Complete Guide to Fishing in Atlantic County, NJ

Complete Guide to Fishing in Atlantic County, NJ

There is far more to do in Atlantic County. New Jersey than just drinking and gambling at the casinos or watching five-star shows. Those who are fishing enthusiasts and love to be on the water are invited to go to the many marinas and beaches in Atlantic County. They’re open to both local fishers and tourist fishers alike. A 7-Day tourist fishing pass is available for a fee, but if you are not planning on staying that long, there is also a two-day tourist pass. All fishers must be at least 16 years or older.

No matter the reason why you are fishing in Atlantic County, everyone is welcome. There are just a few things you need to know about the area and in general so that should not have to be questioned by the local Wildlife Rangers, and other fishers will be able to enjoy themselves as well.

License Needed

The first rule is that anyone over the age of 16 must have a license to fish from New Jersey. Even if you are fishing from your private land or have the owner’s permission to fish on their land, the person who owns that private land and/or the one who is fishing must get a license to fish on their property. The regular fee for people from 16 to 64 is $22.50, but seniors receive a discount of $10, so they will only pay $12.50.

If you are coming to the area to fish for a vacation, you can buy a 7-Day vacation license for only $19.50.

Places to Fish in Atlantic County Freshwater

Atlantic County has many acres and areas lined with beautiful rivers and streams. There is a lot of freshwater fishing available in different areas around the county. Each bay area or marina has its own specific rules, but most people should be able to fish in these waters without any problem.

  • Makepeace Lake – there is no boat ramp, and out motors are allowed
  • Birch Grove Park – no boats are allowed, but you can fish from the land
  • Hammonton State Park – it is located off the 30 freeway, and no outboards motors are allowed.
  • Heritage Pond Park – there is no boat ramp, and there are no outboard motors are allowed on the lake
  • Mill Pond – located on Mill Road, there is no top car launch and no ramp for your boat. But outboard motors are allowed.

Places to Fish in Atlantic County Saltwater

Depending on the city that you decide to fish in, there are a few different regulations that you must understand and follow. All of these fishing areas are right on the ocean.

Leeds Point

To fish at Little Beach, you must have a permit. At Brigantine Divisions Scott’s Landing, there is a boat ramp in order to launch boats. Crabbing and seasonal fishing are allowed in the areas of Brigantine and Barnegat. These two areas are both located at Edwin Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge. Please visit the Edwin B Forsythe Government website to access the daily tide chart, which is updated for the current day and the next day.

If you are going for freshwater fishing in this area, you may go to Lily Lake, which is located in Oceanville.

Somers Point

If you head to the Bay off of New Jersey Avenue, there’s a pier where you’re allowed to fish with a permit. Please keep the fishing permit with you at all times. There are restrooms located in this area. The restrooms are for public use, so please clean up after yourselves. You may need to bring toilet paper, but they are free for public use. Visit the Bayfront historic district, to see many different types of charter boats and party boats parked along the shore in the marinas along the beach. The marinas are located on Bay Avenue. If you need a boat ramp, there is one available at Smith’s Marina, but it does require a fee in order to operate. A second boat ramp is also available at John F Kennedy Park, which directly places boats into the Great Egg Harbor Bay.


For those visiting Brigantine, there is a public boat ramp available at Bayshore Avenue, which is directly on the Bay. There is a fee required to use the boat ramp. Surf fishing is allowed as long as it is not performed on beaches that do not have guards. You also cannot surf fish while you are close or at the seawall. The Old Bradenton bridge is now in use as a fishing pier and is no longer a boat ramp.


If searching for small boat rentals, and a wide variety of marinas as well as bait and tackle shops, Amherst Avenue is available for locals and fishing tourists alike. Those who wish to practice surf fishing are allowed to but only during hours where are there are no guards. Amherst Avenue, there are seven marinas that have 20 or more charter boats available for daily use during the spring, summer, and fall.

Atlantic City

If in need of a boat launch, there is one available at Albany and Boulevard Avenue. It is available for the public to use, but it does require a fee. On the beach, outside of guard watched areas, and away from the Jetties, all these places are available for fishing. If you’re along Sunset Avenue, you can head to the seawall, which is an important section for those who practice driving. Fishers are also allowed to practice fishing from land. 


The average price of a permit fee is $22.50, but there’s a discount for seniors. The fishing in Atlantic County is open to many different types of fishing, crabbing, and other sea activities as long as those practicing have their correct permits. Be on the lookout for areas that have rules for the crabbing during guard hours. Charter boats and rentals are available in many marinas. The charter boats are most active during the spring, summer, and fall. Public boat ramps are available for use as well in many bays and marinas. Many do require a fee in order to operate. Be sure to keep your fishing permit with you at all times.

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