Best Ice Fishing Reels for Perch [2023 Buying Guide]

Best Ice Fishing Reels for Perch [2023 Buying Guide]

Are you planning an ice fishing adventure? Looking for the best ice fishing reels for Perch? Bingo! You are in the right place. This article will introduce you to the basics of Perch fishing and give you reviews about the best reels for Perch. Additionally, it will help you understand the things to consider before purchasing your next reel. Within a few minutes, you stand to increase your odds of catching a bounty!

Top 3 Rated Ice Fishing Reels for Perch

1. KastKing Centron 500 Fishing Reel

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Product Overview

The KastKing Centron is an elegantly designed, lightweight, and powerful fishing reel for Perch, Walleye, and Crappie. You would be utterly amazed by its quality and performance. It is specially designed for those who are looking for an affordable option. But that does not mean that you have to compromise on quality on any front.

The spool is made from aluminum, making it light, durable, and long-lasting. It can easily withstand the harsh weather elements of winter and still give you a bounty. The reel gets its power from the main steel shaft and has a drag capacity of 17.5lbs with an anti-reverse mechanism. The ergonomically designed handle makes it suitable for both left and right-handed persons.

Product Features

  • Value for Money – Though this fishing reel is cheap, yet it is an excellent quality product. There is no doubt that each part has been designed and crafted from super quality materials. It is a complete value for money product
  • Lightweight – The aluminum spool and graphite frame make it lightweight and durable. Combine this with the computer balancing system, and gear ratio (5:2:1) brings in superior performance with this fishing reel
  • High Power – This reel comes with a superior drag capacity of 17.5lbs. Its incredible hardened metal shaft, mesh, and pinion gears lend super performance to it. You need not worry about fighting the fishes. It is strong enough to withstand the drag inside the water
  • Design & Construction – CNC Aluminum is used for the spool along with internal grooves for more capacity and fishing power. It comes with a unique and elegant two-color design that is really attractive. The power launch button allows you to cast further into the waters while sitting comfortably on the shores
  • Ball Bearings – The Centron’s nine-ball bearing system, along with the instant anti-reverse switch, gives it enough power to fight the big Perch in the sea. If you are looking for power, performance, and precision at an affordable price, then this sounds like the perfect option


  • An extremely cost-effective, high-performance fishing reel
  • Excellent drag capacity and gear ratio
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • One switch instant anti-reverse system
  • Attractive design and elegant finish


  • A bit large in size as compared to the other reels
  • While jigging, you may face line twist problems
  • Drag may not be extremely smooth

Bottom Line

The KastKing Centron 500 is a perfect option for the beginners. It is light, easy to control, and comes with superior performance. There are no significant drawbacks to this model. You will have excellent experience in deep fishing with this reel. It has all the features that you can desire as an angler. May the fish be with you!

2. Eagle Claw In Line Ice Fishing Reel

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Product Overview

Winters give room for a lot of in-line fishing. The Eagle Claw In-line Ice Fishing Reel is perfect for the harsh winter conditions.

In the case of in-line fishing, the reels do not turn and twist the line. This means that you can easily fish against the big, violent fishes for hours. The reel comes with an aluminum handle and easy to hold grip, thus giving durability, performance, and longevity to the fishing reel.

Users report that this is one of the most durable reels at an affordable price. The drag system is made of Teflon, giving you the ability to change the tension according to your need. Though it is designed for left-hand use, you can always change the retrieval system to be right-handed.

Product Features

  • The body and spool are made from superior quality nylon, while the drag system is made from Teflon. It helps the fishing reel to stand firm against the bitter weather conditions
  • To make jigging easier for you, this in-line ice fishing reel comes with a release button to let the reel into a free spool. You can drop the fishing line into the hole without bothering about the wire getting tangled
  • In the case of big fishes, the spool adjustment mechanism will prevent any kind of backlash
  • It has a gear ratio of 2.7:1. The high-quality steel gear and ball bearings are all set to give you a smooth experience. This fishing reel promised power and performance, and you need not worry about reel memory or twist
  • There is a line clicker in this fishing reel. You can now easily control the line output with this line clicker.
  • Each handle of this reel is ready to give you 15.75 inches of smooth fishing line


  • Jigging is easy and comfortable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Efficient button for spool release
  • Spool tension can be easily adjusted
  • Ergonomic handle that is easy to grip


  • The line might get stuck inside the reel
  • Not very sturdy
  • The body is made of plastic (Nylon)

Bottom Line

The only drawback that we can think of is the plastic body. This makes it prone to damage and may not be able to stand a lot of pressure. But if you are new to angling and looking for a cheap in-line fishing reel, then you can always hone your skills with this reel. Initially, you may find it challenging to fish in the winters. Still, in-line reels will always give you a great fishing experience.

