Galveston Pier Fishing: Complete Guide

Galveston Pier Fishing: Complete Guide

Serious anglers dream of fishing at the Galveston Pier, and if you’re one of them, we’ve got the complete guide for you on everything you need to know about Galveston pier fishing. From the hot spots for making big catches at Galveston pier to tips and tricks to use when angling, our guide gives you the complete information on Galveston pier fishing. 

Galveston pier has numerous fishing hot spots that you need to visit to make massive catches. From red snappers to sharks, the Galveston pier fishing experience is nothing short of a dream. 

In this guide, we’ve mentioned all the excellent angling location, the types of fish you can catch, best baits to use, and so much more.

Where is Galveston Fishing Pier?

Galveston fishing is renowned nationwide for both serious anglers and the ones that opt for fishing as a recreational treat. Galveston’s fishing piers have one of the finest locations for angling and making massive catches. 

Galveston has numerous piers that are lined along the Gulf of Mexico. Due to their large number, people often get confused about which dock is the actual “Galveston Pier”. The answer is, all of them!

The Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier takes the cake when it comes to the most famous pier in the area. While there are little fishing opportunities there, the amusement park and the scenic beauty make for a splendid vacation. 

For more angling oriented people, the famous piers are listed ahead. These piers are known nationwide for their tremendous catch rate and the enjoyable experience of angling at Galveston. 

Galveston Fishing Spots

So, what are the top fishing spots in Galveston? Here we enumerate the best fishing piers at Galveston that can guarantee you an epic catch rate with all sorts of fishing techniques. These piers and parks are a must-visit location for any angler.

Galveston 61 Pier

One of the topmost angling locations in Galveston is found on the 61st street. Galveston 61 pier brings you an excellent fishing experience where you get every penny’s worth at the drop of your bait. 

The pier is brimmed with a plethora of species such as trout, flounders, rays, black drums, redfish and even sharks measuring up to 6 feet! 

You can find the pier up and running 24/7 from March to December. Weekends and Fridays are the busiest days of the week for 61 Pier, so be sure to secure your spots early. The Galveston 61 pier website is up to date with all the information about tides, temperatures and even catches of the day.

This pier brings you a family-friendly experience, and their easy rental system makes it a prime fishing spot. From all kinds of rods to all the bait you can name, 61 Pier is ready to help you have the angling experience of your dreams. 

Galveston Fishing Pier 9001 Seawall Blvd

The iconic pier of Galveston you see in pictures of anglers reeling in sharks and cheering, that pier is located on 9001 Seawall Blvd. This specific pier is the star of Galveston and is renowned for its Blacktip shark catches worldwide!

Opened in 1971, this public pier offers a family-friendly experience for all. So, whether you’re a serious angler or you’re just looking to have a fun time with your family, the 9001 Sewall Blvd pier brings you all that and more.

This pier is the place to be for anyone who likes fishing. With their exceptional rental services to the array of anglers, you can meet there, the Galveston pier experience is unmatched.

This pier is open from 7 am till 11pm however on Fridays and weekends, the night is all yours to indulge in night time fishing. Their website is up to date with all information and notices, and you can quickly check out the relevant information from there!

Galveston Island State Park and Seawolf Park are excellent spots for fishing in Galveston as well. They give you the best of both worlds with the scenic landscape of the parks with the impeccable angling experience by the shore.

Fishing Types in Galveston

The Galveston network not only is home to an assortment of fish species but also encourages practice for various types of fishing. Here we discuss some of the popular types of fishing that are done at Galveston’s Piers. 

Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing provides you with an excellent way to bask in the glory of coastal waters at Galveston. Fishing from a kayak is mostly carried out on the bay area of the island. This method fishing can guarantee you speckled trout, redfish and even black drum catch. 

Kayak fishing allows you to truly take in the beauty of Galveston and indulge in a relaxing angling trip. Great spots can be found within the town when searching for launch points. 103rd Street and 8-mile road Washington park are such spots that you can launch from within the Galveston area. 

Shore Fishing

Shore fishing is an all-time favorite when looking for some good quality angling down at Galveston pier. The fish tend to stay close to the shorelines making it a breezy experience for you. If you’re looking to socialize with other shore anglers, the pier is the hub for all anglers. However, if you’re looking for a more peaceful time where you can enjoy your own company, you can find inlets and flats just outside of the Galveston area. 

Charter Fishing

Carter fishing experience at Galveston is known to be one of the best in the Gulf area. With the array of species at your disposal to the overall the thrill of charter fishing, this experience is unparalleled and is definitely a must-try for all Galveston fishers. 

The charter guides at Galveston have an exceptional amount of knowledge on the right fishing techniques and the areas with the best catch. Alongside their experienced charter guides, the charter boats themselves are geared up with all the equipment you can ever require. From electronics to the latest amenities, the charter fishing experience at Galveston is definitely worth the investment. 

What Fish Can You Catch at Galveston Fishing Piers?

Galveston is a treat for anglers, and the wide variety of species is one primary reason why. Here we’ve broken down some of the signature species you can find at Galveston pier and all you need to know about their general appearance. 

  • Speckled Trout and Red Fish: Texas inshore fishing brings you a delightful abundance of speckled trout and redfish. Grassy flatlands and local bays are the prime locations for you to make a catch. They’re both available all year round, especially in the fall season. These are great for beginner anglers and family anglers.
  • Red Snapper: The most extensively sought after species in the Gulf, the red snapper makes for a delightful dinner with its tender meat and delicate built. Galveston is home to one of the largest populations of red snappers and anglers are ready to flood the area at peak season. To preserve their community, there have been certain limitations and rules set on how many people are allowed to catch red snappers and the quota for the catch as well. 
  • Flounder: The Texan icon, flounders are certainly a favorite at Galveston. They’re easily recognizable by their flat built and their impeccable flavor. You can often find this species near the shallow end of the waters. While employing the right techniques for catching flatfish may be challenging, the charter guides will certainly guide you through every step. 
  • Sharks: From tiger sharks to hammerheads, Galveston’s shark population is a famous catch every year for any season. This makes the experience feisty and thrilling, and the shark population brings in multiple people to Galveston every year. There is, however, a limit of one shark angler per day that can have up to 2 shark possessions. This is due to their population conservation policies.

What is the Best Bait to Use when Fishing in Galveston?

You can invest in a variety of baits available at all local piers. Their bait collection includes shrimp, squid, shad, mullet and some cut bait.  The ports are stocked up with premium quality bait that will certainly help you make your catch even if you’re a beginner. 

With these premium baits on you, you can easily venture out and make big catches. You can get a tasty set of species in your pile including mackerel, sharks, trout and redfish. 

Best Time to Fish at Galveston Fishing Piers

Galveston offers the most satisfactory angling experience all year round. In the winters you can try your luck for redfish and speckled trout off the pier. For the spring season, these same species will be found with the addition of mackerels, cobias, flounders and even pompanos. 

During summer and till late fall, you’ll find a wide variety of species in the Galveston waters. This includes mackerel, cobia, red and black drums, trout and even sharks. This season is brimmed with multiple other fish species and any day of this season can be the jackpot for any angler.


Galveston pier fishing brings you the experience of a lifetime. With its innumerable list of species to the quality of the pier management, taking a fishing trip to Galveston will certainly not disappoint. We hope that through this article, you found everything you need to know about Galveston pier fishing. Happy angling!

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