Best Spinning Combo for Under $75

Best Spinning Combo for Under $75

Are you considering adding a spinning reel to your fishing arsenal? Are you finding it hard to get a good quality reel that is under $75? With all the choices, features, and colors out there, it could be a challenge. 

Getting a spinning reel is not always an easy decision to make. The good thing about choosing a spinning reel for your fishing is that it is great for both ages young and old. It is also simple to use for beginner fishermen. Choosing between Bait casting reels and Spinning reels is all up to you as a fisherman. 

Experienced anglers are the ones who mostly use Bait casting reels because of the skill and experience required. You will need a lot of practice and patience before you can effectively handle this reel. For fishermen going for small and medium-sized fish, the spinning reel is more popular. Some of these fish include redfish and bass. 

The spinning reel is very easy to use and doesn’t get tangled as fast compared to the bait casting reel. For fishermen, when it comes to a tangle with the fish, the drag on this reel can be easily adjusted. These reels are popular because of their versatility and how easy they are to use. In this article, we look at some of the best spinning rod and reel combos for less than $75 that will be great for you.  

Name LengthBearingsAction
Okuma ROX Rod and Reel Combo6’6”2Buy Here
Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Combo6”3Buy Here
Lew’s Fishing American Heroes Spinning Combo6’6”4+1Buy Here
KastKing Centron Combo 6-7”9+1Buy Here
Berkley Spinning Combo6-7”7+1Buy Here

Okuma ROX Rod and Reel Combo – Best for both Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing 

The Okuma Spinning rod and reel is an affordable fishing combo with great versatility ensuring you get the value of your money. 


  • Rod made of graphite
  • Stainless steel guides
  • It has a length of 6’6 feet 

This combo comes with a graphite rod that makes it lighter than other combos. This rod is rated as medium power so you have nothing to worry about when it comes to retrieving those big fish. This is a durable combo that will last you a long time. The light spinning reel provides great performance due to its drag system and the ball bearings. 

The guides on this combo are made of stainless steel. This is better to allow the line to move freely when using it. The stainless steel is also resistant to corrosion when exposed to saltwater. This rod is very comfortable to use because of the quality grips that don’t need you to add extra weight. 


  • It is versatile enough for bass fishing
  • Sensitive rod
  • Lightweight graphite rod
  • The stainless steel guides are corrosion resistant
  • It is very affordable for a good performance


  • The design is ideal for light action so reeling in the big fish could be a problem


The Rox combo is a pocket-friendly rod and reel that you can easily use whether you are a beginner or experienced angler. With a graphite rod, this combo is light enough to carry anywhere and durable to last you a long time. 

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Combo – Combination of Strength and Power for Fishing

This Ugly Stik Gx2 is a powerful and easy to use rod and steel combo for fishing. This combo makes fishing enjoyable and much easier. 


  • 3+1 ball bearings
  • Length of 6 feet
  • 5:5:1 gearing ratio

This is a really good combo for the price from Ugly Stik. It is preferred by both experienced and beginner anglers. This rod and reel combo can also be used in both freshwater and saltwater. 

This combo comes with a 7-year warranty in case of any damages to the product. The grips are made of EVA material making it comfortable even after holding it for hours. The clear tip that is a signature for Ugly Stik rods is very sensitive. This sensitivity ensures that you feel every strike while fishing. The combo is made of a mixture of graphite and fiberglass. 


  • Very well balanced and lighter than earlier models 
  • Very affordable
  • Easy to handle
  • The fiberglass tip is very sensitive
  • The graphite backbone makes it light and durable


  • They are not the best rods for finesse fishing


Ugly Stik rod and reel combos are very common, especially for beginners. The clearer tip design has always been known for its durability and you will not be disappointed fishing with this powerful combo. 

Lew’s American Heroes Spinning Rod and Reel Combo – Two piece blanks for Sensitivity

If you are looking for a great and modern spinning combo, this one is for you. With modern features, this rod and steel combo is sure to give you great performance while fishing. 


  • It has a graphite body
  • 5 ball bearings
  • A gear ratio of 6:2:1
  • One way clutch bearing
  • Good reel stability for increased comfort

This American Hero combo comes with a graphite body that is durable and lightweight. The rod is sensitive allowing you to detect even the slightest movement. The rod is made up of two-piece graphite blanks for increased sensitivity. This is also more convenient for the fishers to move around with ease. The guide frames are made of stainless steel with stainless steel inserts. 


  • Graphite makes it very light
  • It has a modern design 
  • It has two-piece graphite blanks
  • It is very sensitive


  • It may not be as easy to use for beginners 


This combo was built for convenience and great performance. With the unique rod construction, you will be sure to enjoy bass fishing with the American Hero spinning combo. This is a good performing combo for this price range. 

KastKing Centron Combo – Combo for All Anglers

This is a great spinning rod and reel that offers great performance for every angler out there. These great products come in one package to be used in freshwater situations. 


  • It is fitted with graphite blanks
  • Stainless steel guides
  • Heavy action combo
  • Length of 6’6 feet
  • Weighs 2.8 pounds

This durable combo is made of graphite which also gives it a lightweight feel. It is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater users so you can use it anywhere. The Kastking reel is made to suit all types of anglers to ensure an amazing experience while fishing. It is also very affordable compared to other combos. 


  • The graphite body is lightweight and increases sensitivity
  • The stainless steel guides are strong and durable 
  • The light frames made of stainless steel help keep it balanced
  • The rod matches the reel and the fish it is intended for
  • It has a smooth performance on the reel


  • The lines might twist if they weigh under 10lbs


This rod and reel combo comes in 5 lengths leaving you to select which one you want. This is a unique combo designed for each angler whether you are fishing for catfish or bass. Depending on the combo you chose, it is ideal for both saltwater and freshwater situations. 

