What Do Starfish Taste Like? Everything You Need to Know

What Do Starfish Taste Like? Everything You Need to Know

Each type of seafood has a unique flavor that distinguishes it from other types. Most seafood lovers can easily determine what a crab, fish, lobster, or shrimp tastes like. But not many can easily state what starfish taste like.

Many people aren’t aware that starfish are edible, and unlike other kinds of seafood, they are relatively rare, so many people haven’t eaten enough of them to know what they taste like.

So, if you’re wondering, what do starfish taste like, this post is for you. In this guide, we describe the taste, texture, health benefits, and other essential things to know.

What do Starfish Taste Like?

what do starfish taste like

There are different opinions on what starfish taste like. The fact that it has a distinct taste incomparable to other kinds of seafood makes it more difficult to state what it tastes like categorically.

Despite the difference in opinions about what starfish tastes like, many people agree that it combines a salty and briny taste with a bitter aftertaste. Some people find the taste resembles sea urchins or Chinese river crabs, while others believe it tastes bitter and creamier than these two sea animals.

Whatever the case, the most important thing to note is that the taste of a starfish can be heightened or lowered depending on how it is prepared and the method of cooking used.

You can either boil or fry starfish. If you boil it, it’ll taste tender with a briny and salty undertaste. If it’s fried, the flavor of starfish is a combination of the primary taste with an oily flavor.

Nevertheless, starfish tastes good, and you’ll enjoy it, provided you cook it properly.

The taste of starfish is acquired, so you may need to eat it more than once to familiarize yourself with what it tastes like. This will also help you to decide whether you like it or not.

Can You Eat Starfish Raw?

While you may be wondering what do starfish taste like, it’s important to first know that under no circumstance should you eat starfish raw. A raw starfish is poisonous and may contain bacteria that can harm you and cause food poisoning. It’s crucial to cook starfish thoroughly before consuming it.

Cooking starfish is pretty straightforward. First, remove the hard shell, scrape out the meaty interior, and boil it in salted water for 10 minutes. After this, place it in cold water before seasoning and serving.

How you cook your starfish will determine how much you’ll enjoy it. In addition to boiling it, you can also grill, fry, or bake starfish after seasoning and serving it for a delicious meal. We suggest you combine two of the methods mentioned above to get the best taste out of it.

Ensure you purchase your starfish from a reliable seller instead of harvesting it yourself. This is a safe way to ensure you’re cooking a non-poisonous starfish. Buying from a reliable seller also helps you make sure you’re getting the freshest ones.

The Texture of a Starfish

boiled edible starfish

The texture of a starfish is easy to define but typically it’s relatively undesirable to those who have tried it. Some people do like it, however, because it’s soft and likened to ground beef. The good thing about the creamy texture of starfish is that it can be masked with seasoning and other ingredients.

The seasoning you apply can also mask its brownish-green unappealing look. Mixing it with soup and salads or placing it on sandwiches can make it more appetizing. While this may still not sound appealing to everyone, you can try it to explore new things.

Health Benefits of Eating Starfish

Starfish meat is considered suitable for consumption with a nutrient density score of 37/100. It contains many vitamins, proteins, and minerals, which offer health benefits. It strengthens the immune system and is also touted to ease the pain of arthritis.

While other foods are more easily accessible and provide better nutritional value than starfish, knowing that starfish has a specific dietary value will appeal to seafood lovers hoping to try it out. It’s also important to note that eating starfish can raise your insulin levels for a short period.

Final Thoughts

Starfish isn’t a food that everyone will find enjoyable. However, it is edible and can taste good if you prepare it properly and season it. Additionally, it doesn’t have a dominant taste, so you may have to try it out a couple of times to acquaint your tastebuds with the flavor and texture unique to your cooking.

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