Long Island’s Best Fishing Charter Boats

Long Island’s Best Fishing Charter Boats

Long Island is home to some of the best fishing in the Northeast. Whether you are fishing the north shore of LI in the Long Island Sound, the south shore of LI in the Great South Bay, or out east in Montauk, you will want your fishing charter experience to be one that you will remember for the rest of your life. These areas of Long Island have many different types of boats that will cater to your fishing needs. This article will highlight what is a fishing charter and our selections for the best fishing charters in the Long Island area of New York.

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What is a Fishing Charter?

Before we highlight some our top recommended charters in the Long Island area, let’s briefly discuss what a charter boat is and why they are used. Charter boats are hired by an individual or group of people who wish to achieve a particular kind of fishing. Small boats are available for the individual who is looking to experience a fishing trip in a river, lake or another smaller body of water. These type of charter boats are typically used during trout fishing in the northern part of the United States. Medium and large boats are available for groups of people who are fishing in the Northwest, Northeast and Southeast waters. Larger charter boats are recommended for offshore, ocean fishing when waters exceed depths of 50 feet. Often, these boats are equipped with outriggers for trolling and premium fishing chairs for battling the larger game fish. 

Regardless of the charter boat that you decide to use, almost all are equipped with the required tackle such as rods, reels, bait, lures, hooks and the necessary tools for filleting fish. Charter boats prices can range anywhere from $250-$2000 depending on the length of the trip, location, season and number of people in your group. This cost can usually be shared or split among a group of 4 to 6 people. 

In the fishing waters of Long Island, most charter boats preferred method of fishing is either trolling or drifting. The crew will usually provide full-service for the group of guests aboard. Their service includes helping to prepare the boat, rigging the lines, as well as gaffing the catch (if needed). The skipper will focus on running the boat and monitoring its GPS & fish finder. 

Long Island Fishing Charters

Some of the essential factors that need to be considered when determining your next booking for a charter boat are price, location, number of people, target fish species, crew friendliness as well as the available time slots. Taking the time to do some research will help you select a boat that meets or exceeds your level of expectations.

1. November Rain Charters

Location – Montauk, New York

Owned by Steve & Jill, November Rain Charters offers trips both inshore and offshore. They do a great job making sure that they have the finest and most premium tackle available. Their large 43-foot boat is able to accommodate larger groups of up to 20 people. Not only do they offer fishing trips but they schedule and plan sunset cruises as well as private parties. The husband and wife team of Steve & Jill have been fishing in the waters around Montauk for over 21 years. They have the knowledge and skill to challenge the highest level of fishermen but also have the patience and kindness to accommodate children and beginners. November Rain Charters has been a top-rated charter boat every year and there always seems to be a ton of action when fishing on this boat! 

November Rain Charters Fishing Boat

2. Captree Fleet

Location – Babylon, New York

The Captree Fleet located in Captree State Park is home to New York’s largest fishing fleet. The Captree Fleet is well-known for their open fishing party boats. However, they also have a large number of boats that accommodate private fishing charters. Since most of the boats within the fleet are larger boats, they are great for servicing bigger groups. Currently, six different Captree boats offer a private charter service: Bay Princess II, Captree Star 3, Fishtale, Dixie II, Yankee III and Capt. Eddie B III. Due to the numerous boats, it may be easier to book your desired fishing time. Located in Babylon, Captree is an accommodating location if you are traveling out of town from almost anywhere on Long Island. When fishing in the Great South Bay, you will notice many of their boats around Fire Island and the Robert Moses bridge. Within 5-10 minutes of leaving the Captree dock, you can find yourself fishing in the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Alyssa Ann Sportfishing

Location – Montauk, New York

When it comes to small private charters, the Alyssa Ann is one of the best in Long Island. They typically accommodate groups of 4-6 people but their is no shortage of results when fishing. Capt. Charlie and his first-mate Chris are both hardworking and passionate people who enjoy the waters that they fish. This family of fishermen have experience fishing in Montauk dating back to 1971 and now offer inshore and offshore trips during the months of May through September. Their professionalism is certainly displayed with their vast amount of knowledge and expertise fishing the waters of Montauk. Great experience for those who love to go striped bass fishing!

4. Long Island Fishing Charters

Location – Port Washington, New York

The team at Long Island Fishing Charters would be an ideal fit for beginners, families and even the most experienced level of fishermen. Led by Captain Andy LoCascio, their 28-foot center console Triton, with twin 300 engines, rides beautifully through the ocean and can handle even the most difficult chop. Once you start fishing, you receive expert guidance from Cast Andy, who has over 30 years of regional fishing experience. His knowledge & credibility is heavily respected among anglers in the Long Island fishing community where he has published viral content, participated as a seminar speaker and even achieved success in fishing tournaments! Capt Andy is the host of the established fishing show, Northeast Angling. With that said, you are good hands with under his direction. His customers has had incredible success year-after-year, catching Striped Bass, Bluefish, Fluke, Blackfish & Porgies. They offer very reasonable rates for 5-hour fishing trips at different times throughout the day.


When providing our feedback for the best fishing charters around Long Island, we factor our personal experiences as well as feedback received from others in the area. We believe that it is very important to communicate with the crew prior to day that you are fishing to make sure that you receive the best service possible. The best compliment that a fishing charter boat can receive is for you to return another time and to refer your friends. Not only are these boats great for tourists visiting from out of the area but can be an incredible experience that is located in the backyard of Long Island locals. 

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