Berkley Rod and Reel Spinning Combo – The Versatile Combo with Customization

This rod and steel combo is a favourite among many. With the spinning reel, it is very easy to use for many fishing techniques. 


  • It is Made of graphite
  • Length of 5-7 feet rods
  • The reel has a double locking feature

This is one combo that will fit your budget while still offering you quality performance. The rods range from 5 to 7 feet in length. The powers and action also range depending on your style. This makes it a perfect choice for all types of anglers and what they want. 

The reel is secured in place due to the double locking system feature. This will be ideal if you want to use the combo for teaching and don’t want to risk it getting any damage. The rod is very durable and lightweight due to its graphite body. 


  • The double-locking feature on the reel ensures it remains in place. 
  • The graphite body makes it very light. 
  • The reel is very smooth to operate
  • You can choose between different actions and lengths depending on your preference. 
  • Very affordable rod and steel combo. 


  • For some users, the rod may be too light. 


With this great combo, you don’t have to worry about getting a low-quality product just because of the price. This is an affordable and high-quality combo for all your fishing needs. 

What to Consider when Buying a Rod and Reel Spinning Combo for Fishing

There is a lot to think about before choosing the spinning reel to add to your fishing equipment. Some of them include Material, the length of the rod, and the fishing techniques you will use. 


Most of the common spinning rods are either made of graphite or fiberglass. You will find some manufacturers who combine these materials to form a more superior product. The rods made of graphite are more popular even to professional anglers because of its versatility. The graphite also makes the rods lighter and easier to carry around. For a beginner, you might consider getting a fiberglass rod. 

This is because they are easier to handle and use. Compared to graphite rods, however, they are not very durable. The materials used to make the spinning reel should also be considered. The most preferred material for making spinning reels is aluminium. This is due to its lightweight nature and the fact that it does not rust when used in saltwater conditions. You are sure to rely on the performance of this reel and its durability. 


The budget that you have when considering buying one of these combos is very important. You do not want to break your bank on just one piece of equipment but you also want to get a quality product for your price. 

If you are going for the best spinning combo under 75$ then it is important to pay close attention to the construction of the combo. These include the materials used, its quality, and durability. The combo should be able to last you a long time or else you might just have to spend the same amount or more to buy another combo sooner than you think. 


The length of the rod is important to consider because every angler has his style and the length hey wants may vary because of their fishing techniques or the fish they are going for. This is measured from the tip of the rod to the end of the handle. A smaller fishing rod will cast shorter distances and for a longer distance, a longer fishing rod will be ideal. 

A shorter rod is great if you end up in a fight with the fish. It does not have as much bend as longer rods and will make it easier to retrieve the fish. If you are fishing in a large water body then go for a longer rod. These rods are convenient if you are fishing in deep waters and you want to cover more water areas. 

Most of the fishing rods are between 6-133 feet. To choose the best length for you, consider the type of fishing you intend to do, the fishing environment, the species you are going for, and the techniques you plan to use. The best length for most anglers and beginners is roughly 7 feet. This allows a balanced amount of weight and they can polish their skills through learning and experience. 


When you get your hands on a rod and reel combo, you will realize that some reels make a lot of noise. This noise can ruin your day out fishing and can also be very irritating. If you want a quality reel, you should consider the bearings. 

The bearings of a spinning reel should be considered in terms of quality although the number also plays a significant role. You should choose a reel with more bearings to reduce the vibrations and noise while fishing. If you fish in different fishing environments regularly, you need to find quality bearings. These are made of aluminium so that even if you are fishing in saltwater environments, it won’t rust or corrode. 

Rod Action

The action of the rod takes into account how easily the rod can bend every time some force is applied. The fast action rods can easily bend the top third of the rod. This is useful when fishing for large fish species. 

The medium action fishing rods can bend the top half being more user friendly to beginners who are still new to fishing. If you frequently go out looking for small fish, then you might want to choose a slow action rod. This rod bends on the lower third of the rod which is great for catching smaller sized fish. 

Rod Power

This has more to do with the pressure you need to apply to bend the fishing rod while fishing. The power of fishing rods is classified between ultra-light to extra heavy. You need to make sure to get the right combination of action and power to have the baits working efficiently. The higher the power the less likely the rod is going to bend while in action. 

Experienced anglers will go for more power due to their experience. Light rods are good for fishing small species like trout. The heavier power rods are better suited for species like frogs that do not need the rod to bend too much. 


The handle is where you will hold the fishing rod. You can also decide which kind of grip your handle will have. Whether it is wooden, metallic or synthetic, you should go for the most comfortable. Most of the handles are either made of Eva foam or cork. These materials give the handle a comfortable feel and firm grip while fishing. If you are casting longer, then you might need to use a longer handle. A longer handle allows the angler to use both hands in retrieving a heavier load.

Shorter loads are preferred for making shorter casts with one hand. The shorter handles are also for those who want to master roll casting as a fishing technique. Getting a comfortable handle is something you should pay attention to because you will be using that rod and reel combo for a long time while fishing. 


In conclusion, there is a lot you need to consider before going into a store and buying a spinning rod and reel combo under $75. Due to its complex nature, you need to find out your styles and preferences to match it with the combo of your choice. Before making a purchase you should consider the rod length and its power because some are suited for beginners and specific species of fish while others are easier to use for experienced anglers. 

Consider the price of the combo and ensure that the quality is worth the amount. Some rods do not have enough power to retrieve big fish. Finally, the material that your rod is made of will determine its durability and the weight you will be carrying around on a day of fishing. Consider all these and you will be sure to get the best combo under a $75 price tag. 

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