What is a Flying Fish?

What is a Flying Fish?

The flying fish is a specific subfamily of over sixty-four different types of fish that can leap great distances in the air. They must have developed the ability to evade predators and to also travel faster. Flying fish is part of myths and dream interpretations, as well as country pride. The national dish of Barbados is made from flying fish.

What is a Flying Fish?

Flying fish are actually a branch in the scientific classification order called Beloniformes. When searching through this order, the flying fish is a family subtype known as exocoetidae. Within this suborder, there are over sixty-four different species of flying fish. All of the fish that are in this order are the same traits. 

Because of their ability to leap long distances in a single jump and look as if they’re flying, many myths and legends surround this fish. The ancient Greeks used to believe that flying fish were able to leave the water so that they could fall asleep on the shore.

Characteristics of Flying Fish

The many species of flying fish share a few of the same traits that allow them to travel great distances. They have unevenly forked tails as well as enlarged pelvic fins. But on each side of the flying fish are two large fins that are shaped like wings, which allows them to glide through the air. They eat plankton or small fish, and each one is adapted to live in either fresh or saltwater.

How can Flying Fish Fly?

Although it may be fun to believe, flying fish don’t actually fly. They don’t fry up into the air and travel among the clouds. They are called flying fish because they can leap out of the water and in great distances. To do this, they must have great speed and strength in order to both swim up into the water and out in the air.

One of the most important reasons the flying fish developed the ability to glide so far out of the water is that they needed to escape predators. And there’s no better escape then completely leaving the habitat where their predator lives. It’s not like sharks and swordfish can fly in the air as well.

Plus, many fish jump through the air because there’s far less air resistance than in the water, so they can travel faster. Dolphins jump out of the water for this very reason.

How Fast Do Flying Fish Tavel?

Surprisingly, flying fish are incredibly fast. They can travel around 37 miles per hour, which is almost the speed limit of a major street. When these fish leap out of the water, they can rise to about 4 ft in the air, but they can glide over 650 ft in a single jump. They are also able to flap their fins and move their tail while in midair. The longest recorded flying fish jump was over 1,300ft.

Where Do Flying Fish Live?

The many species of flying fish do not live all together. Instead, they are scattered throughout the world. But the fish that most of the world is familiar with resides in Barbados. It is such a popular and beloved fish that it is one of the country’s national symbols. The country also has a missile named after the flying fish. True to its name, the Flying Fish missile is launched from underwater and flies up into the air.

The country of Barbados loves the flying fish so much that it is the official symbol of their tourism industry, and flying fish symbols are engraved on the barbarian passports.

One other country that reveres the flying fish and considers them to be great is Trinidad and Tobago. At one point, Trinidad and Tobago and Barbados fought with each other because the two countries were arguing over who loved the flying fish more.

Flying Fish in Dreams

It may be strange to wonder about, but flying fish is a very important symbol in dreams. Dream interpreters, people who make it their duty to predict dreams say that the flying fish is a symbol of a better time coming ahead, good luck, or a dark time that is finally ending. If a flying fish is seen in a dream with businessmen, then that means you will receive a promotion or a new job or new opportunity very soon. It could also mean that you will make more profits in your business or work than you expected.

Can Flying Fish Be Eaten?

Yes, flying fish are edible and are a delicacy in many islands in the Caribbean. But they’re also eaten in Southeast Asia. The meat of a flying fish does not have much flavor, so it needs to be seasoned well to be enjoyed. But be careful when you eat this fish. Many people remark that they have many tiny bones, and there is not much meat on their bones.

In Barbados, the national dish is flying fish. It is called Flying Fish Cou Cou. The dish is made with cornmeal and okras while the sauce is made of bell peppers, garlic, pepper sauce, parsley, sugar, tomatoes, olive oil, and onions. The flying fish is filleted and then dipped in a batter and fried.

The roe of a flying fish is used in cooking. Flying fish roe is eaten in Japan. It is used to make sushi, and a flying fish roe roll is known as Tobiko.


The flying fish is not one specific fish. It is a family of over sixty-four different types of flying fish. The land of the flying fish is Barbados, and they are not only a symbol of the country, but they are also one of their national dishes. Flying fish is seen as a good sign in dreams because they mean good luck and a fortune to come. Flying fish don’t actually fly, although that would be cool. They have the strength and speed to fly over great distances in the water, making them look as though they can fly. The ancient Greeks thought that flying fish used to sleep onshore.

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