Fishing Techniques and Methods

How to Tie a Drop Shot The Ultimate Guide for Beginners 1

How to Tie a Drop Shot: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Nothing beats the excitement of feeling a fish take the bait, but it helps when you’re properly prepared with the right technique! The drop shot fishing rig is an effective and versatile technique that can help you improve your success rate. Together we’ll learn all the tips and tricks needed to master the craft of … Read more

How to Tie a Carolina Rig for Bass

How to Tie a Carolina Rig for Bass

Are you looking for a simple yet effective way to catch more bass? One of the best ways to catch bass is by using a Carolina rig, but it can seem intimidating if you’ve never done it before! This age-old technique is renowned for its capability of producing quality catches and attracting fish. In this … Read more

Which Lure to Use When Fishing for Salmon

Spoons or Spinners – Which Lure to Use for Salmon?

The age old question posed by all great fishermen goes like this, “I want to catch the biggest salmon west of the Mississippi, but where do I start?!”  Well whether you’re brand new to the world of sport fishing, or a seasoned veteran with decades of experience, logic would say that the tools used in … Read more

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Best Weather & Temperature for Crappie Fishing

Crappie are known for being always on the move, with their springtime migrations sometimes being described as frantic. As crappie anglers follow these particular fish through their spawning cycle, they may become frustrated with erratic spring temperatures and the resulting shifting migration. Although a successful catch depends heavily on being in the right place at … Read more

How to Fish a Sliding Sinker

How to Fish a Sliding Sinker (Carolina Rig)

The sliding sinker rig is also sometimes called the Carolina rig. This is one of the most popular and common fishing rigs among anglers. It is useful, versatile, and can be altered depending on each situation.  Sliding Sinker Rig A sliding sinker is easy to use and will work best if it drags or hops … Read more

are ghost crabs edible

Are Ghost Crabs Edible?

Ghost crabs, also known as sand crabs or sand bubbler crabs, are edible, but they don’t supply as much meat as other crab species. They tend only to be a source of food for sea birds or raccoons; however, they may be consumed safely. What Is a Ghost Crab? Ghost crabs are crustaceans belonging to … Read more

How to Fish a Method Feeder

How to Fish a Method Feeder

A method feeder enables you to offer bait around your hook. The feeder allows the bait to break into a cloud around your hook in the water, luring fish toward it. Method feeding is usually used for fishing catfish and carp but it can also work well for other fish species.  Method Feeders Method feeders … Read more

best time of day to go crabbing

Best Time of Day to Go Crabbing (To Catch More Crabs!)

Crabs are more active during specific tidal changes, particularly during high tide and the transition between high and low tide (slack tide). This is when they feed and move around, making it an optimal time to catch them. So the best time to go crabbing is at the point in the day two hours before … Read more

Best Techniques on How to Reel in Fish

Best Techniques on How to Reel in Fish

One of the most pivotal steps in the fishing process is reeling in the fish. Not only do you stand to lose the fish if you don’t do this right, but you could also lose your line if fighting a strong enough fish. Before you set out on your fishing adventure, it could pay to … Read more

Tautog Can You Eat How to Catch

Tautog: Can You Eat & How to Catch

Tautog, also often referred to as blackfish, may not be the most popular type of fish, and they look less-than-appetizing, they are incredibly tasty. To many, they look like sea bass, but there is no relation. Tautog is an aggressive, unique fish that have unique environmental requirements that make them limited to a fairly small … Read more

How to Fish a Dipsy Diver

How to Fish a Dipsy Diver

Whenever you’re going deep water trolling, the best tool to bring along is a downrigger. However, these complex devices can be quite expensive and many anglers would rather keep their wallets protected than shell out for a downrigger. If this sounds like you, then the dipsy diver device is the perfect tool for your deep … Read more

How to Rig a Punch Rig For Bass

How to Rig a Punch Rig For Bass

One of the quickest and most effective methods used by anglers to catch Bass is fishing with a punch rig. Bass love these lines and your chances of having them take the bait grow exponentially. Not to mention how effective a punch rig is for grass fishing. If you’ve ever been out fishing for bass … Read more

How to Fish a Sabiki Rig

How to Fish a Sabiki Rig

In terms of artificial bait, many anglers claim that a Sabiki rig may just be the most effective bait rig on the planet. Some even go so far as to claim that it has caught more fish than nearly any other type of artificial bait. While one could never prove such high claims in court, … Read more

How to Fish a Weedless Spoon

How to Fish a Weedless Spoon

Picture this: you’re fishing on a scenic lake with a friend enjoying the end of summer season. You drop a weedless spoon into the water and start to work it with a few quick hops. At first, nothing. Then you feel that sudden sharp pull and know that a big bass has taken your spoon. … Read more

What Happens if You Keep an Illegal Fish

What Happens if You Keep an Illegal Fish?

With the fish market ranking higher in stocks by the day, the act of illegal fishing is on the rise as well.  Most anglers and fish consumers are unaware of illegal fishing and its consequences. While the name seems intimidating, illegal fishing affects the market as a whole by adding to overfishing, unfair competition, and … Read more

Why Do Tuna Fishermen Use Balloons

Why Do Tuna Fishermen Use Balloons?

For many experienced tuna anglers, hooking a balloon to your fishing rig promises benefits such as suspended a heavy rig and providing better visibility of the bait in the waters. Better known as balloon fishing, this method of fishing isn’t new in the fishing community but has since gained popularity in recent years.  But how … Read more

fishing with slugs

How to Fish with Slugs as Bait

Many anglers consider live bait fishing to be the ideal way to catch large fish. Historically, the most popular forms of live bait are slugs, earthworms, or nightcrawlers, minnows, crustaceans like crawfish or shrimp, and other insects. As with all types of bait and lure selection, it’s important to consider which fish you’re after, so … Read more

How to Fish with Herring as Bait

How to Fish with Herring as Bait

When going fishing one of the most important things you can probably decide on is the bait. The bait is going to make or break your entire trip depending on you’re able to attract. While Herring is not always a number one pick, it definitely makes a good runner-up to other popular choices like mackerel … Read more

How to Fish with Mealworms as Bait

How to Fish with Mealworms as Bait

Just like a professional golfer has a collection of golf clubs for different situations, different people like to use a variety of bait when fishing. Depending on the type of fish you want to catch, your bait might include worms, leeches, and minnows…but have you tried mealworm?  Ironically, mealworms aren’t actually worms. Mealworms are golden-yellow … Read more

How Profitable is Fish Farming

How Profitable is Fish Farming?

Fish farming is generally a profitable endeavor. On one hand, fish is recognized to be healthy food and is highly requested on the market. And on the other hand, fish are excellent animals to rear. They can be supported with low-cost feed and convert most of the nourishment into flesh. However, the level of profitability … Read more