Top 5 Best Kayak Compasses

If you have ever gotten lost when kayaking, you know just how scary the experience can be. Whether it’s the first time you are going kayaking or have been doing it for years, you need to have some knowledge about both maritime and land compasses. Please read our article on the best inflatable fishing kayaks to use your kayak compass that you buy below.

Unless you only paddle in small inland rivers and lakes or tend to stay close to the shore where you can easily rely on visual landmarks to find your way back, a compass and the right skills to use it will come in handy.

1. Ritchie Navigation F-50 Explorer

Ritchie Navigation Kayak Compass is a high-grade product that is carefully crafted and optimized with features that ensure a satisfactory experience at all times.

It uses a hardened steel pivot and triple cup sapphire jewel movement that is microscopically matched to provide smooth dial operation. This feature enables it to achieve fast lock-on even under the most severe conditions.

A 12 volt green light provides adequate illumination at night. It is equipped with directive force magnets that are attached to the back of the dial, which seeks and lock on to the magnetic north.

The compass has superior accuracy and provides a smooth and rapid response at all times. It is easy to install and remove.

2. Shoreline Marine

Shoreline Marine Kayak Compass is made with the finest materials, making it a good contender for a premium, heavy-duty compass. It has a jeweled pivot assembly that contributes to its function.

Also, contained in this illuminated compass is a zero-spin facility. This tool is equipped with features that will be extremely useful for a water enthusiast.

While in the dark, the lighted dial yields a light source suitable for seeing at night. When it comes to reliability, it has 12V and UV protection that helps to prevent damage by sunlight rays.

This product can be easily set up and used without the need for expert knowledge. It is a multifunctional tool that will prove useful for any angler.

3. Seattle Sports Sea Rover

Seattle Sports Sea Rover Deck Compass is designed for people who want the best. The device is mainly for kayaks, but it can also be used for other activities as it contains various beneficial features.

Markings are easy to read, allowing you to clearly see your direction of travel. It is built with heavy-duty materials, making it suitable for high impact situations.

It has a quick attach base plate that can be easily fastened to deck riggings, bags and any other place you wish to attach it. Quick-release buckles allow for easy attachment and removal.

A simple but elegant design can appeal to any modern man. It is made with durable materials and can last for a long while.

4. Ritchie Explorer Flush Mount

Ritchie Explorer Flush Mount Compass is designed to serve as a functional tool and is a perfect fit for any cruiser, regardless of expertise level.

It has an internal green light for seeing clearly during low light conditions and built-in compensators that easily adjust for deviation.A set of powerful directive force magnets allows for fast heading lock-on. It has a scientifically matched pivot dial movement that is composed of sapphire jewel and hardened steel.A high-temperature composite construction allows for an extended operating range. It comes with 12-volt lighting and has a movable sun shield for extremely bright lighting conditions.

5. Brunton Dash

Brunton Dash Mount Compass is a device that can be used in everyday situations. It comes equipped with various features that are useful and beneficial.

In-built recesses allow you to mount it on boats and kayaks for a smooth and elegant look. It has a reliable reading and heading with a direct reading disc that makes it easy to interpret.

It has 5-degree graduations that ensure optimal accuracy. The reciprocal bearing makes reading your back bearing fast and reliable.

The device is lightweight and easy to install without the need for extensive knowledge. It is compatible with most boats and kayaks.


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