Best Fishing Piers in Virginia

Best Fishing Piers in Virginia

Virginia has a wide variety of piers and parks in which to fish, from the Chesapeake Bay to the Atlantic, there are plenty of scenic spots, a variety of fish, and a host of experiences waiting for you on your fishing adventures. The hardest part about fishing in Virginia is deciding on where to cast your line! Fortunately, we’ve explored some of the best piers in Virginia.

 Piers such as the Sandbridge Fishing Bridge, the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier, the James River Fishing Pier, Tom’s Cove Park, and the Ocean View Fishing Pier showcase some of the best scenic views, fish, and experiences that the fishing in Virginia has to offer. Some of the smaller piers such as Gloucester Point Park Fishing Pier, Westmoreland State Park Fishing Pier, and Yorktown Fishing Pier offer a more serene and peaceful fishing experience. Whatever you’re looking for, Virginia’s piers have it!

Sandbridge Fishing Bridge 

Location: 3820 Sandpiper Road, Virginia Beach 

Opening Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 

Cost: $8 for town residents and $10 for non-residents 

This pier is located ten miles south of the popular Virginia Beach Fishing Pier and offers a quieter, more serene place to cast your line. This is a fantastic spot for the traveling fisherman who is eager to fish on the Atlantic, but is also trying to fish without having to compete with the crowds. Unlike some of the piers on this list this one does have a fee. However this pier boasts some of the best fishing in Virginia with plentiful Red Drum, Spot, and Croaker. The fishing here is so good that many opt for the $25 weekly fishing pass and come again week after week to enjoy everything this pier has to offer. 

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier 

Location: 15th Street, Virginia Beach

Opening Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 

Cost: $10 for adults, $5 for kids, and $2 for spectators 

Virginia Beach is well known to be one of the best fishing towns on the East Coast and therefore it is also one of the larger and more popular piers on this list. This pier boasts the largest variety of fish of any of the piers on this list. Spanish Mackerel, Red Drum, Spot, Kingfish, and Bluefish are all abundant here and there are even Blue Crabs and Lady Crabs that the kids will love. There are plenty of shops and restaurants in the area for post-fishing activities and there is a scenic boardwalk that offers a beautiful view of Virginia’s coastline. As one of the most popular fishing and tourist destinations on this list, it does have a higher amount of traffic on the pier than the smaller, more serene piers that are featured later in the list. However, this pier is the one-stop, all-in-one pier that any angler passing through Virginia should visit. 

The James River Fishing Pier

Location: 2019 James River Bridge, Newport News

Opening Hours: 24/7

Cost: $9 Adult fishing fee, $7 Children and Seniors fishing fee 

The best part about the James River Fishing Pier is that it is open 24/7, allowing for some fantastic night fishing beneath the stars. This is the only pier on this list that offers night fishing and makes it unique among the more popular piers that can be found in Virginia. If you’re looking to night fish from the pier, this is the best spot for you. It was reopened in 2015, making it a relatively young and low traffic pier among the others on this list. There are plenty of Flounder, Croaker, Striped Bass, and Spot in the James River due to the abundance of baitfish attracted by the bridge. This is a great pier for the fisherman looking for quiet spot off the beaten path while still finding a wide variety of fish. 

Tom’s Cove Park 

Location: 8128 Beebe Park, Chincoteague 

Opening Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 

Cost: The price of a Virginia Fishing License, which is required to fish from the piers in the park. 

This location boasts three separate piers, which offers everyone plenty of room despite the park being one of the most popular campgrounds in Virginia. Red Drum, Black Bass, Spot, and even Striper can be found in the waters here. With the campgrounds being close by, it is easy to catch and cook your fish near the water while they are at their freshest. The park is located in the National Wildlife Refuge and offers scenic views and beautiful trails to hike along before and after you enjoy all of the beautiful ponds and marshes of the park. The view of the Refuge from the piers makes this the one of the most scenic of all the parks and piers on this list. 

Ocean View Fishing Pier 

Location: 400 W Ocean View Avenue, Norfolk 

Opening Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

Cost: $12 for Adults, $8 for Seniors over 64 and Military, Kids under 5 fish for free 

This pier has plenty of amenities, such as a pier restaurant that serves the day’s catch and a beautiful view of  both the Chesapeake Bay and the ocean to the East. The pier’s position makes it a great place to catch Flounder, Cobia, Trout, Croaker, Red Drum, and Striper. This is one of Norfolk’s favorite piers, but it doesn’t see as much traffic as some of the other piers on this list, making it a great compromise for the angler looking for a quiet cast with plenty of amenities to enjoy. 

Gloucester Point Park Fishing Pier 

Location: 1255 Greate Road, Gloucester Point 

Opening Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 

Cost: Free 

There is no cost for the Gloucester Point Park Fishing pier and one does not need a license to fish here, however, anyone wishing to wet their line needs to fill out an online registration form found on the Virginia Fisherman’s Identification Program website. This location offers a 325 feet long by 325 feet wide “T” shaped pier which offers plenty of room to cast. There are Croaker, Spot, Gray Trout, and Striped Bass are all waiting to be pulled out of the beautiful York River.  The park also offers a pavilion, picnic and grilling area, playgrounds, and restrooms, everything an angler needs for a great day on the river whether alone or with the family. The grilling area alone makes this a great spot to enjoy your catch right on the water with your family and friends. The price point, the good fishing, and the scenic view of the York River all make this pier a great place to cast. 

Westmoreland State Park Fishing Pier 

Location: 145 Cliff Road, Montross 

Opening Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 

Cost: Free/ Valid freshwater fishing license 

This park is one of the oldest in Virginia and offers plenty of amenities and great fishing along the Potomac River. The 1300-acre park  offers hiking trails, picnic areas, campgrounds, lodging, and boating. The usual suspects are found here, with Croaker, Spot, and Red Drum all making an appearance in the river. This is a great park for the angler who is also enjoys a walk through the woods. There is so much to enjoy in the park that the shoreline is never too crowded to cast a line. This is one of the best spots for the fisherman looking to take a family out on a trip while enjoying the great fishing that the Potomac River has to offer. 

Yorktown Fishing Pier 

Location: 632-646 Water Street, Yorktown 

Opening Hours: Sunrise to Sunset 

Cost: Free 

This pier is right across from Gloucester Point and offers a different experience from across the York River. Croaker, Flounder, Striper, and Blue Crab can all be found in the waters near the pier. This pier offers a beautiful view of the Coleman Bridge and plenty of amenities along the river-walk such as paddleboat and kayak rental shops. This is a great spot to fish and have a picnic right next to the pristine waters of the York River. As one of the less-frequented parks, there is not as much traffic as some of the more popular ones on this list, making it a quiet place to cast a line. 

So Many Piers 

There are so many piers in Virginia, but just not enough time to fish from them all, let alone name them here in this list. There are many more great places to fish in Virginia, but these parks and piers are a great place to start and are known to be some of the best spots in all of the state. Virginia is a great place for any angler to get a taste of river fishing and ocean fishing, which can be done on the same day. It can be difficult to choose from such a great variety of spots, but as always the choice of where you chose to wet your line is yours and is best decided by the experience you are seeking and the fish you are looking to catch. No matter what you are looking for from a pier, one of Virginia’s is sure to offer it. 

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