Complete Guide to Fishing in Sea Isle City, NJ

Complete Guide to Fishing in Sea Isle City, NJ

With an unmatched fishing pier, Sea Isle City, NJ, is one of the most exciting fishing spots on the east coast. 

There’s a reason why so many anglers flock to Sea Isle City, and that’s the variety of fish you’re likely to encounter at any given time.

Another reason why so many are recommending Sea Isle City as the fishing spot to be is the central location on the coast.

New Jersey hosts some amazing fishing spots as it’s located in the perfect in-between of temperatures. When it gets cold, northern fish flock to places like Sea Isle City. When it gets hot, fish from the south will move up north for the more tepid waters. The mixture of surf, pier, and bay fishing makes this an ideal fishing town.

What Are Some Good Fish to Catch in Sea Isle City?

Sea Isle City offers a variety of fish species that anglers can target. Here are some good fish to catch in Sea Isle City:

  1. Striped Bass: Striped bass are highly sought-after game fish in the area. They can be caught both from the surf and by boat. Spring and fall are prime seasons for striped bass.
  2. Flounder (Summer Flounder/Fluke): Flounder, also known as summer flounder or fluke, are abundant in the waters around Sea Isle City. They are commonly targeted during the summer months.
  3. Bluefish: They are available in the area from spring through fall and provide exciting fishing opportunities, especially for anglers who enjoy fast-paced action.
  4. Weakfish: Weakfish, also called sea trout, are another popular species to target in Sea Isle City. They are often caught during the spring and fall seasons.
  5. Black Drum: They are typically targeted in the spring when they migrate through the region. Black drum can be caught from the surf, in the back bays, and near structures such as jetties and bridges.
  6. Tautog (Blackfish): Tautog, or blackfish, are a favorite among bottom fishing enthusiasts. They can be found near rocky areas, wrecks, and jetties. Tautog fishing is popular in the fall and winter months.
  7. Kingfish: Kingfish, also known as whiting, are smaller fish that are abundant along the New Jersey coast. They are commonly caught from the surf and are a great option for anglers of all skill levels.

Out in the deeper waters, you might find some amazing crabbing spots or tuna and shark zones. The charters in the area will know the best spots to take you.

What Are the Best Fishing Spots in Sea Isle City?

The best fishing spots in Sea Isle City include:

1. Sea Isle City Municipal Marina

The municipal marina provides easy access to both the back bays and the ocean. Anglers can launch their boats from here and explore the surrounding waters, targeting a variety of fish species.

2. Townsends Inlet

Located at the southern end of Sea Isle City, Townsends Inlet offers a productive fishing area. Anglers can fish from the beach, jetties, or explore the nearby back bays.

Townsends Inlet Bridge connecting Sea Isle City with Avalon in New Jersey
Townsends Inlet Bridge connecting Sea Isle City with Avalon in New Jersey

3. Corson’s Inlet State Park

Just a short drive from Sea Isle City, Corson’s Inlet State Park provides access to both the Atlantic Ocean and the back bays. Anglers can fish from the beach or explore the jetty for a chance to catch various species.

4. Strathmere Beach

Located just north of Sea Isle City, Strathmere Beach is known for its productive surf fishing. Anglers can target species like striped bass, bluefish, flounder, and more from the shoreline.

Strathmere Beach
Strathmere Beach

5. Private and Charter Boats

Sea Isle City has several private and charter boat options available. Anglers can book a fishing charter and venture deep-sea fishing for a chance to catch larger game fish like tuna, mahi-mahi, and marlin.

Where to Book a Fishing Charter or Rent a Boat?

  1. Sea Isle Bait & Tackle: Located at 3312 Landis Avenue, Sea Isle Bait & Tackle is a local tackle shop that can provide information about fishing trips and boat rentals in the area. They can guide you to reputable charter operators or provide information on available rental options.
  2. Sea Isle Marina & Yacht Club: Situated at 401 42nd Place, Sea Isle Marina & Yacht Club offers boat rentals for both fishing and recreational purposes. They have a fleet of boats available for rent, and you can inquire about fishing-specific rentals or seek recommendations for charter services.
  3. Local Charter Operators: Several charter operators in the Sea Isle City area offer fishing charters. Some popular charter companies include Sea Isle Parasail & Boat RentalsStarfish Boats, and Bayhound Charters Light Tackle Sportfishing. You can contact these operators directly to inquire about their services, availability, and pricing.
  4. Online Booking Platforms: You can also explore online platforms specializing in fishing charters and boat rentals. Websites such as FishingBooker, Boatsetter, and GetMyBoat provide listings of fishing charters and boat rentals in various locations, including Sea Isle City. You can search for available options, read reviews, and book directly through these platforms.

What About Fishing Gear?

Once you have your boat secured, it’s time to ensure you bring all the best gear for the trip. You don’t want to be caught without the proper tools for the job, so finding a great bait and tackle shop is key.

Here are a few you can find in Sea Isle City:

What Season Is Best For Fishing in Sea Isle City?

The type of fish you’re likely to catch will vary based on the season you’re fishing.


This is one of the best times to fish for stripers in Sea Isle City, NJ. They’re present, active, and ready for the first bite of food that grabs their attention.

White flounder and drum will also make their presence known during these tolerable months as they continue enjoying the moderate temperatures of Sea Isle City.


Once the heat comes in full, stripers will begin to be less active near the surface and harder to come by but don’t worry; they’ll come around again before the year ends.

In the summer, fluke, bluefish, and weakfish start to make their way around the region. When fishing offshore, you’ll also find tuna and marlin – possibly even some sharks if the conditions are right.


If striped bass is your game of choice, then fall is one of the best times to head out and start fishing. Little competition remains, and the stripers take advantage of the vacant waters.


In winter, species like cod and ling take the spotlight. This offers anglers a taste of New England and the northern states’ fishing experience.

Do You Need a License When Fishing in Sea Isle City?

Saltwater fishing does not require a license, but anglers must be registered with the New Jersey Saltwater Recreation Register each year.

A fishing license is required to fish New Jersey freshwater bodies (including private water bodies). This applies to both residents and non-residents over the age of 16. Licenses can be purchased online from the New Jersey Department of Fish and Wildlife website or from authorized licensed retailers such as tackle and sporting goods stores.

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