this is especially true in regards to saltwater due to high salt concentration. Water is the enabler of fast oxidation of iron, and saltwater accelerates the production of rust since it is a good conductor. The process of rusting involves electrons moving … Read more

Ice Fishing How to Read an Ice Flasher

Ice Fishing: How to Read an Ice Flasher

Ice flashers have several standard specifications and a few varying features. Most ice flashers, or flasher fish finders, have a display panel with a certain number of knobs or buttons around, each of which has a specific function. How to read an ice flasher is simply about knowing what the different functions are and then … Read more

Why Are Bass Boats So

Why Are Bass Boats So Expensive?

The lovable small bass boats are designed and equipped for bass fishing, or other types of panfish, and they are used mainly in freshwaters such as lakes, rivers, and streams. They are a bit pricey, and they are constructed from aluminum, or fiberglass, with the latter being the more expensive one. But why are bass … Read more

What is Copolymer Fishing Line

What is Copolymer Fishing Line?

In the world of fishing, there are four major types of fishing lines that anglers use, such as the monofilament, braided, fluorocarbon, and copolymer. They all have different combinations of breaking strength, castability, stretch, visibility, and knot strength. The Copolymer fishing line is relatively the new kid on the block. So what is copolymer fishing … Read more

Hatteras Sinkers What They Are When to Use

What is a Hatteras “Storm” Sinker?

The Hatteras Sinker, also known as a Storm Sinker, is a modified pyramid fishing sinker. The design starts with the inverted pyramid at the top. Below the pyramid is a cone or cylinder shape that ends in a small ball. North Carolina natives understand the advantages of the Hatteras. The Outer Banks of North Carolina … Read more