Long Island’s Best Fishing Party Boats

Long Island’s Best Fishing Party Boats

Fishing Party Boats in Long Island attract all types of anglers, from beginners to the pros. It is a great opportunity to spend a half or full day on the water while learning from some of the best fishing experts who understand the local waters. In Babylon, Captree State Park is home to more than a dozen Fishing Party Boats that schedule trips throughout the fishing season. These boats often specialize in a particular fish such as Fluke, Striped Bass, Bluefish or Weakfish. Most Party Boats include bait and tackle with the option to borrow or rent a fishing rod. Tickets can be purchased in advance before your trip or when you arrive that day. This review will highlight some of my favorite Fishing Party Boats from my experience fishing out of Captree State Park in Babylon. Long Island is home to many other Fishing Party Boats from Port Washington to Greenport on the North Shore and Freeport to Montauk on the South Shore.

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Fishfinder II 

Website: CaptreeFishFinder.com

Captain: Walter Czekaj

The Fishfinder II was my most recent trip on a Party Boat. I sailed at night for Striped Bass & Bluefish. While I personally did not catch anything during our trip, the boat caught a total of over 30 Bluefish and a few Striped Bass. The crew was extremely helpful and were eager to share their knowledge on fishing. I went with one of my friends who was not familiar with how to fish for Striped Bass. The crew took extra time to teach him some tricks and secrets when fishing for Stripers. The price included the rods, tackle and live bait. The boat’s capacity is 75 people but it was probably half-full when I went on the 10pm trip. Everyday during the fishing season, the Captree Fishfinder II offers daily trips at 10am for Fluke and 5pm for Stripers/Blues.Check out their website for their weekly fishing report which provides an in-depth report on how many fish they caught.

Island Princess

Website: IslandPrincessCaptree.com

Captain: Bryan Sorice

The Island Princess is the ultimate family friendly boat and a great boat to bring to children. They take a tremendous amount of pride in creating a family environment. Even the crew speaks to each other like family and everyone seems to really care about each other. I went Fluke fishing on this boat with my family and our close family friends. We had a great time and learned a lot about Fluke fishing. The boat is large and welcomes a large gathering with a capacity of 138 people. During the season, they offer daily Fluke fishing trips at 7am and noon. They add additional trips towards the summer for Striped Bass, Bay Blues and Weakfish. I recommend checking out their website which offers a coupon if you book your trip in advance.

Capt. Gillen

Website: CaptreeFishing.com

Captain: Patrick Gillen

The Capt. Gillen is a great all-purpose option for planning your fishing trip. The boat makes daily trips to both the Bay and the Ocean. The crew was very nice and offered tons of support during my trip. Sometimes a little encouragement is the most important thing! With a capacity of over 125 people, it is an ideal boat to venture out to the Atlantic. The boat’s schedule stays away from the middle of the night fishing trips but has great flexibility throughout the day. They offer a very unique Fluke Contest that is available for customers each year. The winner of the Fluke Content receives free fishing for the entire next season! Besides their daily fishing trips, the boat also offers special sunset cruises in the summer to enjoy the beautiful views in the Great South Bay. Similar to Island Princess, it is certainly worth checking out their website for an online coupon.

Where is Captree State Park located?

Captree is an over 300-acre state park located between the towns of both Babylon and Islip. The island of Captree is the farthest location east of Jones beach and the southern tip of Long Island. Their address is located in Bay Shore at 3500 Ocean Parkway. Not only does Captree feature one of the largest homes to public fishing vessels but requires no fishing license or registration to participate. These fishing party boats also offer other types of services such as private charters, sightseeing & even scuba diving trips. Within 5 minutes, these boats can be into the middle of the Great South Bay fishing for doormat Flukes and massive Striped Bass. Captree State Park is a great location for family entertainment that can be filled with memories to last a lifetime.

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