3. Abu Garcia Ice Max Spinning Fishing Reel

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Product Overview

Abu Garcia has always come up with durable and high performing fishing reels. The new Abu Garcia Ice fishing Reel brings to you a host of amazing features at a very affordable cost. The in-built system for line management gives you the flexibility to use multiple lines. This reel is supported by a gear lube to ensure that you don’t have a frozen rod this winter.

It gives you the power of an aluminum spool. This ice-fishing reel is lightweight and sturdy. If you want to get the best combination of performance, design, and budget, then go for the Abu Garcia Max Spinning Fishing Reel.

Product Features

  • This reel ensures you a smooth, uninterrupted operation with its 3 ball-bearing system coupled with a single rolling bearing system
  • CNC Aluminum is used to prepare the spool. It not only makes it light and durable but also gives you complete comfort and control
  • The advanced gear lube guarantees performance even under extreme weather conditions. It will not allow the reel to get locked under any circumstance
  • You can fish for long hours with this reel. If you get hand fatigue, you can simply switch to the other hand without performing any mechanical adjustments. Yes, it is simple and easy to operate
  • The anti-reverse mechanism allows you to drag the line out of water smoothly. You need not worry about backlash or the tangling of the lines
  • Unlike other fishing reels, you do not have to dismantle and then pack this reel. Simply press a button, and it gets folded into a compact form. That’s awesome! You can easily carry it along with you anywhere you go


  • Foldable design for secure storage
  • Sturdy ball wires giving a heavy-duty performance
  • Easy and smooth jigging experience
  • Both right- and left-hand retrieve system
  • Cold weather condition gear lube


  • Only 3 ball bearings as compared to 8 in standard fishing reels
  • A slightly heavy body and frame

Bottom Line

You might compare the ball bearing system with the other models in the market. Yes, it is low in number, but that does not reduce the performance in any way. Great features like foldable design, cold lube for gear, and heavy-duty performance in the harsh conditions make it one of the best ice fishing reels for Perch, Walleye, and Crappie. This ice-fishing reel will surely surpass your expectations and give you a fantastic experience.

Ice Fishing for Perch

Winter does not draw the curtain on your fishing expeditions. Ice fishing is a prevalent outdoor activity in the northern regions. If you have the right gears and can tolerate the cold temperature, then nothing can be more exciting than ice fishing.

You might have the best fishing boots, shelter, hat, or even the perfect fishing line. But all will fall apart if you do not have the best fishing reel that can withstand the harsh winter conditions. The fishing reel is an essential part of your gear and equipment set, and you must give serious thoughts before going to fish.

Whether you are an experienced fisherman or a rookie angler, you need superior quality fishing reels for ice fishing. Selecting the best one can be a bit challenging since there are multiple options in the market. You might be wondering where to start? We say, start from the basics, we will help you understand the Perch and its behavior, then suggest you our top 3 best ice fishing reels for Perch, followed by the buying guide 2020. Comprehensive knowledge of Perch and Fishing Reels will allow you to make an informed decision.

Basic Knowledge About Perch

Perch happens to be a popular choice for most anglers. Having more than 160 varieties, Perch can be found in rivers, lakes, and streams all across America. The fact that the meat is tasty and the fishes feed year-long hooks many anglers to the Perch.

The cold and temperate climate is well suited for Perch fishing. They thrive best in water temperatures between 60 – 75 degrees. Summers and warm temperatures are not suitable for Perch. The fishes stop feeding will not respond to your bait. These fishes are not very big in size, they grow up to 5 – 12 inches and can weigh a max of 4 pounds. When the Perch goes on a feeding party, it gives the angler an excellent opportunity to make a bountiful catch.

With simple tips, you can quickly become a pro in catching Perch. The trick is to have knowledge about where you can find them and what should be the right equipment to make a catch.

Tips for Perch Fishing

Where can you find Perch?

The best place to find Perch is freshwater bodies. Perch always swim in groups, which means that if you catch one, then there would be plenty around the area. You need to keep a lot of patience while perch fishing. They tend to swim deep and hide in submerged areas or underneath the rocks. Find these areas and cast your baits, have patience, you will make a great catch.

If you are fishing from the shore area, then you will land with smaller fishes. Generally, the bigger ones swim in the deep sea. Thus, to catch them, you have to take your boat to the sea and fish deep. You can also use fish finders to help you detect Perch underneath.

What bait should you use to catch Perch?

Now that you have reached your spot, you have to prepare the bait. The good news for you is that Perch can feed on anything. You can use insects, worms, maggots, and even crayfish meat as your live bait. Remember that the bait has to be small and light because Perch have a little mouth. Also, to become a pro in perch fishing, you have to use bright colored baits.

Perch Fly Fishing

If you find the traditional methods too commonplace, then try fly fishing for catching Perch. Instead of the conventional baits and reels, grab one of the fly reels.

