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How to Fish from a Paddle Board

Did you know that you can fish while standing up on a paddle board? That’s right! If you learn how to fish from a paddle board, you’ll never have to limit yourself to a fixed position on the side of the river or lake. You won’t even have to buy or rent a boat to take you out on the water. All you need to get started is a paddle board, a cooler, and your fishing gear. 

Paddle board fishing is becoming very popular these days. So, in this article, we’re going to take a closer look at everything you need to know to get started. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll understand why more and more people are trying out this new way of fishing. You might even be inspired to buy a paddle board of your own.

Let’s begin!

Learning how to fish from a paddle board

The first and most important thing you need to learn for paddle board fishing is learning how to stabilize yourself. It might look effortless when other people do it. But don’t be fooled!

When you stand on a paddle board for the first time, it almost feels as if you’re going surfing. The board is always moving just a little, and your legs will quickly get tired from trying to keep you standing upright.

As you might imagine, fishing while standing on a paddle board is nothing like doing it on solid ground. Still, you’ll find that it can be a very rewarding experience once you’ve gotten the hang of it.

The key to getting good at it is to keep practicing. Each time you go out on the water on your paddle board, do it for just a little bit longer than before. Your body will adjust to it slowly, and soon, you’ll be paddle board fishing like a pro!

What gear do you need for paddle board fishing?

A typical paddle board fishing set-up includes three things: a cooler, a gearbox, and an anchor. Of course, being out on the water also means having some safety gear with you as well.

A Fishing Cooler

This can just be a standard ice cooler box of your choice. You’ll need it strapped down to the paddle board so it won’t move around even if the water gets rough.

Your Gearbox

Your gearbox is where you keep your fishing gear. You can also use it to bring any personal items you need. You could even keep a few drinks and sandwiches in there, too! Gearboxes specially made for paddle board fishing also tend to include rod holders. By using them, you’ll be able to keep your rod steady while using your hands to paddle the board. Best of all, you can also use them to keep multiple rods in the water at the same time!

An Anchor

The anchor that you bring with you is attached directly to the paddle board. When you drop the anchor and make sure it catches, you’ll be able to fish in a fixed spot on the water. That way, you won’t have to worry about drifting around more than you’d like to.

The standard safety gear you should have when fishing from a paddle board are things like a life jacket, a whistle, and a leash. Make sure that you check local regulations to figure out what safety gear you’re supposed to have on the water.

What are the benefits of fishing from a paddle board?

Some people prefer fishing from a boat or even from a kayak. Yet, so many people are switching over and learning how to fish from a paddle board. So, what’s the big deal here? Why do so many people find paddle board fishing so attractive?

Well, here are a few reasons why that might be:

Paddle board fishing is simple and straightforward

Fishing from a boat or a kayak can be exciting. However, there’s a lot more time, effort, and resources that go into doing it that way. For example, you’d either have to charter or buy a boat to go fishing. Even if you own a kayak, getting it around can be quite a hassle.

With a paddle board, though, everything is much more straightforward. All you need is a paddle board and the basic gear mentioned earlier. Within minimal setting up, you can be out there on the water catching fish in just moments.

Paddle board fishing gives you the upper hand 

When trying to hunt an animal, even fish, it’s crucial to make the most of = every advantage that you can get. When you learn how to fish from a paddle board, those fishes will be no match for you. 

On a paddle board, you can maneuver to any spot on the water quickly. You can park yourself at any spot on the water and reposition yourself whenever you want to. And, you’ll even be able to find your way around any obstacles in your way.

More importantly, standing on a paddle board allows you to move stealthily. The board doesn’t cause much of a disturbance on the water, so you won’t scare away fishes so easily. They’ll barely even know you’re there!

On top of that, you’ll be on your feet looking down into the water. Assuming the water is clear enough, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of any fish lurking underneath the surface.

Paddle board fishing is a great way to stay fit

Has anyone ever told you that fishing is not a form of exercise? Well, in a way, they’re right. If you’re sitting still on a chair waiting for the fish to bite, you won’t get much exercise from it. However, if you’re standing on a paddle board, it’s a different story.

Using a paddle board can be physically demanding. This is especially true if you’re fishing on it for extended periods of time. 

As mentioned before, you’re not standing on solid ground. Your muscles will always be working to keep you standing upright and stable. 

Of course, a lot of the exercise also comes from paddling the board around. That in itself is a great upper-body workout that’ll keep you fit if you do it often enough.

Are there disadvantages to fishing from a paddle board?

Paddle board fishing is incredible, there’s no question about it. But like any other form of fishing, it also comes with its fair share of tradeoffs. 

Here are a few disadvantages to be aware of if you want to learn how to fish from a paddle board:

Keeping yourself stable is tough (Maybe too tough?)

As you can see, this is a double-edged sword. Fishing while standing on a paddle board can be a great workout. Sadly, it may be too much of a workout for some people. Let’s not forget that most people like to go fishing because it’s relaxing. 

Suppose your body is always ‘exercising’ just to keep you stabilized on your board. In that case, you might not be able to relax after all. This form of fishing might cause you more stress than it relaxes you.

You’re at the mercy of the weather

Whenever someone is fishing out on the water, the weather plays a big part in their experience. However, when you’re on a paddle board, the effects are even more intense. Strong winds, for example, will make your paddle board far too rocky to enjoy any kind of fishing. If it suddenly starts to rain, getting back to shore might not be as easy as it might be with a boat or a kayak.

So, unless you go out on a day with clear blue skies, the risk of you falling into the water is much higher on a paddle board.

It’s not suitable for long distances

Being on a paddle board also limits how far you can head out and fish on the water. 

A boat can take you very far out onto the water without using any physical energy (there’s a motor on it, after all). A kayak is designed to cut through the water and move you forward efficiently every time you pull the paddle. 

But with a paddle board, it might not be safe for you to go too far away. Firstly, the water gets more turbulent the further away from the shore you go. Second, you’re going to need a lot of energy to get yourself back to shore when you’re done. 

If you exhaust yourself too soon, you may find it impossible to get yourself back home.

Final Thoughts

So, here comes the million-dollar question: should you learn how to fish from a paddle board? The answer is YES.

No matter how you choose to enjoy it, fishing is an incredible hobby (or sport, depending on your perspective). 

Whether you prefer fishing on a boat or by the side of the water, you shouldn’t limit yourself. Fishing can be enjoyed in so many forms, be it on a boat, using a kayak, or even while standing up on a paddle board. Learning how to fish from a paddle board can be a great way to use your favorite activity to push you out of your comfort zone.

After all, who knows? You might discover that paddle board fishing is your new favorite thing!

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