How to Find the Best Fishing Charters “Near Me”

How to Find the Best Fishing Charters “Near Me”

You’re on vacation staying in a beautiful condo on the beach, and you decide you want to go fishing, but you didn’t bring any gear or a boat. You choose to take a fishing charter. How do you find the best fishing charters near where you are vacationing? There are so many aspects to a fishing charter, how do you know which one to choose? These are the questions we will be answering.

Finding the Best Fishing Charters

There are several ways to find the best fishing charters near your vacationing spot. One way to find a fishing charter is to use a booking site online. Another way is to go to a local tourism shop. Finally, just driving and exploring can find you a fishing charter.

Using a Booking Site

You can simply use Google and search “fishing charters near me,” A list of websites will pop up. But there is a much more convenient way to find the best fishing charters using the internet. There are websites designed for finding and booking fishing charters. Our favorites are and

When you first open FishAnywhere, you will see a way to search for a charter. You will enter the location, the number of people, and dates you wish to go. You will be taken to a list of charters available in that area on the date you select. You will see a price, max number of guests, the name of the charter business, and how many miles away the charter is from your location. If you click on the Details button, you will be taken to a summary of the charter, other relevant information, and pictures of their catches.

Also, found in the details sections is all of the information you will need. It gives you the launch location, cancellation policy, what fish you will be targeting, trip time, and a section about the vessel. In the “about the vessel section,” you will see the captain and boat information. Other details listed include safety gear provided, navigation, boat gear, fishing techniques that will be used, policies, what is included in the price, and what part of the water you will be fishing.

There are many reasons we like FishAnywhere for finding and booking fishing charters. We prefer FishAnywhere because they list the license and insurance at the top, so you know if you are getting a legit charter. They offer to finance, and you can book right away with a 14% deposit.

FishAnywhere provides FishAnywhere Protection, which gives you a safe and secure platform to book your charter and excellent customer service through calling, emailing, or chatting with a live person. If bad weather occurs on the day of your charter, you get a full refund.

Another reason we love FishAnywhere is that they offer Reel Deals, which are last-minute discounts for charters. FishAnywhere is part of Anywhere Brands Llc, the world’s largest provider of outdoor adventure services, which means their services are trustworthy and established.

Much like FishAnywhere, Fishing Booker allows you to search for a fishing charter by destination, trip date, and group size. Once your list of charters comes up, you can filter the results by departure time, duration, package types, the price for the day, kind of fishing, fishing, techniques, policies, options and amenities, and targeted species. Much of the information given with each charter is similar to FishAnywhere.

There are a few differences between FishAnywhere and Fishing Booker. Fishing Booker requires a 25% deposit at the time of the booking. They also have a fishing calendar that informs you which fish are in season and the status of the fish, for example, is it excellent, good, or fair. This fishing calendar is based on the area you will be fishing.

Fishing Booker also contains customer reviews, which are beneficial to help pick the captain and trip that is best for you. Fishing booker has the world’s biggest collection of fishing trips and excellent customer service that is available seven days a week. One thing we do not particularly care about deals with their cancellation policies. Some of the trips are available for cancellation, and others are not unless they meet the extenuating circumstances policy. This makes it difficult for people to cancel fishing charters.

Whether you use FishAnywhere or Fishing Booker, you will be satisfied with the service and choices that offer various options.

Local Tourism Office

Another way of finding the best fishing charters near you while you on vacation is a local tourism office. Most of the popular vacation destinations have local tourism offices. These offices are places that advertise and sell tickets to events, programs, and adventures in the area.

Going to a local tourism office will give you information about local charters. Some of this information could be the pros and cons of each company, location of launch, and prices. They should have general information about the charters as well as how to book the fishing charters. The office may even be able to book the charter for you. The benefits of booking at a local tourism office are the ability to talk face to face with a real person and compare several charter businesses at once.

Take a Drive

The final way to find a fishing charter near you is to take a drive. Often fishing charter businesses will advertise throughout the city or town. These advertisements are easily found on billboards and signs. Pamphlets can be found at gas stations, hotels, and even condo common spaces. You can also take a drive to local docks in the area. Marinas and boat slips may have advertisements for fishing charters. Captains may even be in their boat at the pier.

No matter what they offer, however, don’t book a trip right there. Take time to research and read reviews of the company before you book. Driving around and looking for advertisements is a great way to find fishing charters near you. It will also help you find other adventures to do while on vacation as well. 

Choosing the Best Fishing Charter

Once you have found several options for fishing charters near you, how do you decide which company to go with? There are many factors to consider to make your adventure one to remember for a lifetime.

Type of Trip

You will need to decide what type of fishing trip you want. Do you want a shared trip or a private trip? A shared trip is excellent for experienced anglers who don’t need a bunch of help with tackle and fishing. A private trip is excellent for beginners and kids. It is a more personal experience that is tailored to your desires and target species. You will have a personal guide, but it is is more expensive.

Another question you might ask yourself is, do you want to go fishing inshore, nearshore, or offshore? During an inshore trip, you will be in calmer, sheltered waters. You will be targeting smaller fish, but this will keep smaller kids busy and allow them to have a more enjoyable time. During a nearshore trip, you will be fishing reefs and wrecks. It is easy to catch bottom fish. The sea is wavy and in open water. Nearshore trips are best for older children but still acceptable for beginners. Offshore trips are where the big, mean fish are. The seas can be rough, and it is a whole day trip. You are offshore when you lose sight of land. These trips are for courageous anglers looking for a challenge.

Finally, you need to think about the purpose of your fish. Besides enjoyment, relaxation, and a good time, why are you taking a fishing charter? Do you want to catch a trophy fish? Do you want just to catch and release, or do you want food for the freezer? Some companies keep all the fish and sell it to markets; others will let you keep your fish. Be sure to check into your charters to get what you want and no surprises.

The Charter

Once you have figured out which type of trip you want, you will need to look into the charter’s details. This is where you will read reviews and other information about the captain, boat, permits/license, price, and necessities. Be sure to ask questions. Some questions to ask include what fish are biting, what you need to bring, what happens to the fish that are caught, what the schedule is for the day, and what tackle and techniques you will be using.

Be prepared before a fishing charter is essential, so ask questions that will help you be prepared. When you are thinking about the price of a charter fishing trip, keep in mind the cheapest isn’t always best. Sometimes the most low-cost charters don’t have the right licensing, training, or insurance, which could be dangerous. The most expensive isn’t always the best, either. They make jack up prices because it is peak season, and you want to get a good deal, so definitely shop around. 


So whether you’re looking for a trophy fish or just wanting to experience a fishing charter, be sure to do your research. It is easy to find a fishing charter near you, and you will make memories that will last a lifetime.

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