Complete Guide to Fishing in Sea Isle City, NJ

With an unmatched fishing pier, Sea Isle City, NJ is one of the most exciting fishing spots on the east coast. With a flourish of activity the whole year round, Sea Isle City is sure to keep even the most picky angler constantly busy. No matter what season you’re in there will be fish flocking to your line if you know how to catch them. There’s a reason why so many anglers flock to Sea Isle City and that’s the variety of fish you’re likely to encounter at any given time.

Another reason why so many are recommending Sea Isle City, NJ as the fishing spot to be is the central location on the coast. New Jersey hosts some amazing fishing spots as it’s located in the perfect in-between of temperatures. When it gets cold, northern fish flock to places like Sea Isle City. When it gets hot, fish from the south will move up north for the more tepid waters. The mixture of surf fishing, pier fishing, and bay fishing makes this an ideal fishing town.

Before you pack your bags and head out to Sea Isle City, it’s important to have a little guide about what you might find there. We’ve compiled some information that you’ll find useful to make the most out of your fishing at Sea Isle City. You’ll learn what fish are present, which season to go fishing, the best fishing spots, and where to rent out gear. Sea Isle City awaits and the best time to go is now!

Many Different Fish at Sea Isle City, NJ

No matter what time of the year it is, fishing in Sea Isle City, NJ will be a bountiful experience. They have plenty of species of game fish that occupy the waters year round. Once the season shifts and the temperatures change, a new species will take their place. The only decision you’ll have to make based on the season is what fish you’re looking to catch. Anglers love the Sea Isle City waters and the many fish that grace it year-round.

If you’re looking to haul in plenty of striped bass and reach your daily limit every time, then Sea Isle City is a great place for you. The striper is a common find in these waters whenever the water is closer to an average temperature. Kingfish are a favorite by local anglers and bluefish can be found as well. Out in the deeper waters you might find some amazing crabbing spots or tuna and shark zones. The charters in the area will know the best spots to take you.

Which Season Works Best for You?

As the temperatures of the water changes, so too does the population and species of fish. When the temperature drops, the fish from northern areas come down to enjoy their vacation. When the temperature rises, the “Florida birds” flock up north to get away from the heat. The type of fish you’re likely to catch will vary based on the season you’re fishing.


This is one of the best times to fish for stripers in Sea Isle City, NJ. They’re present, and they’re active and ready for the first bit of food that grabs their attention. It’s time for you to jump on that opportunity and reel in some hefty stripers. White flounder and drum will also make their presence known during these tolerable months as they continue to enjoy the moderate temperatures that Sea Isle City offers them.


Once the heat comes in full, stripers will begin to be less active near the surface and harder to come by but don’t worry, they’ll come around again before the year is done. In the summer, fluke, bluefish, and weakfish start to make their way around the region. You’ll also find some great fishing offshore with tuna and marlin – possibly even some sharks if the conditions are right.


The cool air is beginning to return and the stripers once again come to the surface. Unfortunately, the fall season is the least active as the summer fish are heading south and the northern fish haven’t come to Sea Isle City quite yet. However, if striped bass is your game of choice, then fall is one of the best times to head out and start fishing. Very little competition remains and the stripers take advantage of the vacant waters.


When the water gets too cold for the stripers, we begin to see more northern fish coming around. Species like cod and ling take the spotlight as they come down from the waters too cold for even them. This offers anglers a taste of New England and the northern states’ fishing experience.

Where is the Best Fishing Spot in Sea Isle City, NJ?

One of the most impressive parts of Sea Isle City, NJ is the 59th street pier. This is one of the premier fishing locations in not only Sea Isle City, but all of New Jersey. This pier reaches deep into the bay and offers you access to some interesting catches that you wouldn’t find without a charter in other places.

Sea Isle City, NJ has many factors that should take hold of an angler’s attention, but their pier is one of the most exciting.

Boats, Bait, and Tackle

The simplest way to get out on the water and start fishing today is to rent a boat. Bringing your own can take time and will require the proper permits whereas renting is cheap and easy.

The following are some of the best boat rentals in Sea Isle City, NJ:

  • Sunset Pier Marina – 86th street & The Bay
  • Sea Isle Water Sports Center – 329 43rd Place
  • Larson’s Marina – 7 Ludlam Landing Rd

Once you have your boat secured, it’s time to make sure you’re bringing along all the best gear for the trip. You don’t want to be caught without the proper tools for the job, so finding a great bait and tackle shop is key. Here are a few you can find in Sea Isle City:

  • Sea Isle Bait and Tackle – 42nd and Park
  • Sunset Pier Tackle Shop – 86th Street and The Bay
  • Two Chums Bait and Tackle – 374 43rd Place

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