In fly fishing, a bait of flies is hung on the surface of the water to lure fishes into grabbing the bait. In fly fishing, you need not carry the bait underwater, the bait floats on top. These reels are large and need both hands to operate. If you are a new angler, we recommend you not to go for fly fishing. Once you have mastered the traditional methods, then go for fly fishing.

With that, you have got sufficient ideas about the perches, their behavior, and some tricks that will make your fishing expedition successful. Now it is time to look into the top 3 best ice fishing reels for Perch.

Perch Reel Buying Guide

Before you step out in the market and choose an ice fishing reel, you need to know certain things to optimize your choice. Having a piece of in-depth knowledge about the type of ice fishing reels and the factors that you should consider before the purchase is critical in determining the quality of the fishing expedition.

With so many options in the marketplace, you might get confused and end up paying a fortune for unnecessary features. If you are new to the world of ice fishing, then this ice fishing buying guide will serve as a perfect companion. Even if you are an experienced angler, you can always go through the factors and improve the quality of your fishing adventure.

Types of Ice Fishing Reels

Spinning vs. In-Line fishing Reels

Spinning Reels

This is the most common and popular fishing reel amongst anglers. These are well-suited for all kinds of live bait fishing. Spinning wheels come with an efficient drag system and can be used across multiple seasons. At the same time, these are very easy to use, and almost all anglers are familiar with the mechanism.

But there is always a chance of line twist, especially when you are into ice fishing. Along with that, good quality spinning reels are pretty expensive and costs a lot in your pockets. Though we have listed the affordable ones, which saves you on a budget as well as gives you performance.

In-Line Reels

If you are a very passionate jigger, then go for the ultimate jig machine – the In-Line or Straight Fishing Reels. It gives no room for line twist or corkscrewing. These do not have many mechanical complications and will not give you any headache while fishing for long hours. The excellent grips on the reels reduce hand fatigue and enrich your experience.

But here come the disadvantages. The In-Line reels are not versatile or suited for multi-season fishing. It is primarily suited for the ice fishing season. Additionally, it would be difficult to use for someone new to the fishing world.

Hence, unless you want a fantastic jigging experience, you can always go for the multi-purpose spinning reels.

What factors to consider before purchasing the best ice fishing reels?

You must consider the following factors before finalizing your decision on the ice fishing reels for Perch.


Spools for ice fishing are nothing complicated. They are simple and non-demanding. Ice fishing spools must ensure that it can hold multiple fishing lines on the spool. Additionally, always go for the ones which do not allow the in-line twisting and gives you a smooth experience.

Body Design

The design is a crucial factor for ice fishing reels as these reels have to withstand harsh weather conditions. Standard reels would twist and break in these conditions. The body design and the cast around the spool must be robust enough to deliver a heavy-duty performance even in the worst weather conditions.


Bearings ensure that you always have smooth fishing experience. The higher the number of bearings, the better is your fishing adventure. If you have a low number of bearings, then it would create unnecessary pressure on the spool. This can lead to snapping as well as your catch escaping your grip.

For ice fishing, check both the number and quality of the bearings. Even if you have a heavy drag, suitable quality bearings will always ensure a free and smooth operation.


Ice fishing means that you will have big fat gloves on your hands. Thus, the handles need to be different from the standard fishing reels. Ice fishing reels have bigger and thicker handles. They allow a better grip and gives you more torque required to pull your reel our from the water.

Anti-Ice Feature

The anti-feature system will ensure that your reel works even under freezing temperature conditions. Usual reels cannot withstand the harsh winter conditions. In this case, In-Line reels would be an excellent choice as they come with anti-ice features especially suited for ice fishing. In case your reel does not have this mechanism, then carry an anti-freeze paste along with you. Apply them frequently over the bearings to maintain smooth operations.

Drag Capacity

Excellent drag capacity will allow you to smoothly retrieve your catch. Additionally, you can for the adjustable drag capacity models as that will give you the flexibility of going after fishes of different sizes and weight.


You will never want your reel to give up in the freezing conditions outside. To ensure that you must check the materials of the reel. Aluminum or graphite can give your durability and sturdiness. They make the reel light as well gives you fantastic performance.


As it is, you would be wearing heavy winter gears and thick gloves, you would not want a heavy reel adding to your discomfort. For ice fishing, you have to get hold of a light fishing reel. Otherwise, you will quickly develop muscle fatigue and return empty-handed. Make sure your ice fishing reel is light, easy to grip, and is low on maintenance.

Final Words

Winter can never put a stop to your fishing adventure. Even though lakes freeze and the temperature drops, you won’t have to stop fishing. Now that you are well-equipped with the necessary information, you can go ahead and make your next purchase. Make sure that you keep in mind the above factors before purchasing the next fishing reels. Whatever you are buying, ensure that you customize it according to the fishing conditions. Research well, make an informed decision, and get the best ice fishing reels for Perch for a fantastic winter catch season!

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