Top 5 Best Fishing Rod Holders and Racks [2023 Buying Guide]

Top 5 Best Fishing Rod Holders and Racks [2023 Buying Guide]

Fishermen spend a great deal of money on their tackle to ensure that they have the best tools to catch fish. Given the expense, it is ideal to maximize the useful life of each piece of gear. The key to maximizing the longevity of your fishing rods and reels is to store them properly. A fishing rod rack is a great piece of added equipment to help store your rods and reels in an organized way. Most modern day fishing rod racks actually look very presentable and impressive when filled. With several different types of brands to consider, we have provided an in-depth guide to help your decision to best approach buying fishing rod rack. 

Comparison Table

Best Fishing Rod Holders and Storage Racks

1. KastKing Fishing Rod Rack and Holder

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KastKing created a lightweight aluminum frame that is easy to transport and can easily accommodate different sizes of rods and reels. This rod rack is extremely popular due to its fair price, capacity (12-24 rods), as well as sturdy quality.

They make these holders in two different sizes to hold more rods and is an ICAST award winner. The rod rack is able to stand on its own and takes up minimal floor space. I personally love this rack because I find that my lines never get tangled when they are next to one another. The rod rack itself was designed to perfectly separate each rod while still maximizing the space of the fixture. 

Sometimes a common concern over these rod racks and holders is the assembly required. Luckily, the KastKing rod holder is very quick and simple to assemble. Took just a few minutes of laying out the parts and reading the instructions. I strongly recommend this rod holder to all. Great high quality gift for all avid fishermen!

2. Rush Creek Creations Round 16 Fishing Rod Storage Rack

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Another popular floor-standing rack that does its part in maximizing the available floor space is the Round 16 Fishing Rod Rack, by Rush Creek Creations. Its unique 16 rod capacity accommodates storage needs for most fishermen. For a lower priced rack, it is actually quite nice in design with a durable wood grain laminate that is handcrafted. 

Additional features on the rod holder include a solid 2-piece wooden center and slots for rod clips. The rod clips were designed for ease of accessibility as well as control for the rod within the holder. Rush Creek Creations also offers these rod holder in the colors barn wood and camo. 

Assembly is fairly straightforward and requires no additional tools when setting up. I like this rod holder and have seen it used successfully in many homes. I think its preferred storage location is somewhere where it will not get tossed around. Also, I recommend polishing the wood or dusting once in a while to maintain its laminate appearance. A more traditional design that adds a elegant-looking fishing piece to your home decor. 

3. Berkley Fishing Rod Rack

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We mentioned earlier how fishing tackle can be expensive, so its especially nice to receive a bargain for a product that you know can get the job done. Berkley’s rod rack is about as simple and straightforward as it gets for rod racks. An ideal option for someone who has 6 rods or less as well as available wall space. It is made of plastic with foam holders and can stand up straight on the wall.

Berkley’s fishing rod rack offers both a 4 and 6 rod holder model. The foam holders are featured in both models and do a great job in holding each rod in place. Perfect for storage in a garage or outdoor shed because it is corrosion proof and keeps rods lifted off and away from the ground.

This rod rack is simple, cost-efficient and a very popular purchase among fishermen. When it comes to storing your fishing rods, having them secure and off the ground is a major part for successful storage. The rods always look look neat and secure while they rest in this rod rack. I strongly recommend this rack for fishermen with fewer rods as it is certainly a quality rod rack for its price. 

4. PLUSINNO Portable Fishing Rod Rack and Storage Organizer 

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While continuing on the topic for rod racks and holders that hold 6 rods, I should certainly mention the PLUSINNO Portable Rod Rack. This floor-standing holder is made from rust resistant aluminum alloy with anti-corrosion built-in. This is certainly a more fancy rod holder that still offers a portable and lightweight design.

While the rod holder only holds 6 rods, the individual holders have an extremely large capacity. It can fit larger reels and rods that include spinning, baitcasting, fly, ice fishing and many more. The design features 3 rods per side with allows for ample space between each rod while not taking up too much floorspace. 

I have purchased this rod rack as a great gift for family members of mine who love to fish. It offers a wonderful aluminum design and isn’t too large of an object. It will work well in either an indoor or outdoor environment. Great storage rack for the boat, home, garage or truck.

5. LUXHMOX Fishing Rod Holder Rack

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Finishing up this list, I wanted to mention another quality rod rack that has terrific capacity (24 rods). The LUXHMOX Rod Holder Rack is built to hold many and all types of rods. Considering its space, it is considerably lightweight and durable. It features a floor-standing design in both blue and black colors. It is perfect for the garage corner and doesn’t take up too much floor space.

This rod holder rack certainly competes with the KastKing rack that we mentioned above at a more friendly price. Assembly is required and can be a little more challenging for the LUXHMOX compared to the KastKing. One of my friends purchased this rack with the intention of saving money but reluctantly spent ~15 minutes assembling the parts. 

If you wish to save some money to purchase a rod rack that gets the job done and is able to hold 24 rods, that this holder is a great fit for you. While it is not the more attractive holder available on the market, it still does exactly what you need it to do.

How to Mount Fishing Rod Racks

To assist with the process of successfully installing your new fishing rod rack, we have prepared a brief tutorial on mounting your fishing rod rack. This guide will help with mounting ceiling, vertical and horizontal setups. We always suggest the use of a pencil to help mark up the wall and ensure accuracy when putting in the screws. 

Tools needed: 

  • Screwdriver/Drill that fits in the screws that came with the holder
  • Level
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Open the box and remove all of the pieces. Layout and count to make sure that you have the correct numbers of screws (sometimes they provide extras)
  1. Find your desired wall space and accurately level the bottom piece of the rack folder. Once it is even, screw in that bottom piece first.
  2. Next, you will want to measure the appropriate space that should be between each piece of the rod rack. We recommend measuring between 40-42 inches and marking the wall with a pencil. 
  3. After you successfully level the rack, screw in the top piece of the rod rack.
  4. You successfully mounted and installed your new fishing rod rack! When using the fishing rod holder, always place the bottom of the rod into the bottom rack first, then the top of the rod to the top rack.

Warranty and Care

When spending money on a larger piece of fishing equipment, it is nice to know that it is attached to some type of warranty plan. Luckily, most of these rod holders come with a warranty in case any issues arise. These rod racks and holders do not need the same level of detailed care that your rods and reels require. However, accidents happen and the movement of rods in and out of the holder can cause the rack to be worn down over time. I would still advise you to avoid the sun and saltwater with your fishing rods racks, similar to how you would avoid the sun and saltwater for your fishing rods in general.


All is all, the goal of a fishing rod rack and holder is to help maintain the useful life of your rods. Storing your rods appropriately can help achieve that goal. If you have many rods to store (12-24), my favorite choice would be the KastKing model. If you have 6 rods or less, my favorite choice is certainly the PLUSINNO model. Hard to compete with the appearance of both of these rod holders. They will do great in safely storing your precious rods. 

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